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Welcome to tactical tips, a regular Friday feature.

A One-Box Drill – Even the best shooters will lose their edge if they don’t practice. Shooting skills are perishable and degrade quickly over time.

The scarcity and high price of ammo has forced some to turn to .22 long rifle lookalikes in lieu of their M4s, or sub-caliber adapters. Others have cut back on their range time, or stopped training altogether.

I don’t like any of these options.

Several instructors have come up with a one-box drill, a way to train that only requires one box of ammo, 50 rounds.

Here’s my one-box drill. Note: all magazines are loaded with five rounds. All magazine changes are done at combat speed. It requires one standard IPSC or similar target.

String One: 25 yards, strong hand supported, slow fire 5 rounds, reload slow fire 5 rounds.

String Two: 15 yards, strong hand unsupported, 5 rounds, reload, 5 rounds.

String Three: 15 yards, weak hand unsupported, 5 rounds, reload (weak hand only), 5 rounds.

String Four: 7 yards, strong hand supported from holster, draw and fire 1 round, holster, repeat four times, reload, draw and fire 1 round, holster, repeat four times.

String Five: 10 yards, strong hand supported. (Note: this string requires the help of a shooting buddy. Have them load at least two empty cases in each magazine, interspersed between the live rounds.) Fire 5 rounds with two malfunction drills, reload, fire 5 rounds with two malfunction drills.

New Wrist-mounted tactical light Surefire has done it again. Yesterday they revealed their new 2211 “Wristlight.” It’s a flashlight you wear like a watch that produces a max output of 180 lumens – a great amount of white light for any situation – although it’s adjustable for 60 or 15 lumens.

The beam is angled to point forward during any normal two-handed shooting stance, and it’s ambidextrous.

Run time at 180 lumens is an hour, but here’s the best part. It’s rechargeable. When the light needs to be charged, it comes with a USB cable. Just plug it in.

Why do you need one? Easy. Anyone who has ever had to clear a room or a building with a weapon-mounted light, in what Mr. Ayoob called the gravest extreme, eventually begins to wonder: When was the last time I changed the battery?

While Surefire’s new 2211 would work fine by itself, when paired with a weapon-mounted light it offers redundancy. Remember: One is none, two is one…

Here’s the only drawback. MSRP is around $500.

Check local knife ordinances – We take a lot for granted living here in the Gunshine State. We have world-class weather, great beaches, fantastic seafood and some of the best firearms laws in the country.

If you head north, however, be cautious. That knife clipped into your pocket could land you in jail.

While even some of the nanny states in the northeast have preemption laws regarding local firearms restrictions, knives are not firearms. Therefore, they are not covered by state preemption laws. As a result, any municipality can institute their own ordinance about that knife you feel naked without.

A fixed or lock blade is a FELONY in certain northeastern cities, as are automatic or spring-assisted knives.

Even if the blade does not lock or open with an assist, in some cities anything over three inches is illegal.

Be careful. Just because a state may offer reciprocity for your Florida Concealed Carry license, it doesn’t mean they allow you to carry a knife.

Check your local ordinances.




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