New gun store opens in Sarasota

Fully Loaded offers a good selection of black rifles at a time when many stores are sold out. Staff Photo/Lee Williams

With a “We have ammo” sign in its front window, Sarasota’s newest gun shop opened it’s doors this week.

Located at 6026 South Tamiami Trail, Fully Loaded is entering the arms and ammo business at a time when arms and ammo are not easy to find.

Cheryl Holt, Fully Loaded’s owner, and Beau H. Burton, a partner at the new firm, have created a gun store with a “personal touch.”

“We wanted a space where customers can come and spend an hour or two – somewhere personable,” Holt said. “We wanted a home-like environment.”

Cheryl Holt, Fully Loaded’s owner, and Beau H. Burton, a partner at the new firm. Staff Photo/Lee Williams

They seem to have achieved their goal.

Right inside the front door, Fully Loaded has a lounge for customers and staff, complete with big screen TVs, comfortable chairs and sofas, free coffee and a modern decor designed by Holt.

“There are a lot of veterans who come here,” Holt said. “They can hang out, relax, enjoy some coffee and tell stories.”

Burton, a film producer, jeweler and longtime custom AR builder, says his personal connections will insure that the store is stocked with product.

Fully Loaded had a half-dozen AKs, a few ARs, a good selection of handguns plus sporting shotguns, rifles and ammunition. After just one day in business, Burton said they sold out of P-Mags – a popular AR magazine – and .223 ammunition. He said more would arrive soon.

Both he and Holt promised “no gouging” – a disturbing trend plaguing many firearms retailers.

Holt has plans for a women’s section in the store, which will offer handbags and under garments designed for concealed carry.

She also hopes to offer classes designed for female shooters.

A sign points the way to Fully Loaded’s customer and staff lounge. Staff Photo/Lee Williams.

“I want to educate women to protect themselves,” she said.

Fully Loaded has already formed a relationship with two local trainers, who will offer Concealed Carry courses starting with a short course for $60 and a more comprehensive course, for $75. A children’s gun safety program is in the planning stage.

Fully Loaded has their own gunsmith on staff, a former Army armorer with 30 years of experience.

Burton offers appraisals, firearm trouble shooting, and has plans for internet ammo sales.

Their hours are 10-7 Monday through Friday, 10-5 on Saturdays and 12-4 Sundays. If you have questions, call (941) 312-6175.





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  1. I’m thrilled to see women involved in supporting ALL AMERICANS’ fundamental rights to own and use firearms, not to mention taking charge of their own businesses! Thank you, Cheryl. It’s well beyond time for women to step up, especially with more single mothers having to take care of themselves and their children. With proper instruction, children learning and understanding the value and consequences of handling weapons. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes responsability. We all know guns don’t shoot themselves. The best way to eliminate the risks of potential calamities involving firearms is to learn how not only to use them properly, but understand the full scope of their potential. I’d like to see more people stand up for themselves and the rights to which we are all entitled to because our forebearers had the spirit and wisdom to use their guns to free us in the first place. Let’s not give that away!

  2. Belinda Marty on

    Cheryl and Beau:

    I heard excellent things about your new store. I’m interested in learning more about your gun safety classes.

    I have clients I want to refer to you to get their amo. I am having a growing need in this area. Would appreciate a few minutes to see if our companies would be a fit.

    IBE has over 1500 business owners that we work with through our word of mouth networking group.

    Belinda Marty
    Cell 941-718-1271

  3. Leonard Lichtenstein on

    I am in the market for a 20 gauge Savage model 555 over and under shotgun. Would you have this gun in stock and what would be the cost…

    Thank you

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