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Thousands of burglaries and home invasions occur every day in the United States – 28 percent involving firearms.

A new membership-based firm that models itself on AAA will offer support to those who use deadly force against these home invaders, as long as the shooting occurs inside the home.

“We provide financial and other support services in the event you have to protect your family with a firearm in your home,” said Tim Brennan, the chief operating officer of the Cincinnati-based Second Defense Alliance.

There are two caveats: the company does not offer insurance – like AAA it provides services when needed based on a monthly or annual fee. And, if an armed citizen uses deadly force on the street or elsewhere, they are not eligible for benefits.

The company was formed a year ago, when founder Tim Dearwester started thinking about the aftermath of a home invasion: what would happen, who would he call, what would he likely encounter, Brennan said.

“He couldn’t find any support services – no information on the process or what happens afterward,” Brennan said. “He saw an opportunity. There really is nothing out there on the market. If police or the military are involved in a shooting, they have support services – a process.”

Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan

Dearwester learned that his homeowner’s insurance would offer no support, so he created his own business and began selling memberships.

“We facilitate the process,” Brennan said. “We guarantee we’ll be there within 24 hours. We offer counseling, legal assistance and cover out-of-pocket expenses.”

Second Defense Alliance will  provide an aggregate of up to $50,000.

“Whereas with insurance you’ve got to file a claim. We’re there immediately,” Brennan said. “We start paying immediately. We cover multiple residences and the entire family.”

An annual membership costs $131, or $250 for two years or $11 per month.

So far, none of their members have used their services.

“Fortunately, we have not had an incident yet, but it’s only a matter of time,” Brennan said. “Statistically, it will happen.”

The firm has pre-screened defense attorneys who have a background in firearms. Members can also receive reimbursement for emergency medical care, counseling, up to $2,500 for “aftermath clean up” and up to $4,000 for funeral expenses.

sdaBrennan stressed they do not cover expenses if a concealed carry licensee uses deadly force outside the home. “We’re working on that, but this is purely for a home invasion,” he said. “You’re only covered if you’re inside the residence.”

So far, more than 2,000 people have joined since the company was soft-launched in September.


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