A ‘miracle’ cleaning tip

Simple Green, a degreaser, is one of the best non-toxic gun cleaning products on the market.

Simple Green, a degreaser, is one of the best non-toxic gun cleaning products on the market. Photo by Carla Varisco-Williams.

If you shoot frequently, gun cleaning can become drudgery.

Over the years I’ve always searched for the one, true, miracle gun-cleaning product.

I have tried all of the sprays and aerosols that have cropped up recently. While some do cut through carbon and gunk better than others, they’ve usually got fumes that are so strong you can’t use them indoors, or you’ll forget your wife’s name.

A few years ago, a gunsmith tipped me to Simple Green. It’s a general purpose cleaner and degreaser, which is non-toxic, non-aerosol and can safely be used indoors.

I fill a plastic bowl with hot water, spray in some cleaner and go to work. For more gunked-up parts, I’ll spray then with the cleaner over the bowl, brush them as I would with a regular solvent and rinse them in the bowl.

Here’s one important note, since you’re using water on your firearm, you will want to use canned air or an air compressor to make sure you get all of the moisture out of the nooks and crannies of you gun, and then lubricate with a CLP.

Let me know if this works for you.

Simple Green, a degreaser, is one of the best non-toxic gun cleaning products on the market.

Simple Green works better than most gun cleaning aerosols, without any of the toxic fumes. Photo by Carla Varisco-Williams.



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    • I watch all of Theamorychannel videos. This guy knows his stuff. He uses Simple Green in his ultra sonic cleaning machine and likes Simple Green. If you use water and simple green or any other detergents or cleaners on a gun to help clean them then you should rinse and wipe off immediately. Do Not let the water stay on the gun and dry itself. Rinse it dry it lube it.

  2. I use simple green and hot water in a electric foot massage basin to clean the Glock 22 40 caliber. I leave it in there between 5 and 10 minutes. I take it out and dry the gun with a towel and hairdryer. I then apply froglube to a warm barrel slide and frame. I let it sit for one hour then wipe it all off. Put the back together and it works great. I like the gun but don’t love it. If it ever got rust I would trade it in a get another.

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