AK vs. AR vs. Mosin-Nagant


Lee’s note: This was sent from a friend. The author is unknown. Enjoy.

AK vs. AR vs. Mosin-Nagant

AK – It works though you have never cleaned it. Ever.
AR – You have $9 per ounce special non-detergent synthetic Teflon infused oil for cleaning.
Mosin – It was last cleaned in Berlin in 1945.

AK – You are able to hit the broad side of a barn from inside.
AR – You are able to hit the broad side of a barn from 600 meters.
Mosin – You can hit the farm from two counties over.

AK – Cheap mags are fun to buy.
AR – Cheap mags melt.AK
Mosin – What’s a mag?

AK – Your safety can be heard from 300 meters away.
AR – You can silently flip off the safety with your finger on the trigger.
Mosin – What’s a safety?

AK – Your rifle comes with a cheap nylon sling.
AR – Your rifle has a 9-point stealth tactical suspension system.
Mosin – Your rifle has dog collars.

AK – Your bayonet makes a good wire cutter.
AR – Your bayonet is actually a pretty good steak knife.
Mosin – Your bayonet is longer than your leg.

AK – You can put a .30″ hole through 12″ of oak.
AR – You can put one hole in a paper target at 100 meters with 30 rounds.
Mosin – You can knock down everyone else’s target with the shock wave of your bullet going downrange.
AK – When out of ammo, your rifle will nominally pass as a club.
AR – When out of ammo, your rifle makes a great wiffle bat.
Mosin – When out of ammo, your rifle makes a supreme war club, pike, boat oar, tent pole, or firewood.

AK – Recoil is manageable, even fun.
AR – What’s recoil?
Mosin – Recoil is often used to fix shoulders dislocated by the previous shot.

AK – Your sight adjustment goes to 10, and you’ve never bothered moving it.
AR – Your sight adjustment is incremented in fractions of minute of angle.
Mosin – Your sight adjustment goes to 12 miles, and you’ve actually tried it.

AK – Your rifle can be used by any two-bit nation’s most illiterate conscripts to fight elite forces worldwide.
AR – Your rifle is used by elite forces worldwide to fight two-bit nations’ most illiterate conscripts.
Mosin – Your rifle has fought against itself – and won every time.

AK – Your rifle won some revolutions.
AR – Your rifle drove Saddam out of Kuwait.
Mosin – Your rifle won a pole vault event.

AK – You paid $350.ar
AR – You paid $900.
Mosin – You paid $59.95.

AK – You buy cheap ammo by the case.
AR – You lovingly reload precision crafted rounds one by one.
Mosin – You dig your ammo out of a farmer’s field in Ukraine and it works just fine.

AK – You can intimidate your foe with the bayonet mounted.
AR – Your foes laugh when you mount your bayonet.
Mosin – You can bayonet your foe on the other side of the river without leaving the comfort of your hole.

AK – Service life, 50 years.
AR – Service life, 40 years.
Mosin – Service life, 100 years, and counting.

AK – It’s easier to buy a new rifle when you want to change cartridge sizes.
AR -You can change cartridge sizes with the push of a couple of pins and a new upper.
Mosin – You believe no real man would dare risk the ridicule of his friends by suggesting there is anything but 7.62x54r.

AK – You can repair your rifle with a big hammer and a swift kick.
AR – You can repair your rifle by taking it to a certified gunsmith, it’s under warranty!
Mosin – If your rifle breaks, you buy a new one.

AK – You consider it a badge of honor when you get your handguards to burst into flames.
AR – You consider it a badge of honor when you shoot a sub-MOA 5 shot group.
Mosin – You consider it a badge of honor when you cycle 5 rounds without the aid of a 2×4.

AK – After a long day the range, you relax by watching Red Dawn.
AR – After a long day at the range, you relax by watching Black Hawk Down.
Mosin – After a long day at the range, you relax by visiting the chiropractor.

AK – After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge for a stiff shot of vodka.
AR – After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge for hot dogs and apple pie.
Mosin – After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge for shishkabob.

AK – You can accessorize you rifle with a new muzzle brake or a nice stock set.
AR – Your rifle’s accessories are eight times more valuable than your rifle.
Mosin -Your rifle’s accessory is a small tin can with a funny lid, but it’s buried under an apartment building somewhere in Budapest.

AK – Your rifle’s finish is varnish and paint.
AR – Your rifle’s finish is Teflon and high-tech polymers.
Mosin – Your rifle’s finish is low-grade shellac, cosmoline, and Olga’s toe nails.

AK – Your wife tolerates your autographed framed picture of Mikhail Kalashnikov.
AR – Your wife tolerates your autographed framed picture of Eugene Stoner.
Mosin – You’re not sure there were cameras to photograph Sergei Mosin.

AK- Late at night you sometimes have to fight the urge to hold your rifle over your head and shout “Wolverines!”
AR- Late at night you sometimes have to fight the urge to clear your house, slicing the pie from room to room.
Mosin – Late at night, you sometimes have to fight the urge to dig a fighting trench in the yard to sleep in.


About Author

Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


  1. Robin 'Roblimo' Miller on

    Ah yes…. the dread Mosin-Nagant recaoil. That, and the fact that the closest public range where I can shoot one is a 45 min. drive, is why I don’t have one in my closet.

    See, years ago I made the mistake of shooting an M16 over and over, and sometimes an M60 on a bipod, and in the process I ruined the cartilage around my left shoulder blade. (I’m right-handed but shoot lefty because that’s my dominant eye.)

    So now the only rifle I can shoot comfortably for any length of time is a .22 or something else with little or no recoil.

    A Mosin is my favorite rifle. It is nothing but cool to have a gun that requires binocs to see if you hit that target, 800+ yards downrange.

    And aside from the mighty recoil, a Mosin puts out a muzzle flame it’s easy to confuse with an oil well on fire, while my little Marlin 795’s muzzle flash is hard to tell from a firefly. And quiet… I like my quiet little rifle. Oh, yes.

  2. Jared Stanfield on

    very entertaining, love my mosins, although in this heat I can’t wear my 3″ thick overcoat like Ivan did in ’43 so I bought recoil pads for all 5 of my mosins. Jared Stanfield Homer Illinois

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  4. I bought a 1940 91/30 at Cabela’s recently. A month later, I bought another 91/30, a 1944, also at Cabela’s. In my brief association with these pieces of history, I have come to love their crude yet effective design. It is another example of classic Russian military design, similar to the T-34 tank and the early Mig fighters. After shooting it, I can field strip it with just the bayonet. Now I know why the tip was flat and not pointed. That’s not a John Browning or Eugene Stoner design philosophy. I will share this article with my AK and AR friends secure in the knowledge that although their rifles are sexier, mine can be used to crush cinder blocks with the buttstock and still shoot 1000m.

  5. AR- You don’t dare tell your wife even 1/2 the amount you paid for it
    AK- You tell her a rough ball-park price but say that your buddy gave you a screaming deal
    Mosin- You show her the receipt so she’ll let you buy another.

    I bought my first 91/30 (1940) a couple years ago and went a little crazy sporterizing it with a Monte Carlo stock, Timney trigger, Rock Solid bent bolt and scope mount. I love it and it wasn’t long before it replaced my Rem 700 .308 as my primary deer rifle. This year for my birthday, my wife bought me a hex Tula (1932) that will be staying 100% stock the way it came. No, I’m not trying to make money on it, I just love the character that is has and think it’s absolutely gorgeous exactly how it is.

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