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Lee’s note: Here’s a fun gun review from Justin Opinion, the nom de guerre of a firearms aficionado from the northeast.

Justin gets a new baby… Glock, that is! 

By Justin Opinion

I can’t believe how late I am to the party on this one.  I have just acquired my first Baby Glock. That’s the term given to the sub-compact Glock pistols.  And a baby Glock it truly is.  If you had a “Honey I Shrunk the Gun” device and pointed it at your Glock 17, you would wind up with the Glock 26.

Ultra-small handguns are all the rage these days, and have been for a few years.  Understandable, with the concealed carry movement having made such progress in recent years.  People who never considered carrying a defensive firearm in the past are now doing so.  And some who would likely not have qualified for concealed carry permits (due to the unrealistic requirements that many states had), are now able to meet the criteria in the many “shall issue” states and obtain one. justin

All of this has led to a revolution of engineering and design in the handgun market.  Nearly every gun maker now offers smaller, lighter, slimmer, smoother pistols for the concealed carry market.  Some are even available in pink – targeting the often more petite female customer.  I have tried, and liked, many of these small carry guns.  I own a few of the “all the rage” models and I like them.  The Baby Glock may not have pioneered the sub-compact movement, but it was certainly one of the early front-runners.  And because it’s a Glock, it is simple, rugged, and dependable.

The stork recently visited Justin Opinion World Headquarters and delivered a Glock 26, Gen4 (that’s fourth-generation design, in Glock slang) into my waiting arms.  This video is not a full review – that will likely come in the future – but a look at what the pistol comes with at purchase, and some shooting and initial impressions of it.

Justin Opinion is a life-long firearms enthusiast and NRA Life Member.  Justin loves to use and review new guns and gear, and uses his YouTube channel as a primary outlet.  Justin Opinion is not a professional in the firearms or related industry, just a regular enthusiast like you.  But he would someday like to give back to the community as an instructor.  Justin also loves the shooting sports and belongs to IDPA and GSSF.

You can also follow him on YouTube,  Twitter,  Facebook, or reach him via email.


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