UPDATED: Sarasota City Commission supports repeal of ‘Stand your ground’


UPDATED The Sarasota GOP is fighting with the city over it’s ‘Stand’ stand.

My colleague Jeremy Wallace has an update to this story on his site.

EARLIER: When formulating their legislative priorities for next year, the Sarasota City Commission voted to support the repeal of the state’s “Stand your ground” statute.

The commission’s brief one paragraph goal was included under “major priorities” in a standdocument titled Revised Final 2014 Legislative Priorities.

“The City Commission requests that the State Legislature repeal the Stand Your Ground statute and establish a more civil approach to governance than afforded under the current statute,” the document states.

Vice Mayor Willie Shaw introduced the “Stand” priority.

Mayor Shannon Snyder, a retired deputy sheriff known for his support of the Second Amendment, was the only member opposed to it.

“I spoke against it,” Snyder said in a message. “I was the only one.”

Other “major” legislative goals included public pension reform and more funding for homelessness programs.

The city’s legislative priorities will be presented to the Sarasota County legislative delegation Sept. 18.


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  2. if you are represented by these type of people ,that want you to be defenseless and beholden to politicians and police for your ‘protection’ and that of your family…RECALL and vote them out..THEY are a threat to your LIFE….imho

  3. Robin Harrington on

    Beautiful! A group that can’t get together and run a small city think they should use their two cents to direct the state. The old adage, “charity starts at home” needs to be revised to, “governance should start at home.” My advice is concentrate on your job at hand and get to work on what you were elected to do!


  4. RealityCheck941 on

    Our city commission is a joke. Millions of $ frivolously spent on bricks to widen sidewalks and removed parking downtown last month, then this month increasing property taxes 8.5% to raise revenues due to budget shortfall. Then $125,000 for a PR spin doctor to explain how the city screwed up with their $1,000,000 sewage lift station. How about the preferential treatment given to one developer for the new downtown parking garage? And Shannon Snyder thinks that bars with no live music are too noisy and are “problem children” (Smoking Joes, Tequila Cantina), so apparently people talking are too loud. His solution is to end alcohol sales before midnight. You know what? You live downtown, expect there to be SOUND, and TRAFFIC, and MUSIC, and TALKING! And Shannon Snyder, why do a few part year condo residents get to dictate policy that hurts all of us, especially the year round residents and those business owners. This city needs a real system of government and get rid of those clowns who work $30,000 part time jobs trying to govern – they’re in way over their heads. Oh yeah, and there is nothing wrong with Stand Your Ground. If this is a reaction to the Zimmerman case, Stand You Ground WAS NOT EVEN CITED. Stop allowing yourselves to be manipulated by the media whose only goal is to generate revenue.

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  6. The problem here is that Florida needs to do what Mississippi did. Go to open carry!!
    The crime rate has dropped and people feel safe. The criminals are no the only one that carry arms anymore. I believe in extensive background search and think it will weed out the crazies. You have to look at the record of criminal assaults there. DOWN!!
    We need to bring America back to where it was once….A Super Power…And you didn’t have to tiptoe around anybody and be politically correct. OH NO…Lets not hurt someones feelings. Get over it folks…..This is what has hurt our country. Can’t have a Nativity Scene in front of a public library….but we can build a foot washing station for the Muslims instead who enter that library. I don’t know about you…..but this is the source of our country’s condition. And to try to take our 2nd Amendment rights from us is just the start of an internal conflict. Take this as you read it!

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