GOP groups create petitions to support ‘Stand your ground’


Just days after Sarasota city commissioners voiced their support to repeal the state’s “Stand Your Ground” statute, the Sarasota GOP created an online petition to support the controversial statute.

They are not alone.stand

Gaye Ellis, chair of Okaloosa County Republican Party – the Florida Panhandle Patriots – said the Okaloosa group launched a petition to support the statute in advance of Rep. Matt Gaetz’s hearing about the statute.

Gaetz, chair of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, is expected to hold the hearings late this month or in early October, Ellis said.

A story published last week revealed that when formulating their legislative priorities for next year, the Sarasota City Commission decided to support the repeal of the controversial statute.

Vice Mayor Willie Shaw introduced the motion.

Mayor Shannon Snyder, a retired deputy sheriff known for his support of the Second Amendment, was the only member who voiced opposition to the decision.

The commission’s brief one paragraph goal was included under “major priorities” in a document titled Revised Final 2014 Legislative Priorities.



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  2. Addendum:”Pushing for recognition of the right to self deefsne on the federal level for example.”The right to self-deefsne is not properly a federal matter, unless it’s self deefsne on federal property, in much the same way as murder is not properly a federal crime, unless it’s the murder of a federal employee.

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