VIDEO: Hidden-compartment furniture for gun owners

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When there’s the proverbial bump in the night, your defensive firearm is not going to do you much good locked away in a gun safe.

Conversely, defensive firearms that are not secured in a safe can be subjected to dust, rust,  theft or unauthorized use.

Gun owners with young children face additional challenges.

There are options, such as lock boxes and small safes for handguns.  Those with biometric locks are quick to open. However, there’s nothing similar offered for long guns.

A point of fact: OO buckshot or .223 beat any handgun ever made for home defense.sofa table

If there was only a way to conceal a pistol,  shotgun or defensive carbine that would allow quick access yet protect the weapon from the elements and thieves.

Enter Twisted Function – a line of fine wood furniture handmade in Fleming Island, Florida specifically designed for concealing defensive firearms.

An added plus – the furniture looks good, handmade out of hardwoods such as mahogany – no pressed fiberboard here.

Coffee tables retail for $425, end tables sell for $250 and a night stand costs $250. The sell a “sofa table” – the most interesting piece – for $375.

Twisted Function owner Belinda Lloyd says her husband is “a creative genius,” who has been making fine furniture all of his life.

“Like a lot of people, we were hit very hard by the economy,” she said Tuesday. “We were making furniture, cabinetry, shadow boxes for the military, but something wasn’t quite right. One morning my husband bolted out of the shower and said, ‘I’ve got it! God gave me an incredible idea.'”

He told his wife that if they were sitting in their front room and someone tried to get in, by the time he got to their back closet to get a handgun, it would be too late.

Several hours later, he returned from his wood shop with their first prototype.

“We just debuted four weeks ago, and it’s been received great!” Belinda said. “It’s all happened so fast. So far we’ve been limited to gun shows, but every show we’ve attended people have flocked to us. We’re trying to get inventory built up.”

She has a solid mahogany coffee table in her living room.

“It’s my piece,” she said. “Women have a very good reaction to it. Who wants a big gaudy safe?”

Technically, she said, they’re prohibited from calling their furniture “childproof.”

“However, it has a self-locking mechanism that you have to know how to open,” she said.

Perhaps the highest praise comes in a video made by a very satisfied customer, who saw the Twisted Function products displayed at a gun show. He told Belinda simply, “Shut up and take my money.”

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