Leon County wants gun dealers to help with gun control


Lee’s note: One truism is that the smallest, lowest levels of government often make the most outlandish decisions, which then go on to become national news. Leon County Commissioners are on their way to achieving a good dose of notoriety. I had to read USF’s press release several times, to make sure I fully understood what’s being alleged. USF Executive Director Marion Hammer said it correctly, the Leon County Commission “is actually asking gun dealers to help them implement a gun control ordinance!” The letter they sent to FFL holders is stunning.

Perhaps they’ve been reading too much Dick Metcalf.

Leon County Commissioners

Leon County Commissioners

Here’s USF’s press release:

ALERT! Leon County Asking Gun Dealers to Help Take Your Rights

DATE:   November 9, 2013
TO:       USF & NRA Member and Friends
FROM:  Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President

We were shocked and didn’t want to believe it — but It’s true.

The Leon County Board of Commissioners is actually asking gun dealers to help them implement a gun control ordinance!

Earlier, we relaxed a little because Commissioners started telling us there was no action going on with regard to a proposed “Gun Show Loophole” ordinance.  Some even suggested that they were only going to receive our comments for a discussion at the January Commission meeting.

We were also told there was really no “proposed ordinance,” merely an upcoming discussion about whether or not to pursue an ordinance.

Turns out, that doesn’t quite ring true.  There is something going on.  And frankly, I call it aggressive action.  They want gun dealers to facilitate taking your rights.

The County Attorney’s office, on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, sent a letter to Federal Firearm Licensed dealers in Leon County asking for their  assistance.

It is now clear, they know, and have known, that collectors and private citizens are prohibited by federal law from accessing the NICS database to do background checks on private guns sales.  So, they are looking for a way around that law to force you to do it anyhow.

This is what the letter asks of gun dealers on behalf of the Leon County Board of County Commissioners:

“In order to facilitate compliance with the potential ordinance, Leon County is seeking participation from FFL dealers to act as third party intermediary to request background checks on behalf of private sellers.  As such, the private seller would first sign the firearm over into the inventory of a licensed dealer.  The dealer would then conduct the background check.  If the buyer is not approved, the dealer must also perform a background check on the seller before returning the gun.  If the seller is not approved, the dealer takes control of the weapon.” 

When the letter says, “Leon County is seeking participation from FFL dealers…,” they are asking licensed dealers to help county officials trample your rights.

They want the gun dealer where you shop — who is your neighbor, whose kids go to school with your kids, whose family goes to church with your family — to sell you out for a gun control ordinance that will do nothing to stop crime or criminals.

To read a full copy of the letter signed by Assistant County Attorney LaShawn Riggans, click here.

Commissioners want to know your thoughts and how you feel for their “discussion.”  In light of this new information you should tell them.  And if you have already told them, we think this warrants telling them again.



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  2. How is this even possible? I thought Florida had extremely strong preemption laws. How i sa country even allowed to ask this of Federally licensed firearms dealers?

  3. I would think that everyone would agree that a motor vehicle in the hands of a person who has had DUI arrests and has a problem with alcohol would be a deadly situation. Why isn’t there outrage from liberals regarding the failure to have background checks on private sales of motor vehicles? When you private sell a car to an individual, you don’t know if he has a valid drivers license or whether he has had previous DUI arrests, or whether he has killed someone with an automobile. It is no different with the private sale of guns! So come on liberals, let’s not be duplicit here … time to call on Obama to close the loophole on private sales of automobiles.

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