Philadelphia becomes first city to ban 3D guns


The City of Philadelphia has the distinction of being the first city in the United States silly enough to ban the printing of 3D guns.

Philadelphia city commissioner Kenyatta Johnson, who proposed the legislation, admitted he 3DLiberator_DefDistwas not aware of any violence caused by 3D printed firearms, nor was he aware of anyone who owned a 3D printer, which cost around $3,000.

Johnson’s ordinance bans the manufacture of 3D printed guns by anyone other than a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Johnson told Philadelphia magazine he hopes the ordinance will “curtail violent crime in Philadelphia.”

Pennsylvania has a pre-emption law, which prohibits municipalities from regulating firearms, so the ordinance may spawn a lawsuit.

Johnson told the magazine he sponsored the bill because of “internet stuff out there.”

Kudos for that.

Hopefully he can take action against the other terrors the internet has exposed, which keep me awake at night.

I look forward to seeing bills banning the ownership of Chupacabras, Meglodons and of course, killer koalas.

killer koala




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  3. Rest assured, the same people willing to kill will gladly follow a law like this, and it’s totally rational to ignore the fact that new advances in backscatter x-ray, millimeter-wave scanners, and thermoconductive imaging make the question of “undetectability”
    completely moot.

    Seriously, if there was ever a greater case of ignoring the distinction between what could hypothetically happen and what can realistically occur then I have yet to hear it. At least when it comes to firearms laws.

  4. Now, the city needs to publish on the city web site the 3D design files (and suitable printer models) that they have banned, so the people will known which files to not use.

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