BREAKING: TrackingPoint releases .338 Lapua Mag ‘Smart Rifle’ for hunters



TrackingPoint, developer of the world’s first ‘Smart Rifle,’ has released a hunting version of their venerable XS1, known as the XS4.

The rifle came at the request of scores of hunters, who lobbied the firm for a weapon better suited to their needs than the XS1, but still chambered for .338 Lapua Magnum.

Mike Lang and I shot the XS1 in October. It’s easily the most interesting weapon I have ever fired, and by far the most accurate.

In an interview Wednesday, Oren Schauble, TrackingPoint’s Director of Marketing said the XS4 rifles are available now, for shipping in January.

The price is the same as the more tactical Xs1 – $27,500.

“It’s 90-percent the same rifle, just in a McMillan stock,” he said. “It completes the XS1 family.”

Even with the hefty price tag, which isn’t that bad considering what a high-end rifle and good glass capable of 1,200 yard hits will set you back, these rifles are going to move.

Business for the Texas firm has been great, Oren said.

“We just pushed out our first hardware update. We’re tackling new priorities, pushing out the upgrade now,” he said. “People are really excited about that.”

One customer recently had a minor problem with his weapon, Oren said. TrackingPoint flew a tech expert to the customer’s home.

“Whenever there’s a problem, we’re not afraid to put tech support guys on a plane,” he said.

What separates TrackingPoint’s weapon system from everything else is the “network tracking scope,” which can zoom from 6X-35X and calculates 20 ballistic variables 54 times per second.

The only variable the shooter needs to input manually is wind speed, at distance.

All the shooter does is align the reticle onto the target and press the “tag” button located on the trigger guard. This marks the target with a “tag” – a dot visible only to the shooter.

Then, the shooter pulls the trigger and holds it to the rear, while aligning the reticle to the tag dot. Once the proper alignment is achieved, a process that comes naturally to any long-distance shooter, the rifle fires.

Oren also said the firm will introduce new models in a variety of calibers at the SHOT Show.

We’ll have that info here too. One will be a game-changer.

Here’s a press release about the new XS4:

TrackingPoint Announces XS4 338 Lapua Magnum Smart Rifle

 Precision-Guided Firearm Combines Power of .338 Lapua Magnum

Surgeon XL™ Action With Form Factor of Lighter, Smaller XS3 Hunting Model

Pflugerville, Texas — December 12, 2013) — TrackingPoint™, creator of the world’s first Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system, today announced the newest addition to its smart rifle line, the XS4 338 Lapua Magnum. Combining the power of a large caliber rifle with a smaller McMillan A5 hunting stock, the XS4 delivers both stopping power and convenience, integrated with TrackingPoint’s revolutionary TTX (Tag Track Xact) technology—the most accurate targeting system on the market today.

The company also announced that it intends to announce additional new PGF models at the 2014 NSSF SHOT Show, January 14-17, 2014 in Las Vegas.

Like TrackingPoint’s XS1, the new XS4 has a maximum TTX range of 1,200 yards, the longest effective range offered by the company. The precision rifle’s performance is driven by a bolt-action, .338 Lapua Magnum Surgeon™ XL action. The rifle’s 27-inch, Krieger™ cut-barrel is fitted in a traditional-style, adjustable McMillan A5 chassis. It also features TrackingPoint’s longest parallax-free zoom: 6 to 35X.

“Our customers have been asking for the power of our 338 Lapua Magnum smart rifles in the form factor of our popular XS3 hunting model,” said John Lupher, Chief Technology Officer for TrackingPoint. “One of the best parts of working with our community of TrackingPoint PGF owners is that we can learn from their feedback and develop products to suit customer needs as our company grows.”

Pre-orders for the XS4 are now being accepted. The rifle will be demonstrated at the 2014 NSSF SHOT Show as well as at other industry trade shows in the coming year. To learn more about the XS4, go to

About TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas-based applied technology company that created the first Precision Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new long-range shooting system that puts jet fighter lock-and-launch technology in a rifle, enabling anyone to accurately hit targets at extended ranges.


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