The ‘Second Amendment Preservation Act’ raises questions, concerns


With a title like the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” you’d expect HB 733 to sail through both houses and be signed into law rather swiftly.

The bill, filed Monday by Rep. Dane Eagle, R-Cape Coral, would prohibit Florida from providing any material support, participation or assistance of any type to any federal agency relating to enforcement of any federal, act, order, rule, regulation – past, present or future – relating to any personal firearm or accessory based upon the design, features or characteristics of the gun, and any state employee or officer who violates the prohibitions can be terminated.


Before I Dick Metcalf myself, I should point out I like the bill’s title. I’m also particularly fond of the Second Amendment, and I’m all about preserving it. More importantly, I’m very, very concerned about the recent spate of factually inaccurate trash and clamor coming out of Washington, which threatens my lifestyle, and I would support any legislation that could shield me from said trash and clamor.

That said, I have some concerns about Rep. Eagle’s bill.

Rep. Dane Eagle

Rep. Dane Eagle

I am not alone.

My phone has been ringing. Some friends in Tallahassee have concerns too.

There aren’t too many politicians who will come right out and say they don’t support a bill the purports to preserve the Second Amendment.  That’s not how it works.

Instead, subtle emails and phone calls are exchanged – all off the record – like “Have you seen this?” or “What’s it really going to do?”

I called Marion Hammer, executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and past president of NRA, for her take on the legislation.

“We’ve got some real concerns about what we presume are unintended consequences of this bill,” she said.

I realized then that the bill did not come from NRA.

“We believe that under the best of circumstances, it has the potential to do harm since it does not differentiate between federal legislation to protect Second Amendment rights – that NRA has worked for in the past – and harmful federal legislation that tramples Second Amendment rights,” she said.


Some additional research gave me more concerns.

The bill, if passed, would have a tremendous impact on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and inhibit their ability to perform background checks for firearm transfers.

FDLE conducts our NICS checks, which is a program mandated by federal law.

How would we buy new firearms?

Eagle’s bill could also harm good legislation.

There are actually a few federal bills that are well-intended and deserve support, such as the much anticipated legislation that seeks to offer national reciprocity for concealed carry licensees.

Imagine being able to drive from state-to-state without having to worry whether you’re committing a felony because of your defensive pistol and its ammunition.

That’s a federal bill most gun owners would like to see signed into law.

I am most concerned about how HB 733 would impact Title II firearms and accessories, since the National Firearms Act, by its very definition, is a federal program.

Florida has a host of Title II dealers and manufacturers who derive their income from selling machine guns, suppressors, short-barrel rifles and short-barrel shotguns.

Florida is one of around 37 states that allow a civilian to purchase Title II arms, as long as they comply with federal law.

No bill should hinder my ability to put a can on the end of my AK, regardless of its title.

I tried to get some answers Wednesday from the bill’s sponsor.

I called Rep. Eagle’s office, albeit somewhat late in the day.

I have yet to hear back from him.

If he calls, I’ll address my questions and concerns to him directly and update this story accordingly.


About Author

Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


  1. Simply put this bill should not have any negative effects. FL can allow everything you claim this bill might hinder.

    For example the ability to have your sidearm with you while traveling. Well, FL could easily allow that and OTHER States would still have to allow it if the Federal Bill passes and they do not have legislation like this prohibiting it.

    As for Title II, FL could easily allow it. Currently FL only allows Title II items under Federal rules. FL could easily say that all title II items are fine and if the Federal rules changed, the FL rules would still allow them.

    As for Ms Hammer and the NRA, lets not forget that she wrote a rather nasty note to gun owners in FL when the open carry bill was shot down BY HER ACTIONS when she tried to make the retail federation happy with amendments.

    All I have seen so far against this bill is FEAR. Fear from the anti-2nd people and fear from people who are afraid to stand and support the 2nd against Federal oppression.

  2. I support The Second Amendment Preservation Act as written. I grant that it’s a blunt instrument, but the time for subtlety is past. You worry about the loss of pro-firearms Federal legislation, but even if any pass their value is no greater than Eric Holder’s desire to enforce them. As for how to purchase firearms during the ban on cooperation, there’s always private sales. These are still legal, and even if they weren’t there’s little the ATF can do about it without local assistance. That FFL dealers would be harmed by this is unfortunate, but if private ownership of firearms is prohibited they will have no one to sell to anyway. All they would gain by blocking this legislation is the privilege of being devoured last.

    Legislation once passed can be repealed. It may be that a new President will be less hostile to the right to keep and bear arms. But unless and until this happens someone, somewhere needs to draw a line and say, “NO MORE!”. This bill accomplishes that.

  3. We need to pass this Bill and Make it Law in Florida. We need to contact our State Representative and get this in place.

  4. Matthew Hudson on

    As a lifetime NRA member, I want to comment on the tire tracks on my stomach.

    Marion Hammer sold out the NRA when she supported the latest law that effectively prevents veterans from seeking mental help, or others who would normally seek mental help. Veterans are people who have trusted their lives to firearms, and who feel defenseless without them. I think it’s because we were shot at a lot, or something. So when we go to the doctor and he/she decides that we may need to decompress and talk it out with someone so that we can get a better night’s sleep, we get faced with losing our right to own a gun. Nice. Now, not only do we have to worry about our Gun Rights because of the NRA, we also have to worry about the knife sticking out of our backs that Mrs. Hammer put there herself.

    Marion Hammer and the NRA sold us out. I have no support for her, or the NRA right now. When she’s gone, then I’ll reconsider. As it is now, I just look down at the tire tracks on my belly and know that the NRA threw me and thousands of veterans under the bus.

    Right now, the ONLY group that is actively fighting for our rights is the SAF, or Second Amendment Foundation. They have many lawsuits across our nation, and are winning them.

    As for this bill, I think it’s a GREAT idea. So much so that I am going to contact Representative Eagle in a few minutes ( and ask him how I can help.

    And if Mrs. Hammer doesn’t stop trying to destroy our right to bear arms in Florida, then I’m going to cancel my life membership.

  5. The argument against this Florida legislation seems to revolve around adherence to the Federal National Firearms Act. This argument would be valid if the Second Amendment had the words “with certain exceptions” following the word “infringement” instead of a period.

    And why do we need Federal legislation for concealed carry reciprocity when Florida is fully competent to negotiate its own reciprocity agreements? Federal intrusion comes only at a price ( see Obamacare ).

    Beneficial Federal firearms legislation is an oxymoron.

  6. Jack Mattachione on

    I agree with Ron, this bill should have little effect and Fl can changeit or add to it. This is want state rights is all about.

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  8. Thank you for keeping a look out on this. Somehow I feel it is a back door approach to screwing the gun owner. I have a concealed weapon’s permit and want to keep it.

    The 2nd Amendment is my gun permit.
    Issue Date: 12/15/1791
    Expiration Date: None

    Semper Fi,
    Paul Marquis Pace Florida

  9. I like that some comments here recognize the problem with the concern – the opposition is worried that the state won’t facilitate The National Firearms Act?


    If that’s our only problem, the 2nd Amendment might have some life left.

    I guess we have a side to choose – support the 2nd Amendment preservation act, or side with the National Firearms Act.

    I know which side I’m on.

  10. You are aware that the FBI can conduct the required NICS check for new guns sold by dealers? And when the FBI does it (several states have selected this option) there is NO CHARGE. Unlike FDLE that charges citizens $5 to exercise their second amendment rights. Most of the concerns are red herrings. The Second Amendment Preservation Act is a good bill and should become law.

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  12. Lets be careful here ladies and gentlemen. This may be an excellent idea but lets ponder for awhile. Lets be extremely aware of any “divide and conquer” threat. With a lame duck anti-gun federal administration we must provide a united front. Let us help Rep. Eagle’s bill by getting everybody on board. Do not split us apart. This can be written or rewritten for our benefit.

  13. on top of it, why would anyone WANT the state to help enforce the National gun control act – which should bring repulsion just by its very existence.

  14. My concern is If this Bill was to pass and say Federal law changed, say, to state no one could have more than a five round magazine or a pistol grip on a firearm, then would this Bill really be a Pro 2nd Amendment Bill but with the amendment that was made in 2005 to the Florida State Constitution that states “The State of Florida will align it firearm laws with Federal laws and make no laws concerning guns, firearms and ammo and there use more restrictive than Federal Law” If passed, then wouldn’t it negatively affect Second Amendment rights

  15. What a load of red herring criticism in that article.

    “”We believe that under the best of circumstances, it has the potential to do harm since it does not differentiate between federal legislation to protect Second Amendment rights – that NRA has worked for in the past – and harmful federal legislation that tramples Second Amendment rights,” she said.”

    Well gee, that is the point of the bill. Federal regulations should have no place in it (shall not infringe) and for as long as they are in place the bill simply says we will not help enforce them.

    “The bill, if passed, would have a tremendous impact on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and inhibit their ability to perform background checks for firearm transfers.

    FDLE conducts our NICS checks, which is a program mandated by federal law.

    “How would we buy new firearms?”

    It would have no effect whatsoever in these regards. We can still perform background checks to enforce our STATE LAW that mandates them. Does the writer think the fed is not going to give us system access to the data base? Even if it did then we would have to rely on our own database. Probably better anyway so we can keep the fed from denying sales to veterans as they are more and more likely to do. How would we buy firearms? The same way we always did, duh. Federal NCIS may be a federal mandate to exist but it is not a federal mandate that our retail sellers use it. Only state law says so.

    “There are actually a few federal bills that are well-intended and deserve support, such as the much anticipated legislation that seeks to offer national reciprocity for concealed carry licensees.”

    As good as that may sound it is not the feds place to mandate we take another states standards for our state privileges. There is no Constitutional basis for such federal law. Additionally we have broad reciprocity agreements with numerous states without fed involvement. But even if we did not it is not the feds place to force our laws upon another state or vice versa.

    “I am most concerned about how HB 733 would impact Title II firearms and accessories, since the National Firearms Act, by its very definition, is a federal program.”

    Another faux problem looking for a place to happen. HB733 does not “nullify” the laws per se but instead simply says we will not help in enforcement. As long as you personally comply with the fed laws there is no basis for them to deny you participation under them. But for those unlucky folks who the feds “think” may not be operating within the law. Well the feds would have to kick their own doors down and jail people themselves. Florida officers, courts, and jails would no longer carry that Unconstitutional burden.

    Seems from his letter this Lee Williams guy is not some protector of our rights but instead the perpetrator of the status quo problems that give people like him cushy jobs and a place of esteem within the broken system. Admittedly all I know about him is his position here and based on it I could easily reject him as a Quisling collaborator. Another reason I stopped funding the NRA and instead support GOA and Florida Carry.

  16. Danny this Bill is not in conflict with the Florida Constitution protections that we can be no more strict than federal laws. Another red herring..

    Here is the real downside the author failed to disclose. The feds could hold back funds for law enforcement. GOOD! It would force us to reconsider what is really a crime and eliminate laws against victim-less crimes and promote ending the drug war. Wait a minute, that is not really a down side either…

    In fact laws like this take up by other states would force the fed to eliminate their unconstitutional gun laws just to maintain some sort of credibility as they would not have the resources to enforce them themselves. DOn’t think so? Just look at what is happening with the pot laws. No more enforcement and even changed the banking regulations so growers and retailers can operate within the banking system. The only down side to this law is that it could eventually lead to the end of the need for the NRA and problem creators where none exist like the author.

  17. What is wrong with this picture:

    . The bill does not state that all laws, bills and regulations must not be followed unless they are contrary to the Constitutions.

    . I do not know ‘The Gun-Writer’ author of this article that states his Second Amendment beliefs. I do not remember reading any of his previous articles. I do wonder why paraphrase the bill and add an outstanding “whew!”, implying what a bunch of junk. You know, ‘what a mouth full’.

    . I am a NRA Life Member but the NRA THINKS there may be unwanted consequences with the bill. Why not keep your comments to yourself until you know instead of think. I have written the NRA to help with a similar Florida Constitutional Amendment taking it to the voters (no reply). I have written the NRA about the Clermont man put on the ground, in the presence of his wife, with a gun in his back being yelled obscenities by the deputy for an accidental showing of his holster (no reply). I have written the NRA regarding the Liberty County sheriff for doing his Constitutional duty (no reply). I believe the NRA may be our only support for our Second Amendment rights but maybe they are sorry they didn’t initiate the bill, maybe they are too big for their britches or they have a hidden agenda. I wrote the Tenth Amendment Center group and they do not believe the NRA is trying to block the bill, so why their comment?

    . You don’t know me & I could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to put down the NRA & ‘The Gun-Writer’ for my own agenda. I am a man trying to help others to restore our great nation to the Constitutional values that made it great. I have seen first hand how the Florida State House and Senate kill bills for Special Interests and to be reelected.

    . I see the Federal Government and anti-gunners everywhere being sneaky and underhanded; some, like Bloomberg and Cuomo, opening using their money and influence; attempting to take away the tools (Second Amendment being one) our Founding Fathers provided us to ensure our liberties.

    . Many groups & states are using the almost forgotten law of nullification to stop or at least slow down the feds.

    . It is time ‘We the People’ quit listening to the media, corrupt governments and anti-American agenda to destroy our liberties and take back out nation. Thank God for our liberties and pray we keep them.

  18. Remember now ALL retail firearms dealers are pawns of the federal government via FFL. No FFL what happens to our local friendly dealer? How does a manufacturer sell in the state? Maybe local manufactures could? It is ok to be upset because of the lame-duck but we must support our organizations for the second amendment until we have an iron clad vision to protect the second amendment . Beware of trolls!

  19. Walt,

    I read the bill, it doesn’t do anything about FFL dealers, they’d still be in operation.

    It just bans the state (government agencies, employees, etc) from helping the feds violate the 2nd Amendment.

    so if, for example, an FFL let their license expire, and the FBI wanted FDLE to help them arrest someone for continuing to sell, FDLE would turn them down.

  20. Michael Sanders on

    There must be a “fill in the spaces” bill form used by every legislature be it state or federal. This particular piece is “smoke and mirrors”. Why do we need a law to protect the 2nd Amendment in the State of Florida? You cannot create a State, or Federal, law that changes the wording and intent of the 2nd Amendment. The only path for change is going through the process of passing another amendment that changes the wording and/or intent of the 2nd Amendment. In addition, we cannot look at just the 2nd Amendment. The first 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights. That is to say no government within this Nation can alter, change, or remove the word, or intent, of the first 10 amendments. The founding fathers corrected the Constitution by adding the Bill of Rights. The Florida legislature cannot create a law that directly, or indirectly, affects every citizens “rights”. If the federal government passes a law that alters, changes, or removes the Constitutional Rights of a citizen, then that government is conspiring to change the Constitution. They all took an oath that “implies” that they will support and defend the Constitution, which includes all its amendments, all enemies foreign, or “domestic”. A representative of the people at any level of government is required to stop any bill that “alters” in any form the Constitutional Right of the People. Our schools, colleges, and leaders have tried to merge Freedom of Speech with the Right to Bear Arms. This allows them to use their right to speak about limiting their right to bear arms. As long as it remains just that and no bills are introduced to infringe upon either right, our country is working. But, when those that “speak” out about guns and introduce bills that limit the right to bear arms. And, when that bill becomes “law”, it directly impacts every citizens rights. What’s to stop that same “loud mouth” in Washington from “ignoring” any law, so long as he can continue to attack the Constitution. And, the Constitution gives each legal citizen of this Nation the ‘Right’ to change that government. And, I use ‘government’ to refer to city, county, state, and federal entities. I believe it would be a prudent move to change the oaths of office to be very specific as to the what are the representative’s responsibilities and duties. As a retired military, the oaths I took every four years were very, very specific. I swore to give my life to protect the Constitution and this Nation from all enemies, foreign or “domestic”(my quotes). And, I carried both a rifle and a pistol to do my job. All other officers, representatives, senators, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Department Directors, and so on . . . swear they will “execute the office they are about to take”. Now to me that is a very black hole used to grant the power of the office. That’s like saying you can buy any car you want to buy. But, instead of the one that fills your needs, you buy a custom hand-built Ferrari. In other words, the oath is only as good as the man/woman that takes it. It’s time the government reform itself and change the oaths of office to be clear and not allow any deviation from that office’s purpose.

  21. This bill refuses to allow state employees and county employees from helping the feds…that is GREAT…all other gun bills would and should be passed by the FLORIDA legislature….imho

  22. Michael – I agree with much of what you say in principle, but screaming from the rooftops isn’t making the gun control act or the brady act disappear.

    HB733 bans Florida from helping the feds in these both – a practice that Florida is currently engaged in. It’s a directive to the state to stop doing that, helping preserve the 2nd amendment.

    Isn’t that a good thing? Or are you saying you like the status quo?

  23. James,
    Bigger picture – if we rebuff the feds do they still need to issue FFL in Florida? Are they disabled from harassing Florida FFL holders? I had an FFL during the Clinton years – had to give it up because of the harassment. I am not dissing the bill – just asking for a more intelligent approach – with all gun owners in accord. Can you say that passing this will not be retaliated upon by current politicos? If we concentrate on the elections we can get rid of these anti-gunners. If we are not united and active we will not. Thanks for the response.

  24. The bill is on firm constitutional grounds. Anyone remember Sheriff Mack and the Brady Bill? Well the Supreme Court rendered a decision in Mack/Printz v US which stated it was UNconstitutional for the feds to commandeer the resources of the state to enforce any federal law. This is exactly what this bill does. As far as the state infringing, that was covered in the McDonald decision that the states do not have the authority to infringe on the second amendment. All of this is about balance of power. The 9th and 10th amendments were all about keeping the federal government in its constitutional cage.

  25. Thanks Walt, for responding.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve been waiting for DECADES to throw out the anti-gunners.

    The federal gun control act isn’t going anywhere. And If Eagle and his co-sponsors are willing to stick their necks out and take it on, I say we should get behind the people who have that kind of courage.

    The feds are going to keep trying to do what they do – but, man, why should Florida keep helping them? the way I read this, it’ll stop, and to me that’s long long overdue.

  26. Regarding the less than complimentary comments made here re the NRA: Doesn’t anyone out there know that it was due to the NRA’s efforts that the federal 1934 Gun Control Act passed? That in turn lead to the 68 gun control–with more assistance from NRA.
    Don’t believe me? Check out this link :
    With that in their history is there any wonder why NRA’s Marion Hammer would be concerned about leaving the federal checks intact?
    Everyone writing about NRA should keep in mind they are big bucks lobbyists. If they did too good a good FOR our rights, then their reason for existence–and the money pot–would go away wouldn’t it?
    Think about it….
    IF you are as miffed about this as I am, you won’t renew your membership. There are several other good gun rights organizations that did NOT help get the major federal gun control laws which started us down this path against gun owners. I will NOT support an organization that sells us out.

  27. I am against any Bill being passed, that raises even the smallest question about gun rights. What is it about “SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED” that is so difficult to understand?
    How is this for a Bill! BILL: #1 any US citizen that has not been convicted of a Felony, can purchase any gun, with any ammunition and any accessories that he or she chooses without exception. In accordance with the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any attempt to introduce legislation that in any way restricts this right, that person or persons shall be charged with a felony and subject to the 10-20-LIFE law. THERE NOW! that should clear it up for the anti gun crowd. In case you need more! maybe you can better understand it if I am a little more blunt. If you try to take mine, I WILL take yours.

  28. When reading anything these days it essential to consider the source. And this source is quite dubious. The Hearld Tribune is owned by the NY Times and very lefty. Any article published there goes through their filter. They would never knowingly do anything that genuinly supports the 2nd Amendment. This article is either a hoax meant to divide us or the careless writings of the unwise. Either way the HT editors took advantage of it and published it. Ron, Sarasota, FL

  29. The law that allows state to state transport, the McClure-Volkmer Act was actually a Trojan horse! The Hughes Amendment, named for William Hughes (D-NJ)a rabid anti-gun activist, was pushed in and allowed to carry through. When the NRA and others should have said, “we’ll come back again after that’s removed” they instead said “we’re not interested in machine gun owners or anyone like that’ and pressed on with a poisoned piece of legislation. Much as the murder of Miller of the 1939 US v. Miller case that allowed the SCOTUS to overturn of the scrapping of the GCA 1934 completely by federal judiciary by default.

    A big heavy hammer is required to fix the worst dents…

  30. The intent of this Bill 733 is important. Florida needs to protect itself and its residents from possible regulations passed by the Federal Government that could possibly force Florida to do certain things, for instance; could they force Florida to publish the names and addresses of all gun owners in a national data base, or require all gun owners to report to the Federal Government all guns, types, accessories and their serial numbers? Could the Federal Government require our Florida law enforcement agencies to aid in a recall, and collect all weapons in the state? Should the Federal government decide to place the country under marshal law, could they require all gun owners within the state of Florida to turn in all weapons to the Federal Government in spite of our second amendment rights?

    The State of Florida should have the right to protect itself and all its residents from any type of federal takeover should the federal government turn totalitarian in nature by an over reaching president and his or her administration. Lets face it if things got to this point do you really think that the residents are going to turn in any of their weapons?

    Proposed Bill 733 could be reworded in a way that would not threaten or interfere with good existing laws already in place, and at the same time protecting the State and its citizens from possible unwanted federal intervention.

  31. In the coming battles in government (Federal and State), there will be no room for the queezy and weak. We must stand strong and ignore the ‘business as usual’ Republicans and status quo lovers in the NRA and elsewhere. Marion Hammer is no real friend of Liberty, and along with others, has made a lucrative career out of regular “back and forth” in the NRA’s battle for our rights. Just like in the Republican party, there is an establishment in the NRA that fears Liberty and fears what will happen if their usual game is upset.

  32. I must view the anti NRA rhetoric as troll messages. While there are other orgs that are championing the cause none are as prominent or able to match the NRA. Yeah, I read the references – this is a well researched anti gun organization piece. To quote NRA “Many other instances of NRA support for worthwhile gun legislation could be quoted. But these suffice to show that Senator Kennedy’s “terrible indictment” of the NRA is groundless.”. How else do you relegate the Kennedys to the trash bin in that era? Nice piece but it ignores the fact that the NRA opposed any legislation that required owner registration and unreasonable search and seizure. It was an attempt to compromise and prevent universal gun/owner registration. Besides what is wrong with supporting more than one organization?
    Put up the brick wall and just say no? How do you defend against federal legislation? What happens if your approach is opposed by the president, congress and the court?
    Vote! Talk to people and your elected employees (sic). Only way to do it. Get them buggers out of there. And one step further they have brought the UN in. There is an elected employee who voted in favor of the UN treaty! Is it yours? Why is he still in office? This is war but is on a different plain than what we were on back in the old days. No I was not here in the 30’s. My term of service was 1965-1969.

  33. Apparently Ms.Hammer is not aware of the fact that the federal government has not been delegated ANY power to regulated firearms. So supporting good federal legislation is just as bad as supporting bad federal legislation because good and bad are relative terms, subject to the eyes of the beholder. Bottom line is, the NRA better become Constitutionally aware of the fact that the federal government has NO BUSINESS in the 2nd Amendment whatsoever. That’s what this act says.

  34. FOPA was supposed to take care of the Interstate travel issues. However, all that gets enforced at any level of FOPA is the automatic NFA weapons made after 1986. The NRA needs to step up to the plate on this one. Help draft the bill if you think you can improve it. However, Kansas implemented similar legislation last year and countered Eric Holder’s threat.

  35. Sheriff’s don’t have to legally enforce Federal gun laws per the Printz vs. US SCOTUS ruling. This law would put some teeth in that by keeping sheriffs that support the gun ban lobby such as Demmings (Orange Co) and Bradshaw (Palm-Beach Co) from doing so.

  36. The NRA does not take a position on this bill because if it passes, the NRA would become irrelevant. There is plenty of support from the state house of representatives and would most likely be signed into law by Governor Scott, but the senate has to pass their own version of this bill. That’s why the NRA has been talking to the state senators behind the scenes to prevent them from writing a senate version of this bill. Call and write your state senators and demand that they write a senate version of this bill. We have to protect ourselves from the gun grabbing left in Washington.

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