Glock 42 barrel problems?


The Glock 42 was easily the most-anticipated pistol I’ve seen in years.

Everyone was talking about Glock’s pocket rocket, long before it was ever released.

There have been some reports that say the G42 is a rather finicky eater – it has trouble digesting certain JHPs.

That’s really not that unusual, especially for a .380 ACP. glock_42_ui4250201

It’s always important to put a box or two of defensive ammo through your pistol, to insure proper functioning.

What’s sparked my curiosity lately are reports of barrel problems.

One reader’s G42 shut down because of barrel damage. His dealer sent the barrel back to Glock.

The firm said the barrel was “damaged” by his ammunition, and that it would cost $125 for a replacement barrel – a fee the dealer paid.

The reader told me he only used factory rounds, in this case Remington.

Has anyone else had barrel problems with their G42?

Please let me know. You’re name won’t be published.




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  2. My baby G has spit ever bit of lead right out with perfection. 300 rnds target,jhp, and sd rnds and no issues. All factory loads, no +p, +p+, or reloads… My only complaint is this tight ass slide lock which is by cured racking it. Though the recoil spring seems tighter than all my other Glocks. Overall I’m in love with it.

    • I agree with you . The side lock is very tight. I bought mine this December 2015 and have had no issues with it jamming or ejecting. I installed Peace +1 Clip extensions. I like mine alot. Very light and easy to concile.

      I want to get the trigger pull lower.

      Precision One has a new round +P .380 have you or anyone tried this round yet?

  3. I had the same issues with the hornaday rounds with the rubber tip, just on the first one. Then no other issues. I have run over 200 rounds, rem 95g and had no other issues.

  4. I just got my G42 and spent the weekend put about 200 rounds in it with out a problem. I couple of minor jams which I’m sure is common with new guns a little more work and it ran fine. I feel it a great little back up pick for my Taurus PT 145. I now have a little collection of good shooting handguns. The 45 goes with me everywhere, the G42 will be my little back up.

  5. Got my “First ” 42 a few weeks back. It jammed 3 times on every magazine, Ball ammo or HP. It shot way low and I am an experienced shooter, it needed a taller rear sight. I called Glock and was told no one had really complained about the guns Yet. That I could at my expense send it back for a review, and if something needed fixing they would do that. I did not return it. I cleaned it and went back to the range with more ball ammo and a few boxes of hp’s, corbon, federal, speer gold dots, they all either had FTF or FT eject. It looked to me that the firing pin was protruding causing the round to sink in the mag on some jam’s. Then the gun jst locked up, the trigger went to like 20 lbs, I broke the gun down and saw that the newly designed trigger bar return spring was broken, or at least the flimsy plastic center was, causing the gun to lock up. I sent the gun back. A few days later I was called by glock and told my gun could not be fixed due to some design problems and they were sending me a new one. Got that one and it works with everything, shoots a little off point of aim, but they don’t make replacement sights yet and there is no room to drift the rear. I did notice rubber filled defense ammo seemed very loud and recoil was a lot more then even the corbons. Maybe the bullets are a bit larger or something. I will not use those for they were like shooting a 9 mm compared to even hot 380 in this gun. Never had the same report on my other 380’s with that ammo. Hope this assists your readers. I know of 3 others who have the guns, 2 of them are or have already dumped them due to accuracy problems as well as feeding problems. I must say Glock customer service once they got the 42 back was 100% perfect, no fussing then!

  6. I have a Glock 42 and had a problem with the first box of ammo that a shooting range suggested for defense ammo. The ammo was “Barnes TAC-XPD 80 gr. Defense Ammunition” centerfire. The bullets would shoot, but each time would jam and not one casing would eject on it’s own. We finally figured out that that particular bullet is actually too long.

    Solved the problem by going with Starfire 380SFA 95gr SFHP.

    If you stand these bullets up side by side, the TAC is taller. I’m an inexperienced shooter, so that’s about all I can tell you. I don’t know whether it’s the bullet or the casing that is longer as I gave that box away! LOL

    I have had to problem with Federal target/practice ammo.

    Hope that helps you


  7. Same thing just happened to me Saturday. Exactly same thing. It appears that after shooting 100 rounds a week ago of remington. I went back to range and shot 11 rounds and on the final ejection the barrel and slide were no loner functioning. The barrel now sticks in the slide and it will not operate. The slide will only come back partially and then it sticks in place. After field stripping, the barrel will no longer fit in the slide properly. It gets stuck. I believe something has happened to the barrel

  8. After approx 175 rds. My G-42 consistently fails to eject/cycle; lock slide to the rear; fully chamber 2nd round. these problems occured using S&B and Armscor Fmj’s. Federal hydra-shocks worked fine but I only had 12 rounds to spare. 380 ammo is still scarce so I hav’nt been able to try anything else. If I still have problems after trying another brand I will call Glock.

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  11. Tell the users to stop “limp wristing” the weapon and it will fire without any mishaps. A .380″ round is much less forgiving of such BAD shooting habits than other center fire cartridges such as the 9mm, 10mm, .40 cal and especially rounds such as the .357 Mag and the .44 Mag rounds. There are always two sides to every story, and I appreciate the fact that Glock does not have and cannot make time to respond to every inquiry regardless of its ligitimacy.
    Retired Weapons Manufacturer and Director of Quality for DoD Prime Contractors

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  14. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of a barrel failure in any of the Glock pistols. They did have some frame issues that were effectively addressed with the inclusion of a dual recoil spring and guide rod, but no barrels.
    Many of the defensive loads are +P and they have higher chamber pressures so it’s entirely possible the individual in question was using a hot round. Additionally, there’s no mention on what the round count was when the failure occurred.
    The Glock 42 is not +P rated so I would avoid using +P loads of any design.

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  18. My new Glock 42 has a small gouge in the chamber and would not extract the empty brass case after firing. I called them and they are sending me a return label to send back to them. My question, is how did this gun leave the factory ? Don’t they even inspect and fire them before they are shipped? “Glock Perfection”? I don’t think so.

    • The barrel of my G-42 fouls heavily, even with commercial JHP and a modest number of rounds, no FMJ with exposed lead base. I have to scrub it 4x as much as my G-43 to remove the fouling. Am still on the fence if I want to replace it. It is the last problem I have overcome to make this “Glock Perfection”. Trigger was way over 10 lbs. When it “Broke” it really felt like it broke! FTE and FTF with Win WB. Need’s 95 gr top end load for reliability. Have put over 400 rds through the chrono getting a reliable load. Have found the polygonal rifling has a peculiar tiny “rib” following the lines of the poly rifiling, not present in the 43. And, according to my educated cleaning brush the bore on the 42 is tighter than the 43. Hope some of the other barrel manufacturers come up with a replacement. Right now Lone Wolf is the only game.

  19. Update: I obtained Blazer and PPU range ball ammo and the G42 ran perfectly. I also obtained HPR JHP personal defense ammo as this seemed to do well in ShootingTheBull410 .380 testing (not Glock) but this is too weak to cycle the slide. With this ammo, I had FTF and stove pipe mf’s. While polishing the feed ramp may help with the FTF, this is still underpowered. Up next, I paln to test federal white box 95g range ammo and Fiocchi. I also plan to order PrecisionOne .380 personal defense as this was tested in the G42 and preformed well and ran the gun well. Stay tuned! I am much happier with this G42 than the previous post. Currently >300 rounds so far.

  20. Springfield Armory and their response to the problem with the XDs, should be a role-model for Glock. But we should not jump to conclusions to soon. Give them some time to examine and respond to the situation.

  21. I have had my G42 for a month now. First box of HPR 90gr stoved piped 12 times. Barnes ammo would not eject. PPU ammo would not feed properly. 300 rounds of DRT Terminal Shock 85gr Hollow Point fired great. No problems at all. 500 rounds of American Eagle 90gr fired great. No problems at all. Very light. Very little recoil. Smooth trigger. Easy to Conceal Carry.

  22. 100 rounds of WWB through my new Bluelabel 42 last week and no issues. Didn’t clean or oil it. Took it out of the box, broke it down and inspected that everything was in order and then started shooting. My only issue right now is finding decent defensive ammo. Actually finding any 380 at all is an issue for me at the moment.

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  24. I Have had mine for a few months.I have run 2 boxes of steel cased tula through it no problems. The range I work at has one forbrent with over 1000 rds through it. It must be cleaned properly and regurlary and no reloads.

  25. I got my 42 in Jan. and have had 2800 rounds down range with some issues in the first 150 round but after breaking it in its been great!


  26. Furthermore, I was told that it will be at least 6-8 weeks before I get the gun back because the barrel is produced in Austria. So I am out a 125 for a new barrel, ammo I am now afraid to use, a gun that I don’t trust for my wife, and I have shot the gun 111 times at over 400 price tag.

  27. No barrel problems but hearing about slide lock problems with hollow point ammo. seems it work fine with FMJ but any hollow points an it locks up. A friend has sent his back twice, and it’s not the magazine but the ejector in the frame.

  28. john rosequist on

    I don’t know about the hollow points; but my 42 will not cycle any of my reloads. I supper clean the brass, Tightly crimp the rounds use the max and min of powder, Bullseye, IMR. 100 gr round nose and flat nose. No reload round will cycle. I think this gun is pocessed. Know of a gun exorcest? John

  29. Marion Butler on

    I have only shot 7 shots through my 42. I was using the Barnes personal defense JHP ammo. These rounds will not cycle this gun. I have to rack the slide after each firing.

  30. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that almost every bad comment on the new Glock 42 comes from people that are shooting junk no name ammo???? Go get some Winchester white box and let it rip!!!!! Glock pistols love the stuff. I’ve ran over 500 rds through mine in a month and it is flawless! I couldn’t be more happy.

  31. Junel McGinni on

    I own a Glock 42 .380. I have shot 300 plus rounds through this weapon. I have not had any problems with it. My husband owns one as well. He has only shot maybe 50 rounds through it. No issues. We have shot factory loads & re-loads. We reload our own ammo., to precise specs. No problems. I love this glock.

  32. I have a 42 and have had numerous problems. first it would not load the casings were getting caught on the front of the magazine, filed it to 45 and worked fine. Next it would not eject, I tried everything but the problem still existed. I called Glock customer service and talked to a tech. He indicated that he thought the rounds were loaded light. I was using x700 powder 2.7 gr, xtream fp 100 gr cci primers, using hornady reloading tools and dies. I upped the powder to 3.2 gr and the gun fires and ejects like a dream. I have put over 400 rounds of reloads through it and no problems. It shoots straight but does have a kick. I have just tried 3.0 gr and they also seam to work now will try 2.7 later this week. I love the gun once I got it to work. I was told it would take some time to break in so with over 500 rounds of reloads it seams ok

  33. hey my hood ramp on my g42 chipped off on the left side sent pictures to glock they are having me send it for repairs

  34. brandon millsaps on

    I have fired over 600 rds thru my g42 the only round that will not work that I have fired is the barnes 80 grain tac xpd rounds turns the g42 into a single shot I think the round is just to weak for the tight guide rod spring

  35. I had the same issues first time shooting with armscor 380 ammo if I rapid fire not an issue but if I squeeze off one at a time and wait I between seems to have ejection issues. Was told I need to run a few hundred through it. Was disappointed since I also own a 19 and have never had an issue.

  36. Robert Haines on

    I took my brand new Glock 42 out this morninG FOR THE FIRST TIME. It would not feed the ammo. I had to jack both mags thru. They had different ammo in each one. I took it back to the dealer and they are sending it to the manafacturer. I have a 22 also and have never had a problem. If they charge me one dime I am going to be fried to the bone.

  37. Robert Godeaux on

    I was so excited about the new glock 42, when they hit the market I purchased two of them for my two daughters to carry. Boy what a surprise! I have put about 400 rounds of factory ball ammo through each. With over 15 non feeds in each pistol. I’m glad I kept their Sig P238 they have been shooting them for about two years with no problems. All I can say is FOR Sale two Glock 42.
    Thank You

  38. My Glock 42 will not cycle anything w/ a muzzle velocity less than 950 fps.
    (ex.PMC gold 95gr.sjhp @925 fps and HPR 90gr. w/ a Hornady xtp jhp @915 fps at the muzzle.
    Everything above 950 fps at the muzzle works fine.

  39. Do not know the particulars of the reported barrel failure but speaking of Glocks in general, remember to NOT shoot exposed lead bullets in any Glock. Their “octagonal” rifling is very tight and will clog with led. Saw this happen with a friends 23 when it blew-out and down the grip. No human damage thanks to the Glock design, but the gun and barrel were toast.

  40. this gun does not like the ridge between the shell casing and the bullet. I found that the case was catching the barrel and the round wouldn’t feed. When I switched to Winchester which has the smoothest transition from bullet to the case all my problems stopped. Hornady is a good round but not for this gun.

  41. Glock put out a bad gun when releasing the G42, then fixed all the problems by remaking a lot of the parts including a different frame, wow. The new parts for the G42 are marked with a “1” you will have it on the frame if yours has all the newer parts, and if you have one of the newer versions your gun will function flawlessly. I have a newer version and I love it, it will eat all kinds of ammo and it has not jammed yet. If I bought one right when they came out. I would have Glock trade me for a new one. Kind of shady on Glock’s part to not have a recall. I feel bad for those having all the problems and Glock needs to make it right.

      • i found this on another conversation in Part Two of this Story. They say the #1 (-1) is on or near the Slide Release. I don’t own a 42 yet and after all these stories, not sure I even want to attempt buying one.

        • I just bought my G42, Feb.28 It was shipped from Glock on Feb.10 2016, so it’s real current as of this writing. I really wanted one, so I gave it a try-even amid all the horror stories of funtioning problems. Well, I must say-they seem to have worked out all the bugs by now. I’ve fired mine about 150rds. So far, without a hitch! I love this little gun. Anyway- mine has the following markings just to denote the “dash” improvements. My slide stop on the inside of it is a -2 variant. My frame is a #2- which can be found below the trigger bar (with the slide off) the forward-end, below the s-bend that hooks into the trigger. And my magazines are marked with an 03 below the 33249 number on the back. Hopes this sheds a little more light for somebody on the fence about buying one. If it has the “03” markings on the back of the mag, your’re probably good to go.

  42. After the first three rounds ( all misfeeds ) I new this gun had a problem. I then tried over 8 different brands of ammo and found Winchester .380 to be the only one that this gun likes. Reason? crimped shell casing and a round ( not pointy like some brands ) projectile. And no I don’t work for Winchester and no I’m not criticizing the other brands, they work just fine in my other guns, it’s just that this gun likes that particular profile ammo.

  43. Hello:

    I was so excited when I got my G42 for Christmas! I finally was able to take it out last weekend and to my dismay, I had issues with the shells not being ejected. My first round had that issue, as well as my second and third. After three attempts it has been sitting in a safe place waiting for an opportunity to take it in for inspection. I also used factory rounds as your post stated as well. I am glad I’m not the only one having issues, but disappointed that my pistol is not behaving! I will put an update on here once I get mine checked out.

  44. nothing but problems with my G42 so far,,, failure to feed, failure to eject, failure to lock back open after the last round and this appears to be a newly tested pistol according to the samples provided. i’m reading with great interest the post advising particular rounds for this gun, problem is, they’re hard to find and expensive to shoot. Golden Saber 102G is the only thing that shot well, but i only fired 12 rounds and that brand appears to be sold out at most sites

  45. Mine wont extract anything but high powered defensive ammo but no problem with the barrel.
    I don’t limp wrist I believe the recoil spring is to strong

  46. Bought a Glock 42 at gun show a week ago for personal carry. Fired two clips of Federal hollow point FMJ 90 GRAMS, 966 fps. Was in backyard so limited in how much I could fire at this time. Will take to range later and run a hundred or so rounds. But for now…absolutely no problems. Gun was a pleasure to fire. I heard about all the problems. May be due to cartridge. Be sure to use FMJ a minimum 900 fps, and at 90 to 95 grams. I like Federal also. First clip slow firing. Second clip rapid fire. Good gun…for now.

  47. I sent my G42 back to glock – not ejecting. They replaced mags and sent back the gun. Said no problems but it still would not eject.
    manager at range told me to choke up higher into beaver tail. Then I had no problems. Ran 200rds range ammo, remington hp and hornady critical defense with no problems.

  48. after purchasing my G42 I found out lead ammo does not work. Has anyone tried to get a replacement barrel for these? Or tried frangeable ammo? I love the gun but FMJ
    rounds are not allowed at the ranges I use.

    • DO NOT!! use lead in Glock’s! Glock DOES NOT recommend the use of lead bullets for use in their polygonal barrels. The Glock barrel leads up easily and cause excessive pressure after a number of rounds and you get a K-boom event. If you must use lead look for an after market barrel and make sure you ask if it can run lead bullets.

      • Shooting Lead in glocks is fine, I powder coat mine and have no leading issues what so ever. You just have to keep a eye on your bore. Dont go blasting a couple 100 rounds without checking it. Run a brass brush through it when your done. Ive shot a 3-4 thousand of my own cast 124 grain through my G19 with no issues. Im more worried about the bulge some glock barrels leave on your brass than barrel leading. Although I load super light with my cast just enough to cycle the slide. Light bullets with light loads for cheap shooting. All of the glock kbooms ive seen have been 40s, that round is super high pressure to begin with and people dont pay close enough attention loading for it.

  49. The little pistol has the same failing that a lot of little pistols have…you can’t limp wrist it. The pistol has to be held rigidly in your fist so that the slide will work properly. Things move so fast on these little guns that slopiness in the way they are held will really screw up the extraction and ejection process. To all those that think they have a problem with Glock’s factory service…buy a Diamondback db9. When the gun falls apart in your hand …no one is there to even answer the phone.

  50. Just got my new glock 42 home shot 4 clips 6 rounds each thru it first clip shot fine next 3 had ejection problems every other shot. I was using armscore 380 ammunition. I’m hoping that its just the ammo but it’s still disappointing. I like the feel of the gun and it has very low recoil. I can’t put up with the jamming I could expect it with a high point but not with a glock. Will try a different type of ammo and see what happens.

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    • Brand new Glock 42 went to the range tonight, shot 15 mags. Failed to lock open after firing the last shot 9 of the 15 times. Only made it thru 1 mag clean. Had an ejecting jam 21 times. I field stripped it and lunricated after the 3rd mag without improvement. I switched brand of ammunition to another first rate brand without change in results. I let my friend shoot it with same results. Really unhappy.

      • I was having failure to eject and jamming, with 90g ammo with my brand new glock 42 switched to a 102g ammo and it shot fine, field stripped and applied “true grease” by Italian gun grease, a sample given by my local gun shop to all lubrication points in the book, now it shoots beautifully, 90g and 95g I shot about 25 rounds yesterday without a single problem for the first time when I was previously getting one shot out of 20 to eject properly. I’m a first time shooter so I’m sure my form isn’t perfect, I’m also 5’2 and 106 lbs with small hand and tiny wrists. My husband was having the failure to eject problems also, but not quite as often, which is what tipped me off that it was not simply limp wristing.

        If you look on the glock facebook page a lot of people say the glock 42 has a break in period where you need to use a higher grain ammo, some say about 500 rounds but I have not put 100 through mine yet.

  52. My Glock42’s barrel had a small piece chip off (where the round enters).. it’s not even a year old and doesn’t even have 1,000 rounds through it. Fixing it, trading it in, and getting a SIG 380. Done with the illusion that a mostly plastic pistol is “durable” when in fact it’s shit and the metal is clearly cheap shit

  53. Larry Thoreson on

    I have two Glock 42’s. Probably 2,000 rounds of various ammo thru each.
    On Sat, had a fail to eject spent casing. Jammed. Found I could push slide forward but could not pull back to eject casing. Had a friend who is a Glock armorer look at it. Finally determined the barrel was bulged in the middle disallowing the slide to retract past the bulge. Since this is likely an ammo failure, just ordered a new barrel.

    • Harold Jorski on

      I have the same issue. My question is how do joy remove the slide so you can replace the barrel. My slide will not unlock.

  54. I bought my 42 the end of may and had no problems to date.. I have no markings 1 or 2 anywhere ?? Has glock recalled the 42,s yet?? We re problems corrected by may???

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