UPDATED: More Glock 42 problems reported


UPDATE: Not a word yet from Glock. They’ve got more people working in their marketing department than we’ve got reporters at our paper, but evidently none of them have time to return a phone call or an email.

As an investigative reporter, this is something I’m used to. I have friends who say that “Did not return calls seeking comment” should be carved on my tombstone. However, I didn’t expect this from Glock.

A firm with nothing to hide steps up, answers questions and addresses a problem.

EARLIER: Ever since I posted a story from a reader about stoppages and other problems with his Glock 42, I’ve been inundated by complaints from other owners of the highly-anticipated pistol.

The original story involved barrel damage, which Glock said was caused by bad ammo, even though the owner said he only used factory rounds.

His local dealer agreed to pay for a new barrel, but that could take a long time.glock_42_ui4250201

“I spoke with a customer service person at Glock in Smyrna, Georgia and was informed that the barrel for the G42 is produced in Austria with a waiting  period of 6 to 8 weeks before barrels are shipped, and that all barrel replacements must bear the stock number in which to coincide with the stock number for the gun,” the gun owner told me. “So the G42 that I purchased back in January means that I will not have my gun back until April 2014.  I also called Glock in Austria and we’ll see if I get a call back or not.  Not very good customer service.”

Other owners told me of stoppages and malfunctions regardless of the type of ammo they use. They’re pissed and frustrated. Some said even ball ammo will jam, stove-pipe and fail to feed.


I decided it was time to hear Glock’s side.

I first tried to email the firm. Evidently, other folks are trying to get their questions answered too, as this pop-up jumped out when I went to their contact form: “We are currently receiving very high email volume through the Contact Us form. We are working to address all inquiries as fast as possible, and we appreciate your understanding in any delay you might experience.”

I called the firm’s technical services department and left a message, identifying myself as a journalist seeking answers about the G42.

Neither the email nor the phone call have produced a response from Glock.

I shall update the story when I hear from the firm.

I carred a G17 for years and never had a problem. Glock has a sterling reputation among serious shooters.

I hope they don’t blow it now.


About Author

Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


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  3. I bought a G42 and have had nothing but problems. When firing Federal FMJ 95 grain, 980 FPS the slide locks to the rear on the second round as if the mag is empty. When firing JHP, the extractor fails to remove the spent casing from the chamber. I sent it back to Glock and they very quickly sent it back with a note that it was within factory specs. I took it to the range and experienced the same issues. I just sent it back for a second time and will see if they actually corrected the problem this time.

  4. I am in the same boat as Dan. My G42 is also on it’s second trip to Glock after receiving the same “meets factory specs, shoots good” report from the factory. I have tried seven different types/brands of ammo with lots of FTE and a few FTF. I have had only a few mag fulls that DIDN’T have a malfunction. I have ZERO confidence in this gun as a carry weapon. Really torn on what to do when it comes back inevitably in the same condition it left in. I have have ZERO issues with 3000+ rounds thru my G26 and G19. VERY disappointed in Glock with this gun.

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  6. I have a G42 that feeds Remington, Hornady and Federal and is 100% reliable…. 175 rounds so far………..thee only malfunction to date was on some cheap Serbian ammo Privi Partizan…..

    I tried to call Glock yesterday and had no problem getting someone on the phone….is the writer possibly anti-Glock?

  7. I don’t have anything against Glock, but I don’t understand why someone would buy a G42. My Kahr PM9 is the same size and weight as the G42 but packs 6+1 9mm para, which is more powerful and much cheaper than .380.

  8. If this is really the case, Glock should just do what Springfield did last year. Recall them all, replace the defective parts. And send them back with something like extra mags, or nightsights. Coming clean publically is a much better long term answer. They have the money to do this easily.

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  11. My glock42 is junk. I have a 26 and a 22 gen 4 that are perfect. Glock needs to
    stop production and recall the g42 before they are in to deep. I think the whole gun needs to be redesigned. It has a weak recoil spring, bad design for a ramp feed, ejector is junk. How could glock put such a junk gun into full production without testing it.. glock had problems with the gen4 recoil spring. Glock is ruining their rep of quality. I can see why now the navy seals prefer and use sigs.

  12. After issues with gen 4 guns this is all they need to lose their future market share. There are too many guns that work to take a risk. I have 3 blocks that I love but the will be on the market fast if yhjis trend continues.

  13. I really like Glock and carried them for years (still carry a 27 on occasion) but I went out and got a Sig 938 because of the 9mm vs 380 issues.

    Light, accurate, reliable (expensive) but I love it. A great pocket pistol. I expect Glock to fix this to satisfy their standards and I expect them to come out with the 9mm soon.

  14. Just ordered a G42 last week. I have three other Glocks and love them but don’t carry them for concealed carry. That’s what the G42 was going to be for. Now I’m thinking of canceling the order and buying a Sig or something else. Interested to see how Glock handles this. My motto is “when things are going good, everyone looks good but when things are bad, that’s your time to shine and out perform your competitors”. Please keep us posted! Thanks!

  15. Dwaine, This writer is not anti-Glock. I’m anti-crap. I’ve carried a Glock for years, and have never had a problem. Big G needs to step up and do the right thing, like other firms have done. A recall ain’t pretty, but it’s what customers expect.

  16. Inexperienced users of Glocks have reported intermittent premature-slide-lock problems for years, and almost ALL of them turned out to be user-caused (some were never formally verified, but this is usually due to embarrassment). If either of the shooter’s thumbs are in the vicinity of the slide stop during firing, it may be inadvertently activated under recoil. As the G42 is brand-new, ALL users should be considered inexperienced, and must approach it as a new design, NOT a smaller version of an old design.

    Stories of big hands interfering with the controls of a small pistol are nothing new to long-time shooters. Show me a video of the slide locking-back early, when the shooters thumbs are clearly up/out/away from the slide stop for the entire recoil cycle, and I’ll change my tune.

    And incompatibility with certain brands/weights/styles of ammunition in an autoloader also should not be news to folks who shot autos in the good ‘ol days.

    Shooters nowadays are spoiled rotten. “Whaaaa, the brass it hitting me in the face!” Back in the day, if the empty brass got out of the action at all, we were happy! And smacking you in the face just meant the cases were right at your feet when it was time to police-up the brass. Whiners.

    (OK, just kidding on those last few lines).

  17. Seriously, shoot it with the thumbs totally away from the frame, and post your results.

    I just watched a YouTube video of a guy (DirkDiggler) that shot it twice right-handed, and it locked open both times, then he shot it left-handed and it functioned just fine. The difference? Left-handed, the thumbs are nowhere near the slide stop lever.

  18. I have a 42 and have run about 100 rounds through it. Hate to break it to ya’ll but any jams or stovepipes I have experienced are probably due to operator error. You can not baby this gun, even though it is small. You can not ride the slide, and you have to clean and oil it. Straight out of the box it wasn’t running right until I cleaned out all the packing grease. Jerry Michalek reviewed it and he admitted in his video that even though he had a failure to battery during his review, it was probably due to not cleaning and lube before testing it. But, if he has a problem, maybe glock needs to look at it. Incidentally, until I get about 300 rounds through this sucker I’ll stuck with my FEG PA63 that in over 1000 rounds has never stovepiped, failed to eject or failed to battery. Also paid $100 for it. Sometimes newer and more expensive is not better.

  19. For those blaming the shooter, watch the hickok45 review. The issue is not the shooter. The man knows how to shoot and said that it simply doesn’t like certain ammo. For those blaming not cleaning the gun, Glock is known for not requiring that immediately. Other Glocks go bang without cleaning it first. Again, Hickok’s issue was not cleaning. He stripped the pistol.

  20. During my 42s locking to the rear on a partially full mag, my right thumb was no where near the slide lock. This possibility entered my mind and I made a concerted effort to have my thumb completely off of the frame. I think the problem is the recoil spring not providing significant enough resistance with 980 FPS ammo. The slide needs to slow down. With lighter loads, IE, Winchester White Box at around 960 FPS there were no issues. I have other small auto loaders that are a bit ammo specific, but in my view, a Glock should not fall into that category.Like its big brothers, it should eat any caliber correct factory ammo run through it. I have no doubt Glock will eventually get this worked out. In the meanwhile, I would advise anyone considering a .380 to wait until these issues are resolved. I would remind all that the LCP initially had issues but is now one of the most reliable .380s on the market. In time, the 42 should also fall into that category.

  21. Purchased a Glock 42 today and attempted to run several hundred rounds at the range. First two mags went ok, then FTE and FTF became severe, about every third round. Also noticed that the previously excellent accuracy went south. Field stripped the gun and the recoil spring fell out on my foot. Replaced and returned to service, several mags ok with excellent accuracy, then suddenly FTE, and FTF and accuracy problems again. After field stripping and finding the recoil spring laying loosely out of place, Imhad a range safety officer examine. He agreed with me that the gun is clearly not right. We both replaced the spring, with same results before,12 rounds were fired. Also suspect the trigger is a 15-20lb pull, but crisp with a good reset. This gun is a mess! It will not hold together for more than 12 rounds. I plan to return to store tomorrow and suggest they return to Glock. This is clearly a mfg’s issue. Others (Hickok45) have reported excellent results with more than 200 rounds. I am very dissappointed. I would wait before purchasing this product.

  22. Steve, I saw the Hickok45 review, and so far, that is the ONLY one that I’ve seen where the shooting hand thumb is clearly away from the frame during a lock-back stoppage. However, I’ll ask you to watch it again, and try to figure out where his SUPPORT hand thumb was during the shot in question.
    And although Glocks have been known to (usually) function correctly right out of the box, ever since the mid-90s (earliest one I can find), the Glock instruction/Operator’s manual states that the pistol should be cleaned and properly lubricated prior to its first use. The page number varies with the age of the manual, just look for the section on Preventive Maintenance, and note when it says cleaning and lubrication is required (#1 should be something like “When brand new, before the first time it is fired,”).

  23. DJ9, I hear what you are saying, but blaming the issue on cleaning or thumb location doesn’t line up for me. People don’t want to admit that Glock may have slipped up. I don’t have to know where Hickok45’s thumb was. His problems begin and end with the ammo choice. If it’s his thumb, why didn’t it happen across the board? Spend time on the Glock forums. Longtime Glock shooters have the same issues. They can’t all be grip issues. It’s common sense. They all have the same issues when they venture outside of particular ammo. Anyone using WWB or Speer GD are not having the issues. As far as cleaning, doesn’t every manual say that for liability reasons? There’s just too many issues reported for it to be false.

  24. Glock is very slow in getting out extra magazines and recoil rods for the Glock 42.THEY need to get up to speed on spare parts.

  25. Steve, I also understand what you are saying; heck, I know Glock can make a lemon every now and then, I even OWNED one a couple of decades ago.
    However, if there is a PISTOL problem, vs. a SHOOTER problem, it is FAR more likely to be a regular occurrence vs. an every-now-and-then type stoppage. This is not necessarily true for AMMO-related problems, but if a pistol has a systemic functioning difficulty, it usually just doesn’t work, period. When I hear “it works most of the time”, I immediately default to shooter or ammo troubles, with incorrect cleaning/lube as a back-up, and that turns out to be correct the vast majority of the time.
    And as far as I’m concerned, ignoring basic maintenance requirements in the manual means a person cannot claim with any reasonable veracity that “The gun doesn’t work”. All machines have operating parameters, and if you go outside them, you greatly increase the chance of a problem. If you try to run it by-the-book and it doesn’t run, you have a valid complaint; if you wing it, ignoring things you don’t think are important (or things with which you’ve gotten away with ignoring in the past), then you don’t get to say the gun is the problem, because you don’t really know, not having used it as the maker/designer intended.

  26. And Steve, I’m pretty sure you’d be shocked to find out how much time I spend on certain Glock forums. I’m not operating in a vacuum here; in fact, many/most of my opinions have been formed by watching/interacting with other Glock owners, both online and in person.
    99% of Glock functioning problems flat go away if the following list is adhered to:
    – Clean and lube it, correctly.
    – Don’t use non-Glock parts/accessories on/in it, especially magazines. Sights are the exception.
    – Know how to handle/shoot it correctly (grip, etc.).
    – Don’t feed it crap ammo; stay away from extremes of bullet weight/velocity, and non-brass-cased ammo. If it’s cheap ammo, it’s cheap for a reason.
    If a person wants to bolt useless crap on a pistol, they should buy a 1911.

  27. Renisha Gonzalez on

    I just purchased a Glock 42 on 2-25-14 and I have had multiple feed and stove pipe issues and it just 2-27-14 when i write this to u. I have used Monarch 94 grain, Fiocchi 95 grain, and PPU 94 grain (All FMJ). I can not shoot multiple times with out getting a stove pipe. The last thing i tried shooting was DPX 80 grain (HP) and when I fired my first shot u could tell the slide was pushed slightly back but you couldn’t even see the casing stuck. I would have to release magazine (which took some considerable effort) and then pull back slide which would drop the spent casing and the next bullet. I am sending to Glock to see what is wrong. At first thought it was an ammo issue but thats a lot of different ammo brands. I have had a Glock 19 for 10 years without any hiccups. I cleaned before initial use and after about 50 rounds of constant problems. I will be sending back to block with photos, description of problems, box sides of ammo i fired so they can see i was shooting factory and store bought ammo. Very disappointed and hope this gets worked out. I purchased for CCW but this semi auto is not standing behind the Glock PERFECTION AND RELIABLE SINGLE STACk claim they have listed on there website. Once I receive the gun back from block I will give it my final assessment but so disappointed and I love Glock and any other time would highly recommend them.

  28. Also, most of the problems I have seen are Glock newbies that, for whatever reason, either limp-wrist, or have their damned thumb pushing up on the slide lock.

  29. First of all, Lee, you are absolutely right. This gun is a failure. A 380 in this small of a package is designed strictly for defense. A defensive gun that will NOT shoot defensive ammo is a failure. That is an inarguable fact. To the bozos berating ALL of the shooters having problems with this gun, well you are being bozos. To the guys having problems with the gun, it’s NOT you, it’s the gun. I too have had the same problems. BS on the your limp wristing it, you’re a newbie, it’s the aftermarket magazine (there aren’t any right now sport). The likes of Jerry Miculek, Hickok45, et al, are having the same problems that you are. Glock needs to cut there losses and recall them and fix the problem. I have 6 other Glocks, the 42 was my 7th. It went back to Glock for repair twice. They are sending me a different model entirely, a 26 to be exact. Glock failed on this one I’m sorry to say. Good luck to you guys having problems. Again gents, it’s not you.

  30. Just got a glock 42. 300 rnds. Various loads and brands, hand load and some Mexico ammo that starts with an A.
    NOT ONE PROBLEM. Knocking center out of target out to 25 feet. VERY HAPPY WITH ANOTHER GLOCK. Have to many to list. GLOCK IS PERFECTION .

  31. You want to shoot a shitty gun and know what’s shitty gun shoots like.
    Go buy yourself a DB9. USA made. Absolutely a POS

  32. There are a few things I dislike about my G42.
    1. The gun uses the front of the magazine as a ramp. The edge of the casing can get stuck on this. I imagine this is causing some feed issues.
    2. When you insert a loaded mag, the rounds hit/rest on the ejector. Unnecessary friction. They should have worked around this.
    3. Super tight extractor. Insert a loaded round under the claw and it takes a good 10 seconds of the hardest shaking possible to get it to drop.
    4. The trigger is like 10lb+

  33. I’ve put about 500 rounds through my Glock 42 with no real problems. Right out of the box it worked fine. First time firing it I did get two stove pipes after about 200 rounds of Monarch ammo. I chaulked that up to the cheap ammo as the whole slide was covered in burnt powder. Since that initial range time and after a thorough cleaning it has been flawless. I’ve run various types of ammo including reloads through it with no issues.

  34. * Bought the 42 the day it hit my local shop

    * Field stripped cleaned it lubed it

    * With barrel still out chamber checked 250 rounds of various factory 380 ammo-JHP-FMJ

    * No malfunctions first 250 rounds

    * Stripped and cleaned relube

    * Fired 200 more rounds mixing different round in two mags-no issues

    * Owner of multiple Glocks-No issues since they first came to USA

    * Guess I got a good one

    * Glock service has always been above and beyond as is most major firearms manufacturers

  35. Tried some .380 PPU brand ammo from Serbia. I was getting jams and live rounds not firing. About every 3rd round. I will never buy that brand for my Glock 42.

  36. g42 first 50 rounds with magtech no issues; same day tried to feed it PPU and nothing but FTE! after multiple attempts with different hand holds best performance was 4 shot volley then FTE! my g42 doesn’t like this ammo

  37. I have owned my G42 for a month now. I tested the below ammo:

    200 rds PPU – FTF and FTE
    500 rds HPR – FTF and FTE
    200 rds DRT – No problems
    500 rds American Eagle FMJ – No problems
    50 rds Federal Premium Hydra-Shok No problems
    50 rds Speer LE Gold Dot – No problems

  38. round 2; tried a box of reload…nearly every shot was fTE. after about 15 rounds went back to magtech and had no problems;
    so far PPU FTE
    reload (generic) FTE
    magtech no problems

  39. I trusted my life to Glock while working as a Police Officer. That being said I have a problem with companies that use their customer base as Beta Testers. There was a problem when Glock went to the dual recoil spring and this may also be the case with the G42. I was very interested in this gun until i started hearing of the stoppages and barrel problems, now I think I’ll sit back awhile until the growing pains are worked out. As far as everyone wanting a 9mm of this size I have a SCCY CPX2 (gen 2) that is almost exactly the same size as the G42. It carries 10 + 1 rounds ( a lot of SCCY owners say their mags hold 11 rounds for 11 + 1 ) of 9mm. I have found my SCCY totally reliable and have even qualified with it so I can carry under H. R. 218. So while I wait for Glock to correct the problems with the G42 i’ll find out as much info about the gun and decide if it will be worth buying one.

  40. I am done with glock all together.
    I have had many and I will keep my model 22 but will not buy another. I just sold my g42 due to it’s poor functions.. FTE..stove pipes ect. Hardball magtech was fine but forget about shooting personal defense ammo. The gen4 issue and now this. I will be buying sigs from here out. P938 will be my first.. Goodbye Glock…Hello Sig the only choice for navy seals

  41. glenn strickland on

    I do not know about the problem first hand, but I am familiar with .380 cal. they always jam and stove pipe, I just thought it was .380 cal. could somebody e-mail back and say what they have with .380 cal. in general.

  42. I sent my 42 back to Glock for the second time five weeks ago. I am still waiting for them to correct the problem of premature lock back, give me a new pistol or refund my money.

  43. George From Georgia on

    I have the very first G42 received by my dealer. Have several hundred rounds through it from various manufacturers. No problems to date? Maybe I’m just lucky – I’ll keep putting the rounds through and hope for the best (but will carry my 27 or LCP until this issue is resolved).

    Best of luck.

  44. I bought my G42 3 weeks ago. Have shot it 500 rds all kinds of ammo. Hard ball , hollow points, even dreaded buffalo bore. Never one FTE or problem. Bought this gun because all if my glocks 8 in all never had issues. I’ve owned 3 p238 and 2 P 938 ‘s. The last one jammed every shot with any thing but hardball. All brands have a lemon every now and then. G42 rocks already customized mine!

  45. Allan Pollnow on

    WHEW,I have read all 54 comments and have come to one conclusion, wait for GLOCK to step up with some kind of information before I purchase a 42. I saw some comments about what some purists feel are guns that are beneath their ownership. I own a SCCY 9MM,BERSA 380,BERSA 22, ARCUS 9MM,TOKAREV 7.62×25, and everyone of them are very reliable shooters. I also have THREE SIGS,BROWNING HI POWER, KIMBER, BERETTA FS, HI STANDARD, OH and by the way an HY POINT 380. The one different factor between all my pistols and the GLOCK 42 is I have not had one issue with any of them. When I go to the range, every one of these guns are used. ( SHOOT UNTIL YOUR HAND BLEEDS).

  46. I worked a gun range while 2 N I b 42’s went thru over 500 rds. each for 5 hours only stopping to reload 2 mag’s 5 rds. each 42. Neither 42 had any issues. Speer Lawman 95 gr FMJ. I plan on selling them at my store. I’ve not heard of any issues.

  47. I purchased the Glock 42 last month. Tried 3 different brands of new FMJ. THis gun is very sensitive to ammo type…. one brand FTE every other round. Another FTE 5 out of 50 shots, the next 2 FTEs out of 50. and the gun was cleaned and checked by the shop prior to my range time. SO I conclude GLock has a design or quality problem with this weapon and the shop is sending it back.

  48. I purchased my G42 a couple of weeks ago. If I wanted a 9mm Glock, I would have used one of the several I already have of various makes including Glock, SIG, SA, KAHR etc. etc. I wanted a 380 and like the round and would not have bought another Glock otherwise. I can only say that all of my reloads and everything else I have tried in it fed and extracted without any problems at all. I am talking bad reloads – max OAL and bullets seated way too deeply. Rounds with bulges from seating – all fed, fired, and extracted. The only problem I have had was replacing the floor plate of one of the magazines with an OEM floor plate for extending the grip. The factory floor plate does not exactly slide off let’s say. Overall, if you like Glocks, you will like this pistol as I do. An extended slide release and if I grow attached some night sights and I will be in business. By the way, the trigger is one of the two that I own that does not necessitate a trigger job as it is good like it is.

  49. I have had my glock 42 since early February. I have practiced (1st .380, 7th glock), installed ameriglo night sights, shots some more, qualified police quals with mine for a total of 900 rounds. I have had zero malfunctions. I have the empty ammo boxes to prove the round count. I took mine apart wiped it down with some fireclean making sure to leave the factory copper lube in place then went out to shoot. Most sessions were at least 250 rounds at a time. I hsve shot winchester, pmc, remington umc, and federal hydroshok. I think alot of these reviews are fake. People mad because its a .380 and not a 9mm. With any gun one will carry, 750 to 1,000 rounds without a failure is a realistic trial before you should bet your life.

  50. Rainman Detroit on

    My G42 has 400 flawless rounds through it. I have shot only new factory FMJ rounds by PPU, WWB, American Eagle and Remington grn/white box. I had some failures with Precison One XTP HPs. Fed it a dozen Gold Dots OK.

    This is a light and thin gun, easy to carry. It handles recoil well and is an accurate shooter.

    The trigger is the worst of my striker fired guns, including a G26 & a G36.

  51. Joe Vartanesian on

    Trying to decide between a Springfield XDS 9MM or the Glock 42 380

    Hearing nothing but barrel problems and ammo problems on the G42

    Would appreciate your input

  52. Got a Glock 42 early March. Already own a G 23 and G 26. Have never had a problem with either one. Had a problem with the 42 not chambering first round properely and also not ejecting unspent rounds. Also the slide release was hard to depress. Sent it back to Glock factory and they polished the feed ramp. Have since shot round nose and flat nose target ammo and also HP defence ammo. No problems at all. Looks like the 42 is ok now. Really like the 42 and I am very happy with it.

  53. My Glock 42 was returned to me today for the second time from Glock in Smyrna after being sent back due to failure to extract and slide lock back on a partial mag. See post below from me dated 21 February. This time they replaced the trigger housing and slide stop. All now seems fine as I have run a box of the problematic ammo through with no issues.

    Glock customer service was responsive and the triage armorer called on two occasions to keep me informed of what they were doing to try and remedy the problems. The key seems to be writing a detailed letter regarding the problem, then having the patience to wait a few weeks while they work the issues.

  54. I had 2 of them. Both had the same problems. Stove pipes and jams. I tried 9 different types of ammo. Same result with both guns. The internals on the 42 are different than the other Glocks.

  55. My glock 42 spring flew apart while attempting to place it back in pistol . The pistol has never been shot. The smaller diameter inner spring exploded out of the larger diameter outer spring. Slightly frustrating.

  56. Just purchased the wife a Glock 42. We took it to the range today with 100 rounds of winchester, federal, hornady, and precision one ammo. Started with the winchester, and the second round jammed. My heart sank. Cleared it, and moved on. Finished up the other 97 rounds of the winchester without an issue. Cleared through all 100 rounds of precision one and not one problem. Two stovepipes with the Federal, both on the second round of the magazine, and no issues with hornady. So three bumps in the road, out of 400, with a brand new handgun. Not too shabby. But most importantly, We had fun. I really enjoyed playing with this little gun. Looking forward to the next trip to the range with it.

  57. Sounds like the next time some of you go to the range you should bring your man hands with you and man up and stop limp wristing the gun. Grip it like a man cupcakes.

  58. Johnny Glocks on

    Funny Google Glock 42 trigger job and I come up #1 I’ve done about 30 trigger action jobs on this gun so much I had to develop an in take form that possible customers had to fill out before they sent me their gun. Before so I would do my action work then when the problems started on the finished guns I sent back to the owners they would assume my work caused the problems. Anyway they had just not shot the gun enough to find out it I ad issues prior to being sent to me. So these days it’s minimum of 1000 rds and about a 15 point inspect before I even take the gun in. I have had to send about 4 guns to Glock but as I’m certified with them as an advanced armorer I get them back in under 2 weeks. Trust me this gun has some problems that ARE being worked out. Kind of like gen 4 all over again.

  59. Thank you Johnny Glock’s
    I finely read some positive input that encourages me to wait and give GLOCK a chance to finetune the 42 before I go on to an alternate pistol of choice. I understand that It takes time to develop a totally functional small frame platform, and I like that they chose the single stack .380 ( relax ) the single stack 9MM is coming. What bothers me the most are the percentages. Right now were looking at about 60% to 40%. I would like to see that margin at 90%, There is always going to be an ever lasting 10% ( Human Error ). Am looking forward to more up to date news as this plays out.

  60. My two cents may help some of you.
    I have a 42 and have had zero problems but I also own a Taurus TCP.
    Here’s what I experienced, if you shoot any of these light guns limp wristed they will lock up or fail to feed. The 42 and especially the TCP will do this. The smaller pistols must be purposefully controlled. Also the small weapons handle may cause you to inadvertently put light pressure on the mag release. I added a grip extension this helps a great deal and doesn’t add much just 3/4 of an inch.
    The ammo. I my opinion ball ammo is the way to go as well hollow points in 380 aren’t going to expand much anyway. There are videos out there where some of the light short barreled guns will not even cycle with very light fast cartridges.
    I really hope this helps some of you.

  61. Got my 42 3 weeks ago. First box of pmc brinze had 3ftf and 4 fte. Bought a box of aguila. No issues.

    Since then 400 rounds of aguila and rem and wwb. No issues. No slides locking open. No fails to feed or any other malfunction. Original ftf looked like light primer strikes but were sent thru again and fired. If your gun doesnt like a particular ammo, find another. That isnt truly a difficult concept to grasp. My wilson combat hated blazer. Jammed every other round. I guess its just a pos and i should send it back. Or….. I could use winchester white box.

    Im sorry if springs break. Im no fan of the dual spring assembly tho i understand the idea.

    Im sorry if folks hands dont fit the pistol. Ive watched hickok45’s vid and im willing to say he DID cause that slide to lock open. Im also willing to say he realized his error and corrected his grip to save face. Many slide lock issues seem to be caused by folks thumbs inadvertantly pushing that lever up. I hold mine down when i shoot my 1911 since ive gone to the grip i use for my glocks.

    Ammo choice is always a factor though glock isnt known to be affected by this. Ive seen the kabooms and other nightmare issues caused by reloads. Ive seen so many issues folks want to blame on a gun, but what i never see is someone saying ” i effed up.”

    I am a glock guy no doubt. And if there are legit reasons glock should do a recall ill be one to send mine in and bitch them out. But im willing to say that there are a tremendous amount of people who couldnt possibly be wrong and “it must be the gun”.

  62. jj hrichison on

    I read all the bad news on the glock 42. Got one and put 100+ rounds down range. Not one malfunction with all types of ammo, even junk from russia. Shot again and same results, no problems. Shot again today and gun was great. All ammo fired. My Sig 2022, 40 cal, did not like the russian junk today. Both guns are cleaned after each firing. My opinion is Glock 42 is great gun (baby Glock).

  63. Not surprised. Glock’s customer service is horrendous. I can understand if there is a problem with a product and they fix it – but when they just keep denying it, it really makes you start to question the integrity of the company and whether or not you should find a different manufacturer.

    Case in point, I’m an LEO/instructor in the midwest, and we had tons of problems with our G22s (Gen 4s) when used with a weapon mounted light. Didn’t matter what light, what ammo, what shooter. The Glock reps blamed everything they could and denied it was a problem with the pistol. My favorite claim is we were “limp wristing” (tell that to our USPSA master class shooter who had feeding problems with the gun to – he wasn’t limp wristing).

    Pretty much everyone who carried a .40 has switched to the 9mm now at our department – and we’re considering exploring alternatives like the M&P.

  64. I shot 10 rounds of Barnes xpd 80 grain. literally, five did not cycle properly. buffalo bore, 10 rounds one stove pipe. 10 rounds brandy critical defense, no problems. I’m totally not comfortable carrying this pistol.

  65. I am a Glock Armorer but have not had any dealings with the 42 but I do know that there are no parts for them yet. The lead trainer at Glock told us that a 9mm version would be here soon. Here is my explanation(In case anyone cares) The 380 caliber is pretty much a fluke caliber anyway. I have had several of them and some performed well but the caliber is just not a good caliber in any way you look at it. The recoil from this cartridge is so weak that it would take an exact set of factors to cycle properly every time. First is the recoil spring- must be strong enough to properly seat the cartridge after every fire but must be weak enough to complete a full cycle without fail. The firing pin or “striker rod” spring must be strong enough to hit the firing pin hard enough to ignite the primer yet weak enough to reset after every shot. Too many factors in this in my opinion to even fool with. Why make an inferior gun just to appease a small audience of people who like a 380? This would have been much better just coming out with the 9mm and being done with it! I own a 380 BUG so I am not judging but I do not value a 380 enough to use as a primary means of protection!My advice for those people who ran right out and bought the 42 as soon as you could get your hands on them, sell it ASAP and wait for the 9mm! Much better served and WAY less is likely to go wrong with the 9mm cartridge.

  66. Thank you ROB V. After reading and researching this GLOCK 42 forum, (reading every comment) your input made perfect logic. I have been on the fence between the 42 and the new RUGER LCP. I’m looking for a dependable ankle gun and the LCP is now my pistol of choice. Without fanfare the LCP has been reworked and is now a very snappy 380, check it out!

  67. This is an open letter to LEE WILLIAMS and every one with input too this forum. this was the classiest and most informative discussion group I have ever been involved in. CUDOS to all.

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  69. I am really dissapointed to hear that the Glock 42 has all of these problems, I am also dissappointed that there customer service is appearently poor. I have had horrible experiances with S&W lately, Numerous calls no answer, hours on hold, 2 weeks to get a return tag. No more S&W for me, I am done with them! Bottom line is excellent customer service = happy, repeat customers! It seems to me that poor customer service is gaining popularity with some gun manufactures. Ruger, excellent. Marlin, excellent. RWS excellent. S&W, poor. Glock??, Glock and S&W should not take there customers for granted, we can take our business elsewhere.

  70. I just got my 42 : ) went to the range today and fired over 125 rounds through the little beast. I had no problems at all with my glock it feels great in my hand and fits in my pocket just fine. I am a I’m bout to call it a night soon I’ve been up since 430 working on 4 hrs of sleep Thomas had the flew and had a 102.5 fever skinny 6’3″ male and have no problem with it printing. I also own a 26 and it dosnt even compare. The 42 has verry little recoil and I know other pocket guns I’ve shot have had quite a bite to them. I would highly recommend getting yourself one of the smallest glocks availible in the U.S.A.

  71. I bought a Glock 42 in February and love the thing. It shoots any kind of ammo I have put through it and has not malfunctioned on any of it. Considering the size it is very accurate. Maybe I just got a good one but I love it.

  72. I recently bought a 42 and have no issues whatsoever. I will say though that when I brought it home and field stripped it for the first there was a decent amount of small machining residue still left in the gun form the factory. I really had to do a good cleaning on the interior of the slide. I’ve got roughly 250 rounds through it with cheap ammo and have had zero jams. I had a Walther PPK prior to this glock and had at least a dozen jams within the first 150 rounds. Couldn’t be happier with this gun.

    P.S. a friend of mine bought one as well and he has had no issues. Knock on wood I guess.

  73. Wow ,i just ordered my g42 from the glockstore was told it would take almost 2 months .Now im
    deavating if i should cancel my order ,i was really looking forward to owning this micro glock.
    Who wants to own a pistol with all these problems ?

  74. Im reading in amazement! shaking my head because last night at my local range I shot my 42 for the first time and it was a udder Nightmare! I am a seasoned shooter cpl holder and went through the exact issues!!! my husband and I thought it was the ammo except we were shooting a good brand PMC and this ammo runs flawlessly in our 17 & 26. Also we were having big issues with the magazine releasing and a shoot! as if the mechanizum didn’t have a strong enough hold on the mag and the recoil was poping it free I know this sounds strange???? but it was happening several times

  75. I own a Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 26. Each of them have chewed through thousands of rounds at the range and during training (in and out doors)never a problem.

    Interesting comments regarding ftf and stove pipes. The only rounds I have had a problem with is Hornady 380 Auto 90 gr FTX. Three ftfs on three separate magazine loads (appeared to be the shape of the bullet) it would not run through my Ruger LCP either ??? No problems with Hornady with any other firearm. Solution I do not use the Hornady for my G42. I’ve used Sellier & Bellot 92gr FMJ, PPU 94gr FMJ, UMC 95gr FMJ, and Cor-Bon 90gr JHP – 750 + rounds to date and all is ok.

    I let one of the RSOs at the range run a few rounds…..he had multiple ftfs…..tap rack and he would get one round off then ftf. I took the pistol from him and ran the 3 remaining rounds rapid fire changed magazine and ran to empty no ftf.

    I think he may have been treating it like a toy. I told him I wouldn’t let the other RSOs know he limp wristed it.

  76. Picked up my first Glock this weekend, the G42. Wanted something smaller to carry. Really excited to shoot today, shot 24 rounds through it and having the same problem 2 round will not chamber. Really disappointed, should have read reviews first I guess. Will take to it back to the shop where I purchased and see what will happen. I should have bought the Sig instead.

  77. I have the G42 100 round of American eagle and Remington 95 grain ball and 5 round of federal hollow point 102 grain? no jams.
    The only problem I have is Glock advertises the Glock 42 as a 5.5 #trigger pull when I contacted Glock by E mail to complain about the 8 to 9 # trigger pull thinking I got a NY trigger or something, I was informed it is supposed to have a 8 to 9 # pull not a 5.5#. I informed them 2 weeks ago that they should change the Info on there web page to reflect that. Haven’t herd any thing back and there web page still shows a 5.5# pull.

  78. I have had my Glock 42 for a number of months now and have had absolutely no problems with shooting. It has been working perfectly and I’ve used several types of 330 ammo…Federal, Winchester.

  79. Purchased a new Glock 17 4 Gen 9mm and after 20 rounds the cartridges were not ejecting properly. Gun purchased in Dec of 2013. Glock is loosing its reputation.

  80. I have a g17, g22 (with 40 cal and 357 sig barrels) and a newly purchased g42. I had/have no problems with the g17 and g22 (both gen3) I did a good polish job on both and clean them every time I shoot them. Glocks are notoriously easy to detail strip so that’s done every few hundred rounds. If you don’t know how and carry it, learn how. These two pistols have never, ever failed to shoot regardless what I put into then, yes even reloads. The g42 was a different story. First time at the range right out of the box. Shot 30 rounds and had numerous jams of different kinds. Took it home and cleaned it and polish the ramp and lightly oiled it. Next trip to range 50 rounds and 2 jams. Better. Took it home and polished most of the contact points especially the ridge on the slide that rubs on the top of the next round during cycling and was a little more liberal with the oil. The last three trips to the range and all is perfect! It is a GLOCK! Next trip to the range I try defense ammo. If all is well It will be carried.

  81. Recently, I acquired a Glock 42 and was anguish about the issued some owners had come across written in this blog and decided to take my new baby for a test drive. My LGS only had a limited amount of ammo for the .380 available but adequate to perform the function tests at the time while adding some leftover open boxes I already had lying around. The following ammo was used in the order listed:
    Aguila FMJ 95gr, 50 rds.;
    Blazer FMJ 95gr, 50 rds.;
    Federal Premium Hydra-Shok JHP 90gr, 15 rds.
    Corbon JHP 90gr, 15rds;
    Pow’r Ball 70gr, 18rds;
    My new baby had a born on date of 4/8/14 on the cartridge envelope for factory test firing, maybe this is a batch they changed or modified things before releasing. Prior to testing, I degreased and cleaned my new baby and lubed her well. I loaded the FMJ Aguila first, surprisingly after the first shot a FTE. I racked the slide and proceeded. NO other issues of FTF or FTE whatsoever with all the remaining 147 rounds ammo I listed. I guess the first round may had a FTE because the lube was not distributed all the way. I also lubed far more than you would lube a Glock in general due to the fact that it was brand spanking new. Now that she past the first round of test firing, I am very confident she will be a good choice as defensive back-up gun down the road.

  82. Shot my g42 some more and had numerous problems with blazer 95g target ammo. No problem with winchester target or hp ammo. The 42 is definitely sensitive to different brandes of ammo. Plan to shoot a lot of rounds of winchester target and hp ammo to see if I can get flawless performance with this ammo. If I can then I will just stick with this brand.

  83. john j hrichison (capt jj) on

    Read about Glock 42 problems. have fired 400 rounds in this gun and not one problem. Used all types of ammo.

  84. had my g42 since they first came out , I don’t use reloads or crap ammo so I can’t comment on that , but I have had ” 0 ” problems with mine .

  85. USPSA-shooter on

    1st off i am a competitive shooter (USPSA,USCA,STEEL CHALLENGE ETC.) and i switched from custom 1911s/2011s, real deal 1911s (S.V.I.,BAER,WILSON) for GLOCKS. Ive had very few malfunctions which have for me always been AMMO related but a FTF/FTE is a failure nonetheless. But my GLOCK-19,17,17c and GLOCK-34 Were almost bullet proof. The GLOCK-19 and GLOCK-34 being my two polar opposite favorites.
    Working armed security and limited to 9mm and .380 calibers in the state of FLORIDA,made me look into the .380 ONLY BECAUSE it was a GLOCK. While SIGs are decent i dont like the way they feel nor the trigger brake and all other .380s are antiquated designs stemming from the .380cal MODEL-D (STAR,COLT PONY KNOCK OFFS etc)
    BATFE not allowing the GLOCK-25 due to not making enough points got us “GLOCK FANS” excited over this GLOCK-42, at least i was hoping for a SINGLE STACK 9mm, or a quality GLOCK.380.
    Well im extremely disappointed and this GLOCK-42 i would never trust as a backup pistol not even a BUGOUT bag pistol. Because it needs to work all the time. NOT EVEN for my MISSES would it be ok as a E.D.C. Not just the failures but the BOAT ANCHOR,”H&K” like 7+-LBS trigger pull is aweful. The smaller the pistol the less surface area and the heavier the trigger pull the less accurate it will be.The small SIGHT RADIUS is made worse by then 7.3lbs of trigger pull because to be accurate even at short distances the odds of your snatching the trigger in a stress fire scenario are greater. I understand for legal reasons which are ludicrous(see the NEWYORK TRIGGER as a reference) pistols having less than a 4.5lb trigger pull walk the LEGAL line. If your finger is on the trigger with intention of destroying or killing your going to pull it no matter what the weight. Its not the same as a double action revolver where you can stop midway through. This double safe action feels best for me under the factory case labeled “5.5lb” trigger. The trigger is the second issue after the barrel,i think they need to go back to the drawing board for the next GEN -42.
    This is my .2 as someone who only would purchase a pistol if i be,ieve it will work 99.99% of the time and this GLOCK-42 is not it.

  86. Here’s another with a problem with my new Glock 42. When cold, failure to eject and/or feed up to half of the first magazine. At least one or two per mag for a few. “Only” 1 every three magazines or so after a few magazines. All types of ammo, multiple shooters.

  87. My experience in dealing with European companies that have US sales offices, is that the US office have a very poor customer service attitude.

    However a brief polite FAX (preferably) or email to the CEO of the company in Europe will bring immediate results from someone in the US office.

    Funny how that works.

  88. Hey, how’s everyone. Took the new 42 to the range. With the arthritis I have in my hands I must say it’s the most pleasant 380 I’ve shot. On the way to the range I thought “Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a problem with the first shot?” Need I say more? Twas a failure to eject. Out of about 125 rounds, no problem except the first. I’m going back maybe in next few days. I’m going to put at least another 150 or so, maybe more through it. I used a lot of Winchester white box. I also used 30 or so rounds of Remington, Speer Lawman, and Hornaday Critical. I had sprayed it down with Ballistol, just for the record, before and after the trip. I guess I’ll carry the Hornaday. I had been carrying the Winchester hard. Anybody have an opinion on hardball verses the hollow for a 380. thank you.

  89. This is one reason why I like Smith and Wesson… they’ve been very good to me, even in answering questions about my used firearms (1977 Model 19-4 .357 Magnum), and that’s what ultimately made me choose my M&P over Glocks (aside from me not initially liking the feel of the Glock).

    I mean, to each their own of course. They make good stuff for the most part… but I suppose I’m just impartial to the M&P.

  90. Just sold my first Glock 42 to one of lady Goldsboro Police Officers, came back after 30 rds with 3 jams ??? same fmj ammo we use in Ruger & S&W & Taurus with no Problem !! Now what ???

  91. I bought my G42 in February, loaded it and put it in my pocket. Did not shoot it for almost 2 months because I trusted the Glock brand 100%. I have a USMC and Police background and have never had the slightest issue with any Glock I have ever fired. With that being said I have put about 100 rounds of various brands of ammo through my G42…. Unfortunately it has been 1 at a time!!! This firearm has been by FAR the most worthless weapon I have EVER shot!!! It has malfunctioned EVERY time…. If your counting that’s 100 times it failed and 0 times it cycled properly. It does not even jam consistently… It fails to even attempt to cycle sometimes, stove pipes sometimes, double feed, magazine drops out (possible operator error ) or the firing pin does not strike hard enough to fire the round. Sent it back to Glock and got it back fast with a statement saying it was inspected, upgraded, meets factory specs and tested ok. Took it home (cleaned it cause they sent it back dirty) tried again to shoot it and it failed to cycle every time. Called Glock again and they were less than friendly. They stated it tested fine there and they put 6 mags through it without failure. Stated it must be the (3 types) ammo I’m using. Ok sure.. Maybe.. But if I wanted a weapon that would only fire a special type of ammo I would have saved several hundred $ and bought something besides a Glock. I would not GIVE this gun to someone I actually liked!! It has sure tarnished the Glock reputation for this unhappy consumer.

  92. I go weekly to the range to shoot about 50 rounds through my carry pistol which is the Glock 42. I have had my Glock 42 since Feb. 2014, and have not had one issue with it. I have fired about 700 rounds through it and clean it almost every time I shoot it. There have been about three times that I did not clean it as I was going to shoot it again within three days and it seemed like a waste of labor. Even the times I did not clean it, and then went on to fire about 50-75 rounds through the uncleaned barrel, the Glock 42 performed flawlessly. I have had no problems with my pistol.
    I have shot factory re-loads from American Arms, PMC full metel jacketed bullets, Remington FMJ, Buffalo Bore [very dirty bullet, in my opinion], Federal FMJ, and anything else I could find as .380’s are hard to find and my Glock 42 will shoot any of them without a problem.

  93. It’s funny to read this report when I just read a report on the g42 that basically said it was an fantastic weapon. Only knock was it does not like buffalo ammo or low velocity crap. Who do you believe?

  94. Just purchased my G42 last week and took it out yesterday. Cleaned it before firing the first shot (but really, it was exceptionally clean out of the box)and used a couple drops of REM oil on the slide tracks. Ran about 100 rounds of Winchester White Box through it without a single hiccup. Am really liking this little jewel much more than I expected — really feels right in the hand — so far, so good!

  95. I’ve had my 42 for three months. I’ve put 400+ rounds of any ammo I can find. I got scared when people started talking about “issues”. I’ve had none. No misfire. No stove top. Full magazines fired every time. It’s a great conceal gun. I love this little glock.
    Ps I’ve also put +1 extensions on two of my mags and still have 0 problems.

  96. I bought a Glock 42 3 weeks ago I did not do my homework and now I regret it I will never buy anything else from the dealer, he could have directed me in anothrer direction. My first and last Glock unless they recall I can’t get 2 shots in a row off without a jam. This could be a suicide carry weapon, I am using good ammo that has never given problems before.
    Will hang on to it for a while and then get something else if they don’t step up soon. At least fess up and admit the problem.


    Went to the new local range a month back to see they had one to test. Do I grabbed a 100rd box of .380 Remington factory loads and a G42. Gun looked like it had 1000rds thru it and hadn’t been cleaned. I took a wipe to the exterior. Didn’t bother field stripping. Ran 100rds not a hiccup. Damn fine little glock. Along side if my G23 and G26 this .380 has a place. So last week at the monthly gunshow I picked one up. So July purchased G42. Went to the range with two 100rd bags of reloads I picked up from my normal ammo guy there. (His loads shoot wayy more reliably then the factory stuff I haven’t been able to get at Walmart anyway) didn’t bother with lube or cleaning besides a quick field strip and wipe for the shards and factory never seize looking copper lube glock puts in all their new stuff from factory. Pretty close to dry. Load mag, fire weapon. Rinse, dry, repeat. I went through 200rds if reloaded ammo and didn’t even lube this little guy up and It ran like a champ. Next shoot day is next weekend. I already fully disassembled the gun, polished up the trigger bar contact points and a couple other normal surfaces I work on my glocks. Threw on a set of truglo TFO sights and locked them down with a great 25ft zero. And hope to have it zeroed well enough to hit center mass with another 150-200 rds. I can’t come up with too much else to say about everyone’s issues except maybe you need to disassemble the weapon down, ALL the way take a look at your parts. Check out any fitment issues and polish up the barrel feed ramp a bit. Connector surface a bit. Just clean it to the fullest extent. Dry fire it a bunch of times. Dry cycle it a bunch of times. Get some dru fire caps and use them if you’re incomfortable dry firing your glock, but i have used my 23 in competition and dru fired it almost as much as I really fired it. It won’t hurt your glock. Try and try again. G42 is a great gun for me. JULY purchase.

  98. Took my glock 42 to the rage yesterday . Using round nose ammo fired 100 rounds fast and slow . Did not jam at all and destroyed the dead center of the target . No issues so far on mine . Guess I got a good one after reading some complaints . I will not shoot overly hot loads in it however as it is not recomended for light weight firearms . Unless listed .

  99. have a g42, bought it about three weeks ago shot 4 boxes of ammo through it never had a problem out of it. Where as the lcp 380 i had couldnt be trusted enough to actively carry for defense along with the old keltec 380, plus neither of these guns could be fired comfortably to be accurate over 8 to 10 ft. The g42 fits my hand fairly decently and i have demolished the center of a target at up to about 30ft. Couldnt be happier with the g42. Of course i dont shoot CHEAP ammo either, because i dont trust my like to a box of off brand cheap shells.

  100. Had same problem, read a forum where a member stated the mag doesn’t have enough tip up for the round. He suggested lightly filing the inside corner of the mag liner. After doing this ( a small amount at a time) it works perfect with any round.

  101. Bought the 42 a couple of weeks ago. Took it to the range last Thursday and ran about 500 rounds through it with no problems at all. I used various brands and a combination of FMJ and HP. Mine has the #1 on the frame and slide stop.

    I would like to see this come out in a 9mm.

  102. I am new to guns period and just bought the G42. I have been to the range with it 4 times and have had absolutely no problems with it. Perhaps because I have small hands, the slide action doesn’t effect me but so far, the G42 seems to be an awesome gun…I am using Winchester practice ammo with no problems.

  103. Richard N Turner on

    I have a Glock 42 380 Caliber. It has not been fired. I could not lock the slide back, and when I finally did, after numerous tries, I could not unlock it. HELP
    I checked a file concerning the model 42 and was shocked. I sure hope that when I send it to the factory I don’t get the stock answer, “It meets all the specs”. That would be very disconcerting as I have a model 23-40 caliber and it is perfect.

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  105. People need to stop buying that model until a permanent fix is put in place. There are plenty of caliber alternatives on the market to put up with this nonsense. When their sales drop to $0, what what happens.

  106. Clifford White on

    I bought a glock 21 gen4 this year in july. I shot 200 rounds at the gun range. I was reading one of my gun magazine and read some shocking news about glock guns. The article was talking about the springs breaking after at 10000 round. Then something concerning the trigger spring. All these these years every one telling me, buy a glock you can’t go wrong. Now it’s making me wonder, could these people know not what they’re talking about?

  107. I am a firearms dealer in Washington. I have owned many glocks and have owned a g42 for many months now. I have put around 800 rounds through my g42 and in the hands of a dozen different shooters excited to shoot the new glock without a single malfunction. I have put hornady critical defense, mag tech, Winchester, Remington, Barnes, Speer and reloads through my glock 42…. Not one problem. I also own the sig p238 and p938. I tried s&b ball ammo in those, receiving light primer strikes. I won’t try it in my glock for that reason. I have sold 4 other g42’s. Two to regular long time customers who have yet to report any problems. I’m not saying that people are lying about having issues with their guns. I am saying that the 42 isn’t a total loss. Don’t let the handful of people having issues out weight the 100,000 plus other g42’s that work perfectly. Anyone in the firearm world knows some guns will have issues but 90% of the time the shooter is to blame. Just saying.

    • Just got a GLock 42 , stove pipes, jams , I check the mags and they have the number 2 on them. What else can I try?

  108. Jams and stove piping with PMC .380 9o grain is common with the Glock 42. Will try Winchester 95 grain today after cleaning. Recycling of the slide could be the problem as the Glock 42 has a strong recycle spring. The velocity of the PMC 90 grain may be to slow. We will see.

  109. I just took my two day old g42 to the range and fired the first shot and it stovepipe.
    Jack another round and it happened again and again and again. I chg magazine and
    The same thing happened again and again. I was never able to fire more than one
    Shot. The gun feels good in the hand, great size but when it shot , it hit what I aimed at. But
    To avail , one shot eject, one shot , eject. I carry a glock 22 as my duty weapon
    And have no problem, but this new g42 is a sad story to be told,

  110. ALL previous Glocks are manufactured in Austria…the first one made in the USA is the first one to be a failure…can’t we make a Glock with same (or better) quality as they do in Austria??

  111. I’m having feed issues with some ammo with my new 42. I had no issues with winchester white box, but went to the range today and had all sorts of problems with the Magtech I was trying to run through it. Stove pipes, FTF, man it was ugly. IMHO, if a firearm is going to be a reliable self defense tool, it needs to eat any legitimate factory ammo you throw in it. There may come a time when the only ammo you have access to is not one you have tested, and you need to have confidence your firearm will function. Right now, I can’t say that about the Glock 42

  112. I was 100% ready to purchase the 42. After reading these posts, I’m very reluctant to do so…any and all info regarding Glocks responses woould be appreciated. ALSO, are there any owners with favorable..ie..no problems AT ALL with this firearm??? Ty

  113. Ok…just reeda all of the above..ty…I hear glock may introduce a 9mm..does anyone knoe if it will be slightly bigger than the 42?

  114. Purchased the Glock 42 on Saturday. Took it to the range yesterday. I’m new to guns – this is the first one I’ve ever owned. It jammed (failed to eject the round OR failed to load the next round) almost every time I fired it. Both the man at the range and my husband shot it and neither had any issues. My husband got behind me and held my arms tight and it didn’t jam on me. I was told I have a “limp wrist” and need to practice more. I don’t know. Like I said – it’s my first gun. I just thought I’d comment. Not sure what I think yet…

  115. My G42 jams since i first shot yesterday the 15 nov 14. Seems like shells always get stuck on way out. Its brand new. This is fucked up. I saw video of man having no prob.i dont no what to do. Im taking back into shop, it hasnt even been a month. This is b.s, i want ma money back then . Screw it, so im stuck with messed up gun. Can it b smithed to work?

  116. I am seriously thinking about a G42.Since I live in NY (not the city) I was wondering who has this pistol NOW and how fast it can be shipped to FFL here in Yonkers. Great reviews …keep it up.

  117. Giovanni milano on

    12/5/2014 just sent my glock 42 back i just purchased 5 days ago because the slides stays open before the magazine is empty.

  118. My Glock 42 had both stovepipes and double feed jams while shooting Blazer 95 grn. ball, and Aguila 95 grn ball. No problems with Winchester 95 grn. JHP.
    Contacted Glock, they sent me a mailing label and I sent it to them. It was returned in less than two weeks, with notes that said it had been “inspected, test fired” and “meets factory Specifications”.
    I called to discuss if anything else was done and was told they’d fired six magazines with no problems. I asked the type of ammo and was told that information wasn’t available.
    I used the 42 and the problems remain.
    I sent it to Glock a second time. It was returned today. The paperwork said they had test fired 60+ rounds…Meets factory specifications. I called to ask if they had done anything to correct the problems I’m having. My contact person at Glock told me he couldn’t give me any information as it had not yet been placed in their system and that I should call back in a few days.
    I will after I use the 42 again.
    I have five Glocks presently. Never had any problems previously except they had contacted me about putting a new recoil spring in my Model 19 Gen 4 (free).
    All my other Glocks eat ammunition of any type.
    Hopefully, when I shoot it my Glock 42 tomorrow, it will operate like a Glock.
    I’m not optimistic but I’ll followup with this forum and with Glock, in any event.

  119. I’ve had no issues with quality factory ammo, ball or fmj. Lots of feed failures with TulAmmo or if it’s dirty or dry tho. I’m barely 200 rnds thru it so I’m hoping it’ll get better when it’s better broke in….

  120. I purchased 3 G42s for friends and myself back in September. (I’m a small FFL). All 3 have run flawlessly after a 20 or so round break in. All of them had some kind of failure in the first mag. My personal gun, I loaded up with some fairly hot .380 hand loads with 115 gr bullets and ran 40 of those through it. After that, it would feed anything, from the most aggressive HPs to the wimpiest promo loads.


  121. Glock customer service isn’t what it used to be. Your problems and many more are dealt with everyday across America. Glock is very slow to admit to failure of their parts or staff. They used to be such a reputable organization. One that law enforcement could turn to and those outside of law enforcement envied.

  122. Pingback: Glock 42 gets redesign as it becomes more popular | ilmg

  123. Spare me all the “you’re thumb was in the wrong place”, “you didn’t have a tight grip on it” crap. I love and carry a Glock every day (Mod23, one of the first). I bought this Mod42 for my wife to carry and she is as disgusted as I am with this piece of crap. I have run many rounds through it, my NRA certified range owner has run more than 100 rounds through it, my wife has shot 300 rounds through it. FTF are non-stop and a HUGE pain in the rear-end. It is dangerous to have as a concealed-carry weapon – it malfunctions! When the SHTF, I don’t want the G42 anywhere around me unless I need a paper-weight to hold the police report to the hood of my car as I get taken to the hospital. The weapon does not fire properly – no if’s, and’s or but’s. It needs to be fixed by Glock. If they won’t fix or replace the one I purchased, I will swear off Glock forever. FIX IT if it doesn’t work. I fire 200 to 300 rounds per week through various firearms. I have never NOT trusted a weapon like this Glock Model 42 in my life. Make it right Glock. Jeff

  124. I work in a gun shop and never had a desire to own a glock. They are just so big and bulky then came the g42. Love this pistol. Boss wife owns one and we went out one day to for a few rounds and OMG I’m buying my own(as is my hubby SI we can have matching handguns). We fired probably six mashed through it and the only problem we had was on the third mag it was loaded slightly wrong so when you fired the spent wouldn’t component come out and the next round would start coming up with it in there. We dropped the mag out and fixed the way it was loaded or the mag back in and had NO issues with it. Great gun and we have a hard time keeping them in the store. They sell quick and we have not had a complaint yet. Nothing is perfect when it first comes out and had to have kinks worked out. If this handgun is really having these issues I would still trust it over one of the sccy cpx-1 & cpx-2.

  125. Why not, just purchase the gun and find out if there is any truth to these facts. Then you publish you’re findings. Would like to know the percentage of the glock 42 sold to the amount of problems reported. Would like your feedback after your testing. I am heading to my local gun shop today 2/6/2015 and purchasing the glock 42 and do my own testing. Would you like my feedback when done? If so send me email. Thanks, Geo.

    • It’s been about a year since you purchased and I was wondering how your 42 has handled for you? I bought one today, but have not shot it yet. Any advice/input you can provide is welcome.

  126. After I purchased my glock42 I checked out a few videos on YouTube sorry to say the one tha popped up first were glock42 problems so those were what I watched. The reviewer said he had many issues he checked his brass and found scratches in the casing after loots of poking around he found the the bottom half of the ejector was still sharp from the metal punch process he filed it smooth then fired a few hundred rounds no more issues.
    When I recieved mine first thing I did was feel the extractor mine was pretty smooth I have had no issues my girlfriend who had no experience with guns shot it with no issues. The slide is hard to rack for her but that is about it.

  127. This is disappointing to hear since I bought one today lol. I will be shooting it tomorrow and hope to waste a bunch of rounds thru it

  128. My 42 is nothing but a problem. The first time I shoot it, it was fine. Took it home and cleaned it, put in the vault. Took it out to day to shoot again. Could not get the slide to go all the way back. Took it to my gun smith, and he couldn’t work it either. Took it all apart. Could not find the problem. Put it back together. Tried to rack the slide again. Still no luck. Finally after many tries, it broke loose. Going to the range in the morning. If any problems, I am going to dump it. I am a Glock fan. Have 4 , and never any problems. Shame on Glock for putting out a problem weapon!

  129. Bought 2, had all the same issues. Contacted glock, sent them back. Got them back and ran 100 thru each today rapidly, and single. Issues seem to be corrected and running fine. Mags were swapped out and that’s all the information I was given. But now mine and my wife’s run A-1. Hopefully the rest of you will get the same results. Because when they work right, they are a fun little gun.

  130. WOW, I was seriously considering getting the Glock 42 for my conceal carry but I think I’m going to hold off on that. I currently carry a Sig Sauer P232 and never had a single jam on it yet but I would like to put the 42 into my inventory. Maybe later!

  131. I own 4 glock 42s…..I ran anywhere from 900 to 200 rounds through all of them……no problems with feed or stove pipes until my recent purchase……I had not practiced due to workload and realized I had changed my grip from the push/pull to a palm squeeze..ftf…ejects in my face …and stove pipes. ….fixed my grip to push/pull and by golly…problems immediately went away…….did I mention I love the glock 42??..124# female..

      • John W Bletsch on

        Push/Pull is push with hand holding pistol (firing hand) and with support hand pull back against the push. This results in a very stable locked in position for the gun. You must remember to do this every shot. I tend to use this but not an exaggerated push/pull, just enough to lock the gun in. One learns these things when firing compact pistols. I train with my carry gun and not a separate range gun… I also dry fire a fair amount, usually 20 to 25 dry shots in a session, this also helps to break in the trigger. My first G42 was a preowned and it worked with everything I fed it including Hornady Critical Defense. I just bought another new G42 to replace the first one I traded for a Walther CCP which I returned the next day. Want crap? The Walther CCP is certainly that.

  132. I just got a Glock 42 at Christmas time from Shoot Straight in Clearwater, Florida and it jammed every other time. I complained and the range master blamed it on the ammo. They put their ammo in and emptied a couple clips at rapid fire then handed it back to me and said looks like it shoots fine to me. I think it should shoot any ammo and if I can’t depend on it as a carry gun it is useless to me.

  133. I purchased a glock 42 back in November 2014 brought it home fire 20 rounds of Winchester 95 grain all shots fired jammed
    Used monarch 95 grain 20 rounds all jammed
    Used HPR 100 grain 20 rounds all jammed

    Sent the gun to glock for a replacement G42
    Fed Ex dropped package off March 6
    Fire all three types of ammo
    With the same results gun jams have eject bullet each shot?

    Calling glock tomorrow to find out what is going on ?

  134. I own a newer G42, and have serious reliability issues. I’m a law enforcement officer (25 years) and a LE firearms instructor. I own and shoot Glocks, Sigs, S&W, and Berettas. After more than 800 rounds, my 42 is totally unreliable with Win 95gr SXT, Win 95gr PDX1, Win 95gr ball, Rem 102gr Golden Saber, and the new Federal HST. It occasionally fails with 90gr Federal Hydra Shok. The basic failure is slide lock on the second or third round, even with thumbs exaggeratedly held away from the slide lock. I can see the nose of the bullet contacting the slide lock tap that contacts the magazine follower. I have the new -1 slide stop installed. I have no failures with Hornady Critical Defense, or with XTP bullets from any maker. I have fired over 300 XTP and CD rounds with no failures. However, this is still unacceptable for a backup, or off duty gun.

  135. roger peaach on

    after doing some getting a lot of feed back from people that has bought one of the GLOCK 42 problems and the customer service problems I don’t believe I wood buy one of these guns.

  136. roger peaach on

    I bought one of the GLOCK 42 model 380 guns tuck it out and shoot it with different brands of ammo I was not impressed with it at all will most likely sell it.

  137. FINALLY bought a G42 and I am very disappointed. I have had Glocks for years with no problems at all. My CC is a 26 and I love it, but wanted to move to something even smaller. Stove Pipe after double feed jams I was perplexed to say the least. First thing that came to mind was operator error as I like to have both thumbs against the slide. I figured I was preventing the gun from a full recoil/eject. Solution, take my thumbs off the slide completely = same results. Fired several boxes of American Eagle 95 grain FMJs with a ton of jams. I did however have success while firing weak hand only. So I’m still convinced its my fault, but at the same time, I feel that with Glocks long history of greatness, should we ALL have to change how we fire to suit one flawed pistol? I truly hope Glock comes up with a solution soon. Advice? Thoughts?

  138. Glock 42 is JUNK ! bought a glock 42 it jammed every shot ! sent gun to glock received
    gun back a week later with all new parts . gun jammed with 5 different types of ammo
    sent gun back to glock . received a new glock with new serial number . shot new Glock 42
    with 5 types of ammo all shots fired jammed. failure to feed.
    sent gun back to Glock waiting on call back from glock .

  139. Just went yesterday to the indoor range. Had 7 rounds and the very first shot-reload-jammed. I got the oil can out and lubed everything thinking it was too dry. having ppoured more oil on it than the Tin man it finally, after several jams, stopped jamming. So here I am now trying to get answers. I won’t be able to tell the bad guys to wait while I oil my Glock 42.

  140. Brandonc1981 on

    I have a 42 mine fte casings a time or two but its little and u cant limp wrist it i have a 23 40 never had a problem i think its the people shooting it

  141. Jim Hathaway on

    Just purchased, April 2, 2015, Glock 42 in Apache Junction, AZ at AJI Sporting Goods and have not shot it yet.

    Will this be a new and improved model Serial #ABEB622 made in the USA, Smyrna, GA?

    Thank you for additional information.

    Jim Hathaway

    • David burris on

      Clean the G-42 very well. Score firing it the first time
      Glock has been shipping the weapon with packing grease inside if you fire it without cleaning it the grease be come very cement like

  142. Wish I had read all this before I bought a Glock 42. I have owned a Glock 23 for many years and swore by the brand, what a disappointment with the Glock 42. The first round of each new mag fails to eject the cartridge after fired. Then as I proceed to finish the remaining rounds the same thing happens on the 5th round. Some stove pipe activity as well. My wife’s Sig P232 makes this gun look like JUNK! Just a WARNING to all those considering the Glock 42, DO NOT BUY IT.

    • Agreed, Dave. Bought mine a week ago and the FTE’s are non-stop with 4 different ammos including PMC, Blazer, Pearce, American Eagle. Gun went back to Glock today but not sure if I will ever trust it enough to carry. Happy others like theirs but sorry I bought it.

  143. Bought a Glock 42. On first clip (DRT 85 grain) had two fail to eject. Second clip had 5 fail to eject. Stopped ,cleaned pistol, next clip had three failure to eject. Wonder if In a gunfight with the bad guys I’m going to have enough time to stop clear, and try again. Anyone want to buy a slightly used pistol? With this thing I’d never would have made 30 yrs as a cop.

    • How much Are u willing to Sell it for, I’m actually on the market for one! I own the 17, 30 and just wanted a smaller version

  144. Richard Maloney on

    My fourth glock hand gun, and probably my last. Jams on every type of ammo. No customer service. Loved all my hand guns, but lousy customer service has got me looking elsewhere for my next purchases.

    • Robb Wroblewski on

      Purchased this for backup CCW, initially had multiple jams in only first few mags. Took back to my dealer who stripped it to pieces and discovered a feed ramp burr ( assumed to have been causing the major problems as well as the trigger assembly was not seated quit properly. It appears the quality assurance of Glock has gone down significantly than previous years and is especially bad on the Model 42 that was so eagerly anticipated. Since then gun has been flawless though about 400 rounds so far. I do not see Glock admitting they rushed this product through proper QA. Best bet is to always buy your firearms from a reputable dealer that has an in house or regularly available licensed gunsmith. Otherwise you end up at the mercy of the manufacturer and their timelines which are typically *painfully long*.

  145. I have had my g42 for almost a year now. Have ran many different types of ammo through it. Even off brand old Russian bloc states ammo. Ball and hollow point and plus p rounds. Never the first jam or malfunction. I want to add I walk through woods and bushes and keep this gun in my pocket in holster. It gets very dirty. I pull it out and shoot it like that at snakes. I have cleaned this gun ONCE by spraying brake parts cleaner on it and then a little REM oil. Still has some factory grease on it. About 1000 rounds so far. So, maybe check the way yall are holding it, and make sure nothing is contacting the slide while shooting and no limp wrists is all I can say people.

  146. UPDATE :

    Well its been about a month since I’ve sent my G42 back to Georgia. I received a phone call from their customer service and was told that the issues were “unfix-able.” Long awkward pause. . . and they will be sending me a new one. So good news, new G42. Bad news, over a month without said G42 and who knows what this next one has in store. Customer service was fine when speaking to them over the phone. Sent me a shipping label so everything was free. More to come when I send some rounds down range with the new G42. Thanks guys.

    • I have owned the 42 for just a month. Took it to the range with my sister. It jammed on her fairly often but for me it only jammed once. I think it might be an aspect of your grip and the quality of the ammo (grain count). I plan to do more testing. Love this little gun but am just a little bummed it is sensitive. Watching some YouTube videos – some reviewers run mag after mag thru it with no trouble! I was really hoping for the same experience!

      • Craig Williams on

        Don’t waste your money Bryan. I am a Glock Armorer and own a pile of them. I fired 500 rounds of ever type of .380 known to man in my updated G42. Failures were significant. I stopped carrying this pistol. Calling Glock next week.

        • When I first bought my g42 it jammed every time the first day on the range. I was super bummed and not sure what to do. I went home and field stripped it and cleaned it. I’ve shot all kinds of ammo including hollow and hard ball with not a single jam ever since that first day. I am very confident in this pistol and trust my life with it.

          • I bought my first glock last month because all my shooting friends just Rave about their glocks. I bought a 42 and cant wait to dump it on somebody. I have shot pistols for 45 years and will never own a glock again.

  147. My Glock 42 experienced a catastrophic failure after about 250 rounds. It happened about half way through a magazine. I made a simple video and posted on YouTube. It was pretty reliable before that. Only about 10 failures out of 250 rounds. All of my other guns are more reliable. Including a Kel Tec P32 (approximately 5 failures in 500 rounds), a Ruger LC9 (which is truly a very bad gun), a Kahr PM9 (has been extremely reliable through about 500 rounds), Glock 35 (not a single failure in about 1,000 rounds), and S&W Shield 9mm (200 rounds without a single failure). G42 is going back to Glock on Mon. Hopefully they send me back something that is tougher. I never thought I would be saying that about a Glock product…


  148. Rick Grassie on

    Just got a new G42. $419.00.
    PMC FMJ ammo.
    Gun refuses to reset! Have to either apply pressure while gun cycles slide back, feel the reset, then it will fire w/o issues.
    If I do not feel the trigger reset it won’t fire.
    Even unloaded the trigger will not reset.

    Thanks Glock. Looks like you sucked on this gun.

    • Craig Williams on

      Having the same issues Rick after 500 rounds. Figured I would try to break it in before I complained. After 500 rounds of various .380, I quit. I own 12 other Glocks going back to the earliest G23 in the early 1980’s. None have ever had these problems.

    • Hello Rick, I’m having the same problem plus I can’t get the big side pin out of mine to take it apart. I’ve never had this happen before. I am at a loss as to what I need to do to get that pin out. I’ve always just been able to push them out with the Glock tool but I can’t get mine to budge.

      Thanks in advance for
      Any ideas


  149. It appears Glock is trying to fix the problems with the 42, you would think after a year they would have it corrected. I have a updated Glock 42. My issues is the Magazine the case jams on the ramp and it is the updated version. I polished the edges that make contact with the case and it improved the feed. Ramp feed angle needs to be redesigned.

    • Bought Remington R-51, jammed after 9 rds, after 9 weeks at Rem with no word, got refund. Concerned about getting brand new model guns since then. But got one of the early G42s, and friend who shot a mag through it had two fail to feed, corrected grip, and neither he nor I have had a problem since (over 1000 rds). However, one brand of remanufactured ammo (Taylor, and their new sometimes also, so likely a QC issue) gives the G42 fits. Otherwise, have shot Geco, S&B, Blazer, Remington, Fiocchi, Magtech, and a couple others with zero problems. Best ammo has been Sig Sauer Elite (I don’t own a Sig gun). Read about “4th gen G42 mag” today: had minor issues with one 1st gen mag, and none with four subsequent (2nd gen?) mags, with Pearce and NDZ and Glock OEM extensions. Armorer likes his G42 and mags too. Recently installed Ghost Edge trigger connector, had one round (Geco) FTFeed, one misfire, no problems since with any brand (200 rds). Installed Glockstore slide “ears” for my old hands, and no problems. None with Glock 43 either (500 rds). Maybe some luck after the R51 problem, but no one else here has mentioned more than rare ammo issue. Not a Glock “fan”, but so far like both of mine for carry. VP-9 and FNS-9 are my full-size pistols, and FNS-9c has had only one FTE. FYI. GunDick, WY

  150. I am not a fan of Glocks. I got rid of a G19 and a G26 because they felt like I was gripping a 2×4. That being said, I kept my G36 and carry it far more than my other guns, including some pricey H&Ks and Wilsons. The reason is that I still can’t believe how light and small it is while being comfortable to shoot and totally reliable. I bought a G42, another red headed Glock step-child, despite the bad press the G42 gets, because my experience with the G36 made me think the trash talk was BS. Not total BS though. I was horrified during my first session with the G42. Higher end PMC hardball would cycle about 30% of the time. Magtech 77 grain HP cycled 0% of the time and turned the gun into a single shot pistol. I was not happy, but then I fed it some Federal Hydra Shok, and it worked 100% of the time, even if I limp wristed it and fired as fast as possible; same with Remington 88 grain JHP. The gun has a very narrow band of tolerance for ammunition, but I trust it. The only advice I have is NOT to buy this gun, if you want to run tons of cheap “shoot-em-up” ammo through it. If you want a great concealed carry gun for serious business, its a great gun. Far from being a negative, the slight size increase makes this gun fun to shoot, unlike some of the tiny plastic 380’s.

  151. Apparently, The Glock 42 I purchased in March, 2015 is the only one that works. I haven’t had a single problem with any FMJ rounds and although I’ve only used one brand of hollow points (Hornandy). They worked fine too.

    • Maybe so – another bad G42 experience here, sold it back after one week. Long time glock fan but had every type of malfunction at high frequency, including lockback on a mag with more rounds. Most types of ammo were problematic. Hornady critical defense was the only one that was 100% fine. Too expensive to shoot only this round. Very fun to shoot when it did shoot. Hope some (real improvements) are made at some point, if so would buy one again.

    • Purchased mine in Jan 2015. I’ve out about 1,000 rounds through it of the cheapest Chinese range ammo you can find and have not had a single problem. I’ve even tried to limp wrist it and still can’t get it to stovepipe. It’s unfortunate that not every has had the same experience as I have.

      If Glock has made any fixes, they should be vocal about it and possibly recall some of the earlier production models.

  152. I purchased a G42 today and ran 250 rounds of PPU 94Gr/HPs through it without a single malfunction. I did see an article where a gentleman had one of the very first versions of the G42 and he found an a minor change in magazine and the bolt release on the later version that apparently came out about 4 months after he purchased his. He compared the part number of the bolt release against his earlier Glock and found that the newer one had a -1 after the part number. I examined mine and it has a -2 which may indicate a further revision but I don’t know for sure. The magazines that were supplied with my Glock match the newer version he had in his article. He also indicated there were some minor changes in the trigger and inside the polymer frame. So far I’m satisfied with the G42 but that may change after 1000 rounds or so have been through it.

    • I will play con to Lazerbeam

      My wife wanted a personal safety weapon and the 42 was recommended. The dealer is a dear friend and said “Take it, play with it, if you like it, pay for it” The guns issue date was 2/2015. The gun had not been fired when tendered to us on 7/19 (2 days ago)

      Dealer fired 2 clips, no issue.
      Dealer’s wife fired 2 clips, 2 issue
      Wife fired 1 clip, 1 stovepipe. 2nd clip, 2nd shot stovepiped.
      Spoke with my friend and he said it would possibly be because the wife was not holding the gun firmly. So, I fired, 4 stovepipes in 2 clips. Went to me “rambo” neighbor, he got 3 in the 1st clip and did not bother firing a second clip. He said the barrel is bust in his view, then pulled out a p22 and rattled off 6 clips and smiled. Suffice to say, while i told her the P22 was not a personal safety weapon, she still has her eyes on it. I think we have gone from safety to pleasure…and Glock will be sour to her from here on out no doubt. I, owned a Glock 20 that was imported to me in 1990 and NEVER had any issues. My father would stake his like on a 17….But, as we know, 1 sour apple and all of that.

      I was reviewing the stovepipe issue and stumbled across this article and felt the need to offer the other side to this reply. If the gun is that hit and miss, well, maybe there is a short coming in the manufacturing process and maybe it is contagious

    • I’m reading these comments about problems with the G42, and how the reliability is poor and unlike other Glock models. Hate to say it but the big difference between the 42 and the others is that the 42 is manufactured in the U.S., not Austria. If the American worker wants to be viewed as the best then perform like it.

  153. HOMER GRAHAM on


    • I own 4 Glocks….a 22, 27, 42 and 43. I’m sure your HiPoint works well but please don’t bash Glocks because those guns can take more abuse than any gun that HiPoint makes. I’ve had 3 different duty Glocks since I’ve been a police officer now for almost 21 years. I wouldn’t trade one of my Glocks for a 100 of your HiPoints. They are simple, easy to clean and use, and will take a shit load of abuse and still go boom. A cheaper handgun like a Hi Point or a Keltec serve the purpose but are by no means in the same league as a Glock.

      • I beg to differ with your comment about Hi-Points not being able to handle the abuse that a Glock can. Please go to Youtube and check out how much torture that these guns have been subjected to and still go bang when shot. I have yet to see Glocks or Sigs subject to anything similar to these torture tests. The one video I did see of a Glock being tested, it failed just after beingn submerged in muddy water. The HP C9 was put in mud, some sort of flour paste, run over by a truck, a bolt jammed into the barrel and so on. The darned thing still fired after they did the tests.

        I don’t care of you are a police officer that has used a Glock for years. Until you try a Hi-Point then you have not one shred of credibility to speak about them.



      • I was going to buy a Glock 42. but now after reading these reviews I’m not so sure anymore. Got a used one here at bills gun shop for $350. Its brand new condition. I like it because its large enough caliber for defense, but also light-comfortable and compact. My first gun was a Sig Mosquito. Worked perfect for at least first 2000+ rounds then started crapping on me. Right now I own an Sig 1911-22 and Ruger SR22. Both fantastic guns!! I used to be against Rugers. I would like an SR1911 .45 but even my 1911-22 in my belt holster is kinda on the big n bulky side to be carrying around for self defense. That’s where the Idea of the Glock 42 came to mind after I spotted it at the gun shop. So there we go…… Maybe a Diamondback .380?…….

  154. Michael Monti on

    Got a 42 in July ’15. Must say I am disappointed at best. Won’t extract or eject, fails to feed, won’t lock back on an empty magazine. Shot 100 rounds through it and got 3 magazines of 6 to feed without stopping. Cleaned it, oiled it and it made no difference. Took an entire morning to fight through the 100 rounds. Going to try different types of ammo and see what happens but if it is this ammo sensitive I can’t say I’ll have much faith in it. Would never carry it as a self defense weapon. I own several other Glocks and many other handguns and have never had a problem with any of them like this. POS? Glock may get to own this one again.

    • You probably have first gen mags for your 42, if the gun is not locking back on the last round. Look on the follower, the plastic piece on top of the #mag where you place the rounds on. If it has a number one on it, the mags are causing the failure to lock back on last round. That is what happened to me. You need to call Glock and they will give you 2nd gen magazines. I still have to get mine. As for your other problems, it can be a weak grip on the gun which Glocks are easily affected by.

      • Mine has the newer release lever with the -1 after the serial number plus the 2 on the mags. This may be necessary to fix the magazine release problem. Just sayin’.

  155. I bought my 42 several months ago and I love it. I have never had a single issue of any kind with it, it’s a true pleasure to shoot and it feels better, shoots better, runs better and is more accurate than my Ruger LCP and my Colt Mustangs.
    Maybe I just got lucky with mine, don’t know … but I’m happy with it. I did, as I always do, field strip and clean and oil it before I fired it for the first time, a practice that everyone should follow with any new firearm.

    I’m sorry but I can’t help correcting some of you guys on the use of the word “CLIP” no such thing exist in the world of hand guns, they are Magazines or Mags (for short) but only those folks that are inexperienced shooters with limited gun knowledge would refer to a magazine as a “clip”.

    People, don’t be afraid to buy a Glock 42 or any other Glock for that matter, they are the number one law enforcement on the entire planet for a reason and it’s not because they are unreliable “junk”.
    They are not junk by any standard and I trust my life to mine. “Your mileage may vary”.

  156. I bought my 42 several months ago and I love it. I have never had a single issue of any kind with it, it’s a true pleasure to shoot and it feels better, shoots better, runs better and is more accurate than my Ruger LCP and my Colt Mustangs.
    Maybe I just got lucky with mine, don’t know … but I’m happy with it. I did, as I always do, field strip and clean and oil it before I fired it for the first time, a practice that everyone should follow with any new firearm.

    I’m sorry but I can’t help correcting some of you guys on the use of the word “CLIP” no such thing exist in the world of hand guns, they are Magazines or Mags (for short) but only those folks that are inexperienced shooters with limited gun knowledge would refer to a magazine as a “clip”.

    People, don’t be afraid to buy a Glock 42 or any other Glock for that matter, they are the number one law enforcement handgun on the entire planet for a reason and it’s not because they are unreliable “junk”.
    They are not junk by any standard and I trust my life to mine. “Your mileage may vary”.

    • just got my 42
      first two rounds (blazer ball 95g) stove piped
      next 50 (blazer ball and sig sauer jacketed hollow point) perfect
      going to put 250 rounds thru it tomorrow
      my first Glock
      seems great so far

      • Welcome to the world of Glock. I carry a G22 .40 as an LEO, with a G27 as a backup, as do thousands of other officers I stake my life on it. Off duty, depending on weather/attire I carry my G27, or during hot weather, G42 or 43.

        I have run over a thousand rounds through the G42 using ammo as cheap as Tula, and as good as Rem. Golden Saber with no FTFs. The G43 has over 500 without a FTF. Actually, I have never had a FTF or mis-feed of any sort with any of my or my wife’s Glocks.

        I know there are Glock haters out there, and of course, and haters gonna hate. But I am a confirmed Glock fan.

  157. I could shoot ours and it never gave me a problem, now my wife who is smaller and not as strong had a ton of issues. You must keep your hand high on the beaver tail, keep your wrist locked and make all that recoil work for racking the next round. When you let the gun jump, that takes away from recoil that is needed to rack that round. My wife had it jam 5 times straight, I would take it and run the magazine out no problem, hand ot to her and it would jam a lot. It got better for her as she learned to lock her wrist, but she hates it. Not sure if it will break in over time, I hope so, we bought it for her.

    • Jason, it’s not the gun but your wife’s grip on the gun. If the gun is stove topping or jamming as you said, please check out her grip because a weak grip on Glocks will cause feeding and ejecting problems.

      • Thanks for the info. Got a Glock 42 .380 for Christmas last year. I had problems firing it but my husband (Viet Nam Vet) did not. Now I know I have to be more “commanding”, and lock the wrist.

      • No, it is the gun. A gun is supposed to work. Perriod! What if you are injured? What if you are in a hurry because someone is trying to kill you? My H&K’s and Sig’s won’t jam no matter how hard I try to get them to do it. The gun is just poorly designed

    • I’ve had same history with G42. Bought it for my wife. She hates it…”it jams constantly”. Then I take it from her and fire 2 clips without a flaw. Hand it back to her and it hangs; FTE, double feed, etc.
      While early models might have had feed issues the replacement parts / modifications work well. JUST DO NOT REST YOUR THUMB ON THE SLIDE! I never have while my wife and others do rest their thumbs high. I shoot a lot. The G42 is a great ergonomic conceal carry gun that just needs range time. I’ve got G23 and 19. Love the 42 too…just need to take the wife to the range more.

  158. I have owned my Glock 42 for about 6 months have shot at least 600 round using PPU and Perfecta. I have had one Jam, but it was because I mixed one round of PPU with Perfecta. I have never owned a handgun before, so far it has been very reliable. I choose the Glock 42 over the S&W Body Armor because I notice that most Officers use it as a backup.

  159. Ok, we had some issues at first but noticed both my wife and I we placing our left thumb on the slide, once we realized it it fired with no problems and miss fired when we moved our thumbs up……..so, we love the gun one we get the grip right. It is not Glocks fault, we asked for a small gun and we just have a small learning curve.

    • you may want to look at the shield for your wife I had to mine could not hold the 42 solid enough to make it a reliable self defense weapon for some reason the shield is more forgiving

  160. I have one of the older glock 42 models and had several issues with it. the rounds would not feed in the magazine and it stove piped and jammed several times. I reload all my ammo so tried several loads. Finally sent it back to Glock. They replaced both magazines and upgraded the slide lock. Since than I have shot over 1000 rounds with it without any kind of failure. I load 100 gr bullets heavy or light and no problems. The sad part is my wife had a g19 and had some problems with it so I purchased the 42 for her. She can not shoot it with out it jamming, week wrist. I purchased her a s&w shield in 9mm and the problem went away. Wish the glock was not so sensitive to week wrist I also own other glocks, 26 and 27 love them

    • Glock 42 ftf & fte issues. I have an early issue 42 & have had “issues”, I sent it to Glock & the “fixed” it. Well not really. The “issues” are worst than before I sent it back! I shot the 42 today with a verity of ammo. i seemed a little happier with 100 grain than the 95, but my 42 experienced ftf & fte with at least one round malfunction with every magazine!

      So I ask, now what, any suggestions other than ping Glock again?

      Thanks & regards

    • I have an early issue 42 & I am not a happy shooter. Failure to feed, failure to eject, double feed & stovepipes!

      Set it to Glock & they “corrected”, per Glock the problem. Block returned my “corrected” 42 within 2 weeks. I immediately went to the range &…..it was worse than before I sent it to be corrected.

      I am now polishing everything that recommend to be polished, especially the feed ramp & will try it out on Monday, stay tuned!

      In defense of Glock my 19 is a keeper, love that gun!

  161. Bought two G42’s two weeks ago. Had heard they had issues with jamming but was hoping that Glock had corrected the problem. Wife and I went to the range and could not get either gun to fire more than two rounds without jamming. Ran about 50 rounds through each gun and got tired of prying ammo out. Took the guns home, striped lubed and cleaned each gun and went back to the range with different ammo however with the same results.

    Called Glock in Georgia and they blamed the ammo, then blamed “limp wrist” said we were not holding the guns right. To which I rejected both arguments as we have been shooting for many years with lots of different guns and have never had problems like this.

    You buy a Glock because they are dependable, my 19 and 17 have never jammed. And what good is a gun that won’t fire two rounds in a row without jamming. Glock is sending a label to return both guns. Will post outcome when the guns are returned. Very disappointed at this point.

    • I just bought a 42. Took it out to shoot yesterday and it jammed constantly. Tried lubing it and switched to Remington ammo; still consistent jamming. Most rounds I could fire in a row was 4 and that was only once. Usually 1 or two and it jammed. Hopefully, they will be more responsive to me than they have been to some others on this site.

  162. Bought a Glock 42 October 2015, have put 450 rounds of various ammo thru it with no problems. Discovered from Glock that modifications had been made since early models. Mags should now have a 02 under the serial number on the mag, the slide release should have a -1 after the serial number on it. The trigger had a slight mod on it also. If you dont have the new updates send it to Glock as a friend of mine did that had bought a first run lot. His now has been flawless for over 500 rounds. Great little edc. All newer production lines should have updates as per Glock. They were extemely nice when i spoke with them before my purchase. Made sure the one i bought had the updates before i bought it.

    • I bought my g-42 in September . I have no problems at all . Shoots very easily and accurate.. The parts and mag are all stamped 02…

      • Sorry for all that are having problems, I forgot to mention that I took the gun completely apart and cleaned everything , even the firing pin and channel . Then I frog lubbed the gun, and hand cycled the gun around 200 times before I ever fired it.. I’m not sure if it will help those with problems or a coincidence ..

    • I bought a new G42 the first of October. It feeds and shoots 100% reliable .The trigger weight was a full 9 pounds! I had a Ghost 3.5 pro connector installed and it is now a nice 4.6 pounds and smooth. I am happy with mine now. It came with 02 magazines.

    • Vivian Desiderio on

      So disappointed- bought first gun- jammed right off the bat. My son was shocked – he said glock’s never jam – which is why we went with the glock.
      Mine def. is not marked with the 02 it’s an 03 on the mag. What to do next? any suggestions?

      • Vivan, get in contact with Glock and let them know the issues you are having and you DO NOT have the 02 Stamp on the mags. They will send you a shipping label to ship the gun back to them. They will fix and replace all known issues. NOTE: Please remove any modifications you have made with the gun as they will replace them back to all factory items and they might not send you back the extra pieces. Also NO ammo in box gun or mag. You can also put in additional mags as they will replace/fix all they receive.
        cheers and good luck mate.

        • Vivian Desiderio on

          Thanks so much for the reply -I’m just looking back into this now. The gun store I bought it from supposedly sent it back TWICE, so I just got back today after two months of waiting. Still having the exact same issues. Unless you hold it perfectly it jams constantly. I didn’t realize either that they where supposed to change out the mags – my originals where 03’s and that’s what’s still in the case. So I will def. be calling Glock tomorrow myself. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated !

    • I Have been shooting guns over 25 years. Bought the Glock 42 and went to shoot it for the first time today. Have never been more disappointed!!! Did not make it through one mag without it jamming. Cleaned and oiled the gun twice on the spot for the same thing to happen. All the gun did was jam. Tried using 2 different kinds of ammo as well. It is pretty evident that this is a Glock issue…..Please don’t make some excuse saying limp wrist!!!! I am getting rid of this gun ASAP. I bought it to carry on me for defense. What good is a gun to me if there is an emergency and all it does is jam.

    • JDCarter

      I checked the mags on my Glock 42 and both have the “02” after the serial number, but I don’t see a serial number on the slide release. Did you mean on the slide itself, or is there another serial number somewhere near the slide release.

      Jerry Oliver

      • Jerry, The serial number on the release is down inside the breech. Take a penlight from the right side and you can see it. The -1 is very small. Mine also has a -1 after the serial number on the trigger bar connector plus the 2 on both magazines. Could be more -1’s but I’m hesitant to dissemble while under warranty.

        • I bought a Glock 42 yesterday and shot it today, had several malfunctions,.. it seems when I held really tight it would fire without malfunction. I plan to clean and fire some more,.. would like to bill Glock for the 380 ammo I am using to learn how to “properly hold” a 42 to make it work,.. hope I remember this when the bad guys start shooting. I called Glock before purchasing, the tech told me some people “mostly women” were still having problems when not “holding high”, I thought I can hold high, so went ahead and purchased. I have a Glock 19, 26 and 21,.. never had such problems.

          GLOCK, its time to come clean and make it right. I will be calling you on Feb. 8th!

        • Wow, I wish I would have seen all these posts before I bought the G42. I just got it yesterday and was excited to go shoot tomorrow, now I’m worried. The mags have an 03 on them and no 1 after the serial num on the slide. Hoping I didn’t make a mistake . I have a Sig p238 that never jams and is accurate as hell.

  163. I tried multiple brands of factory ammo and rarely got through a magazine without a FTE. I sent it to Glock. Brought it to the range after getting it back and had the same issues. I bought this to be an EDC as I loved the form factor. One of the few guns I could carry wearing business casual (in a pocket holster), but it is too unreliable (well, I should say, it reliably jams). The only value it has is giving you lots of practice clearing jams.

    I’m fully willing to accept that the problem is me. But for an EDC, I don’t want to worry about holding it perfectly. Even if lots of training made helped me minimize or even eliminate “limp wristing” at the range, in a life-or-death emergency, I don’t want to trust my life to a gun that needs to be held perfectly. I’m planning on selling my G42.

    • G42 was a XMAS present for the wife. We own other Glocks. Jammed tonight on every factory ammo loaded magazine she fired, but never jammed on me. We both put over 225 rounds through it, and mine was perfect and she had more than a dozen jams. Clearly there is a wrist issue of some sort. Cleaned just now and will try with different, new ammo next weekend. No issues with our other Glocks.

      • I bought my wife a Glock 42 and today we took it to the range for the first time.
        I own a Glok 23 first generation never clean eat, never had a problem with this gun. Every time she fired the G42, the second or third casing would jam. Then I shot 50 rounds and it was OK. I believe the problem was that she was depressing the magazine release while she was shooting, and the magazine dropped a bit making the casing jam. I like the G42 it’s a lot easier to conceal than the G23. I believe that the magazine release it’s in a rel bad position for the limited grip allowed on the gun.

    • Totally agree. Shot mine for the first time today. If not gripping it with both hands white knuckled it stove piped. I want any pistol I own to function even if I turn into a limp-wristed frightened little child!

    • Bought a glock 42 last month. First time @ the range had a couple of jams. Maybe 5 out of 100 rounds. 3 were “stove pipes”. Talked to a friend with a lot of shooting experience who suggested using a hotter round. Originally used 105gr. Switched to 95 gr today. Shot 100 rounds gun performed beautifully. No problems at all.

    • David Sullivan on

      I just took my new Glock 380 to the range and cycled about 6 or 7 clips through it and never had an issue??? I used a larger grain round….but no issues…..should I expect them or perhaps they fixed the issue? My clip is a Gen 3 clip.

  164. I love Glocks ,have for a long time,but Glock drop the ball on the 42 a lot of
    Glock lovers got sold a bad gun. You can’t Carrie are sell with good conscience!
    Glock needs to step up and replace with the 43 and get the 42 out of circulation!

    • Took my new Glock to the range. Not only did it consistently jam it failed to eject spent shells. Several others tried the gun with the same results. I called Glock and they said to send it to them. Don’t think I’ll ever trust it for self defense. I am mad that the dealer was not aware of the problems. Probably $400 plus down the drain and I’ll have to buy something else

  165. My G 42 would slide lock, when stripping the 1st or 2nd round from mag, when firing from initial round in chamber. I called Glock, and they told me there is now a new magazine (4th revision) available, and to send my magazines in to Glock, with a note describing the problem, and my return address. Two weeks later, I received all new 33249 – 03 Magazines. I have not seen any comments about these new mags on the net, yet. I have only fired a few magazines worth of ammo so far, but no slide locks since I got these new mags.

    • Have just bought a glock 23 40 cal. I fired 16 rounds through the pistol before it jammed open. After removing mag I could only release the jam by hitting the slider hard with my palm. It now jams after every shot! Any answers please?

  166. Lee, any progress with glock. My daughter bought 42 and stovepipes all ammo with her. She is a personal trainer and cross fit instructor, no wimp. Thanks.

  167. My colleagues were searching for NY DTF ST-120.1 a few days ago and were informed of a business that has a lot of fillable forms . If people need to fill out NY DTF ST-120.1 too , here’s https://goo.gl/Zt6w6A.

  168. My 42 runs perfect, I put 200 rounds through it the day I got it, right out of the box. The ammo was a mix of hard ball and hollow point. I have put a few more hundred rounds through it with not problems. I do not think I have had one malfunction. I have big hands and sometimes the slide does not lock back but that is my thumbs fallt. It is a great gun.

  169. Hi Lee,

    I’m surprised Glock didn’t get back with you on this. FWIW, I’ve run both a G42 and G43 through a lot of testing and both worked fine for me. The G43 has become my regular carry for the past year, as a matter of fact. That’s not to say that Glock isn’t without fault. I’ve seen them fail, just less frequently than some of the others. If you’re going to SHOT next month, you should swing by and talk to one of their PR folks.


  170. Bought a G42 about a year ago and stuck it in the safe. I did intend to carry the 42 and put my SIG P232 away for a rest, but never got Around to it and I’m glade I never got around to changing guns. Took the 42 to the rannge and UNREAL, first shots FTF, FTE, Fail to Reset Trigger, problem after problem.

    Now my 42 is on the way to Glock after fighting them for a return label on glocks dime. CS sucked, reliability of Glock gone with all the issues seen. I’ll never buy another Glock again!

    I do own a Glock 19 gen 2 and made in Austria and that gun works under any condition an reliability 100%, as a Glock Armorer, I have no idea what happened with Glock!

  171. I bought my 42 during April 2017. For some reason I’m thinking it’s a gen5 but I may be wrong. Anyway my first range visit I had a few FTF and FTE. I was using 90GR ammo. After speaking with Glock they mentioned that the 42 prefers nothing less than 95GR.
    I took their advice and almost a year later and many rounds through that gun I have never had another failure.
    FYI: my mag is an 03.

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