Hammer: Sheriffs declared war on Second Amendment


Lee’s note: This just arrived from the Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

REPORT: Some keep asking about anti-gun activities of Florida Sheriffs

DATE:   May 21, 2014
TO:       USF & NRA Members and Friends

Marion Hammer

Marion Hammer

FROM:  Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President

Members keep asking what is going on with the Florida Sheriffs Association and why the organization has become so anti-Second Amendment.

For starters, it’s about leadership and Staff —  Just take a look at the Officers page in their magazine.  The officers they list are reported to be 6 Democrats, 2 Republicans and a president who claims to Have No Party Affiliation (NPA). 

There is one thing you need to be perfectly clear on:

If you are an Honorary member of the Florida Sheriffs Association, and have a  Sheriff’s Star decal on your car, you are helping fund an organization that is aggressively fighting to deprive you of your Second Amendment rights.

The May/June issue of the Newsletter, FLORIDA FIRING LINE, is in the mail to  Unified Sportsmen of Florida members whose membership is current.

However, if you want to read the page that explains some of the reasons we know the Florida Sheriffs Association has declared war on the Second Amendment, you can read it here.




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  1. “Apparently, in Hammer’s universe, no one may maintain a view other than hers on how guns may fit into our society without acquiring the labels of anti-second-amemdment, the enemy, and on and on.”

    Apparently, in Kellemen’s universe, no one may maintain a view other than his on how guns may fit into our society without acquiring the labels of pro-second-amendment gun fetishist, the enemy, and on and on.

    Complaining about something while engaging in the same David?

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  3. Flor-A-Duh Sherfs are, and have been for many years, the lowest of the low among Pertektnservirz. They’re rampaging swine with badges and guns.
    Back in the 70s, one of the swine, near Ft. Lauderdale, shot and killed a hippy mushroom picker that was already cuffed behind his back. The pigs excuse was “he attacked me, whimper whimper…and I wuz skeered”.
    An Ohio VAMC pig, an ex Flor-A-Duh Sherf from around Naples, is one of the rammiest, psycho swine you could ever NOT want to meet. I can’t wait until the pig effs with the wrong Vet and finds his smelly self dead before he hits the ground.
    They all need to become roadkill disposal wardens.

  4. Seems like Grady Judd (President of FSA) and all others need to be voted out of office. How about starting a “NO VOTE ‘ campaign for all sheriff’s who belong to the FSA.

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