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One of the things I enjoy most about the National Shooting Sports Foundation is their ability to conduct industry-wide research.

In the May 2014 issue of AR Guns & Hunting there’s a story by NSSF’s research and analysis director Jim Curcuroto titled: “Many Uses, Many Sales Lead To Many Questions.”

The author discusses the popularity of the Modern Sporting Rifle, (MSR), and describes the average owner.

From the report:

More than 4.8 million people own a MSR.

MSR’s account for 20 percent of all sales for most FFLs.

The average MSR owner is 35, married and has some college education

One-third of MSR owners have either a law enforcement or military background.

The main reason most respondents gave for buying an MSR is for recreational shooting. Home defense was the second most-cited reason.

Great research!

Mr. Curcuroto needs to write more.



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  1. We, the Pro-gun community, need to start fighting back in the War of Words with the anti-gun crowd. When ever the idea of a high capacity magazine comes up we need to make the effort to explain that what is usually described as “high capacity” is most likely standard capacity, depending on the firearm and magazine in question. Example, a 30 round magazine for an AR isn’t high capacity since the rifle was designed to use a 30 round magazine. And I love the use of “modern sporting rifle” to describe an AR instead of “assault rifle”.

    Get in the fight or don’t complain when we all lose.

  2. It’s a day late, if not a dollar short, but I wanted to make a correction to the comment by MrApple. I may be wrong if he’s referring to only the AR, but at least the M-16 was originally designed for and issued with 20 rnd mags. It was only after facing AKs with 30 rnd mags [and the development of the ‘spray and pray’ mentality which replaced the ‘one shot, one kill’ philosophy] that the demand for 30 rnd mags for the M-16 was answered. Even with the 3-shot burst limiter, full-automatic is a Bad Idea for a standard-issue rifle in most conditions in my opinion. It discourages aiming and encourages indiscriminate mass fire under conditions in which it is not needed.

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