Trooper tells CCW licensee he can’t carry a loaded weapon

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In this unbelievable video, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper tells a motorist she’s stopped that he cannot carry a loaded pistol on his person or in his vehicle — even though he has a valid a concealed carry license.

The magazine must be removed from the weapon, and the weapon cannot be accessible, the trooper states, an assertion that is incorrect.

The motorist, a bodyguard who has a A, C, and G licenses, politely tries to educate the trooper on the law, but she doesn’t want to hear it.

The trooper tells him again that he can’t carry a loaded pistol in his car or on Florida_Highway_Patrol_logo_(emblem)his person — even though he has a valid concealed carry license.

“That’s what we’ve been told,” the trooper says on the video.

Not only is this complete fiction and a complete misrepresentation of Florida Statutes, there’s also some very, very unsafe gun handling by the trooper, who could have easily had a negligent discharge.

The tipster who sent me a link wishes to remain anonymous, but has my deepest gratitude.

The motorist who was stopped, Sean Williams, a licensed bodyguard for All American Investigations, LLC, said he was driving on I-75 between Naples and Sarasota last year when he was stopped by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

He’s not sure of the actual reason for the stop.

“It was most likely a Wolfpack operation,” he told me Wednesday. “They either got me for 79 mph or for my window tint.

Williams rolled down his windows when the trooper approached. He had a pistol on his hip and one in the glove box.

“I told her up front I was armed,” he said. “She told me I needed to step out to let her get my weapons, which I wasn’t happy about. She said she had to do this when a person is armed.”

The trooper took the pistol out of his hip holster and from his glove box.

“When she came back, that’s when I started to video tape,” Williams said. “I knew she already told me one thing that wasn’t true — that I can’t have loaded weapons or loaded magazines.”

The trooper tried clearing his .45, but left a hollow-point in the chamber, when she handed the pistols back.

She really made the situation more dangerous,” he said. “She was very polite and very nice, so I didn’t push anything. Law enforcement needs more training. I knew the law better than she did.”

The Florida Highway Patrol responded, although their message was somewhat confused.

The first email from FHP chief spokeswoman Capt. Nancy Rasmussen states: “Thank you Mr. Williams for bringing this to our attention.  The Patrol will ensure the trooper receives the correct information on the state’s concealed carry laws.”

Fourteen minutes later, Capt. Rasmussen sent a second message, which reads, “As it turns out, that trooper in the video no longer works for the Florida Highway Patrol.  She resigned in December 2013.”

I asked the captain for more information about the circumstances of the trooper’s resignation. Rasmussen said the trooper resigned for “personal reasons.”


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Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


  1. Once again, law abiding citizens are getting the law enforcement community to actually LEARN the law, one stop at a time.

    Good thing there was not an AD there or it could have been a whole lot worse.

  2. The officer is flat out wrong, not even close when trying to cite the correct law she was accusing the man of violating.. Plain, straight Jane ignorant!!!!! She is paid to enforce the written laws of Florida not what she heard about the law or what she thinks the law is or should be….can she not read? She needs to turn in her badge and gun,then promptly resign. What a waste of our tax dollars and a disservice to our citizens and guests, she is not in the correct profession!!!! She will undoubtedly move up the ranks quickly due to her blind, ignorant allegiance!!!!!

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  4. The trooper may not be exactly wrong here. If Mr. Williams was conducting licensed activities or claimed he was, then he can only be in possession of a firearm that he qualified with. I am certain that he did not qual with a .45 as it is not authorized by the state.

    It is unlawful (a violation of 493) to be in possession of any firearm not qualified with and the statute specifically says CCW permit does NOT exempt from 493 requirements.

    So there’s a big IF there but she may actually be right about the statute.

    All depends if he said he was conducting licensed activities.

    • No its pretty clear. Unless he had a client with him, or was conducting company business, he can carry whatever caliber he likes. The trooper was wrong. Flat wrong, full stop. If she didn’t even understand CWP laws, I can promise you she didn’t have clue about 493 laws. Its clear the statute is intended to prevent something in particular..- Security guards bypassing G licensing with CWP’s IE: Joe security D class security guard coming to work packing his 1911 and saying” oh I have a CWP.” That wont work as well all know. However,,,in the case above the trooper didn’t have the CWP law straight. She wasn’t even trying to enforce 493-she didn’t even understand 790. He said he was a bodyguard. A security company. Was his client in the car? Was he in uniform patrolling? he wasn’t at work. if wanted to have a pair of Taurus judges concealed on his side he was legal. doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be arrested but he’d be legal unless it went to court and a judge interpreted 790 in a totally foreign language-but in todays anti gun climate I don’t count anything out,

  5. Well FormerLE I was done working and on my way home from a case most likely in Tampa. As I was done working, therefore I can carry whatever I please with my cwfl. The very second I’m done with a case I switch my 9mm duty weapon out for my FN tac .45 Besides there are talks of qualifying with 40’s and 45s now. Even that I presented my CWFL, not my “G” license so nice try but not quite. I know and follow the law.

  6. This is a poor example of the FHP. I would say we must train the troopers the LAW.
    I would like to see what FHP says.

  7. Wait a minute Former LE…..Even if someone is not performing licensed activities, he/she would be carrying at least the firearm in the glovebox legally, according to Florida law, loaded or not. Also IT IS possible to qualify with a .45 as the State will give special exemptions on a case-by-case basis, for class C/D/G holders. (Those are PI and Security Officer licenses for those who don’t know, the G license speciffcally applies to professional carry). Also if this guy was carrying as a private citizen (though he does stae otherwise) with his CWP, The .45 argument is moot, as citizens do not have caliber restrictions.

  8. So Lee, the trooper is gone. Did FHP say anything about making sure the other troopers have refresher training as well? After all, we know this isn’t an isolated incident.

  9. Lee Williams on

    Thanks ‘dog breath.’ I just blew beer all over my computer screen. At least it needed cleaning anyway.

    Rich, no word yet on any department wide training, but it’s a great idea.

  10. If he were performing licensed activities, and was carrying a .45 he was violating chapter 493. That violation is a misdemeanor and subject to arrest. He said he was returning from an assignment. This is not a complete video so we don’t have any record of what he said he was doing.

    There is no exemption in 493 to carry anything other than a 9mm, .380, or a .38 or 357 with .38 rounds and you must qualify with that weapon.

    If he was not working and said he was not working then the point is moot in that he had a CCW.

    • If he had a CWP, was not on a Job site, was not with a client, then he could say he was not working as he wasn’t. There was no one else in the car. Violation of 493 would be HUGE stretch in that case. If hes a bodyguard, and there is no “body” but his, even Barney Fife could figure that one out. Maybe not a FHP trooper, but Fife could.

  11. I once got stopped in Miami Lakes for being parked on the side of a road by a canal. To this day I’m not even sure why I was approached. They did tell me but all I remember was it sounded like a BS excuse. Officer decided to take my firearm and unload it ‘per procedure’. The officer unloading the gun swept my wife (then girlfriend) 3 times with a loaded competition 1911. (light, crisp trigger) I was all but climbing over the one officer shouting, “finger off the trigger, watch the muzzle, “Jesus, be careful, finger, muzzle”. Oh yea, and he first “unloaded” the gun by racking the slide and then removing the magazine. It was a mess.

    When he finally cleared it I about dropped from relief. They were both very polite, I’ve had far worse encounters as far as attitude, but man their gun handling was absolutely atrocious.

  12. I say the whole of the law dept. needs to read up on the ins and outs of all laws in the books. As an officer back in Texas, we were drilled often on procedures. We as law abiding citizens NEED to carry a readers digest version of a handbook!!! It should be a requirement for ALL law enforcement to have access to material, in case of something like this.

  13. I was pulled over three weeks ago by FHP in Orlando and was also told I could not have my pistol loaded inside my closed center console. I am also a concealed carry holder. Clearly, education is lacking.

    • That trooper was completely wrong. If you have a CWP you can carry the gun, loaded, in the center console or anywhere else as long as its concealed. If no CWP, you must have it in holstered snapped, or zippered case, closed latching box, ect.. AND in closed latched compartment. This” extension of your home” thing doesn’t negate the 790 statutes. Even without a CWP however, the gun can be locked and loaded if securely encased and in a compartment.

      The thing to remember is that there are many cases such as carrying concealed on your person in the car…which on their face appear legal for people with cwp’s that haven’t been tested in the courts…once someone is arrested and it goes to court-after some poor soul who is the test case- goes through bail, possibly lost job, arrest record, embarrassment, firearm confiscation, lots of legal fees… will probably win but after a MAJOR headache. This is the result of uneducated and ignorant cops. Its also something the State Attorney would love to try in court to see if he can get precedent that cwp doesn’t apply in your vehicle-that 790 vehicle statutes take precedent…..My point, even though something is legal in this CWP world, doesn’t mean you wont be arrested for it. And recovering damages will cost you more in legal fees than youll get. There’s just to many people(sic: Jurors) that don’t like guns to award you a big sum for false arrest when “the poor cop was just looking out for his and the communities safety” I hate to be a pessimist, but Ive been a CWP instructor for years, and I’ve seen it. I will continue to carry on my person in the vehicle, and will continue to disclose if stopped for my safety. But I am not so naïve as to think I may not be arrested and be that test case.

  14. All you posters are forgetting something; COPS THAT LIE MUST DIE.
    This should not be incendiary to anyone that’s not a lying cop.
    You’ll notice that basically the only poster that doesn’t have his REAL NAME on his post is FORMER LE.
    Mr. Carpenter. In Florida, you can tuck a loaded pistol in your waistband while driving in your car, WITHOUT A CWP. Just don’t get out of the car with it any where but on your own property. The courts have held that your automobile is an extension of your home.

    • NO you cant. DO NOT tuck a pistol in your pants and drive in FL. This is worrisome coming from someone who just said what they did about cops. A Gun carried in your car in FL needs to be securely incased-(snapped holster, zipped case) in the glove compartment or other shutting compartment in the car. Tucked in your pants will get you arrested if discovered. The law Specifically says “securely encased and not immediately ready for use” tucked in you pants wont cut it, While its true that Theoretically and statutorily you can carry concealed on your person there is NO case law on this. So you may end up arrested for lawful carry because many cops don’t understand this, and in abscense of case law, they are more likely to charge and let the court determine the interpretation of the law. Many officr just don’t get it, and you may still end up arrested and having to prove it later, after a night in jail, bail, a court date, and legal fight. I do it, and have even been stopped by FHP and told them I had the gun on me. I had no real trouble, but I happened to get a good Trooper I guess. I could just as easy went the other way. Even if you have a CWP, be sure its CONCEALED in your vehicle otherwise its a misdemeanor criminal charge.

  15. It is very dangerous to have troopers who do not know the law patrolling the streets in any state. In this case the trooper was a lady and even when she did not stand corrected, at least she was not arrogant about it, as it could have escalated with a chauvinist male trooper. The issue with her leaving a round in the chamber could have gotten ugly, because if anything had happened to the trooper with an AD, it would have been very difficult for the citizen to explain, specially if she didn’t survive. There is a lot more to wearing a badge to become a real policeman/woman, and we, law abiding citizens with CCWP, have to be very cautious out there in the streets, very cautious. Stay Safe and Be Blessed.


  17. Education is paramount. The Police State is here, complete with poor training, busts of innocent victims in the wrong addresses.

    Thanks to the proclivity of technology, we are seeing it all on YouTube!

    As a retired military veteran, I am NOT impressed!
    The answer “She is not with us, having quit for ‘personal reasons'” does not sufficiently
    address the Public’s fears that training at FHP is non-existant!

    Training of “management” at FHP leaves much to be desired, it seems.

    • “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” is what I was told years ago when I got a ticket for expired tag… 3 days past my birthday…. I thought you had till the end of the month. Lesson learned…
      But what do u say to an fhp who is ignorant of the law?? No excuse???

  18. who ever told that trooper what she relayed to the citizen needs to be fired from the FHP….in Florida your car is considered as it was your home…….just need a CCW to exit vehical or home…into public domain….

  19. While Chapter 493.6115 (6) of the 2013 Florida State Statutes states that

    “…a licensee who has been issued a Class “G” license may carry a .38 caliber revolver; or a .380 caliber or 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol; or a .357 caliber revolver with .38 caliber ammunition only while performing duties…” ,

    he wasn’t performing duties as provided under this chapter and section, so his CWFL/CWP should have been just fine for carrying AND for the weapons being fully loaded, because both guns were fully/securely encased – whether on his person or in his glove compartment; which can be done either way as long as one holds a CWP.

    Although this video is showing August 2013 and the Officer resigned in December 2013, it still amazes me how clearly lacking in education our law enforcement is about their own states’ statutes concerning this matter.

    To the gentleman who was subject of this video; Good job on maintaining a courteous attitude throughout the whole thing. Even if the officer were to have arrested you, civil damages for false arrest could and would have been most likely obtained because her mistake would have been so blatantly clear cut.

  20. FloridaN8tive on

    This video is just one more reason every citizen should know both their Constitutional rights & laws that concern them. I have quite a few friends in LE, and it scares me how little they teach them about the law.

  21. I’m sure the officer just up and resigned for personal reasons. More like she felt like a total moron for speaking on something she’s suppose to know and was dead wrong. If you are an officer, learn the law and don’t make it up as you go along.

  22. I am glad you posted this video for all FL CCW and residents. Since the whole situation was very cordial, would it have been appropriate to ask the Trooper to contact her supervisor and request his presence at the scene to clarify the confusion. I know this might escalate the tension but it would have helped our FHP remedy their lack of training for this officer and possibly saved her life on future engagements.


  24. It’s not only the LE that needs an education about the carrying of a firearm. The public has a lot of bad info about “Armed and dangerous”. Some one should put forward a serious education that the average person can understand.

  25. Since I have family in Tampa-St. Pete which I visit from time to time, I have a Florida non-resident CCW to go with my home state concealed carry license. This information is very useful to me, and from now on I will carry a copy of the Florida concealed carry statute when traveling in your state. Thanks.

    • By carrying a book of laws and or regulation may not help, we have found out that to many cops cannot read or write english

  26. The department shouldn’t have merely responded that “The Patrol will ensure the trooper receives the correct information on the state’s concealed carry laws.” but rather should have taken steps to ensure that ALL of their troopers were correctly trained regarding licensed civilians carrying.

    A simple misunderstanding between an armed civilian and a police officer, (who is not in the habit of listening calmly to anything a citizen has to say when he could be enforcing his authority instead) can easily get out of hand and result in the needless death of the civilian.

    This is something that law enforcement needs to get right the first time and every time.

  27. Why was this trooper not named, and shamed?
    Has her identity been forwarded to FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services for inclusion on a DO NOT ISSUE CCW list?
    This woman is too stupid to have a gun.

  28. Many police make up their own rules/law when convenient. Everyone has seen it at some time. Problem is that their “I am in control” mode carries them into stepping over the line. Thinking that the most of the public is stupid is one of police’s biggest fallacies. Maybe with teenagers they can get away with trying to force their not so intelligent diatribe. Troopers like the one that arrested Reece Witherspoon is a good example of an officer with no people skills, no ability to manipulate and persuade, only brute force and I will show you who is boss.

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  30. Fredric The Great Leader Of Sorb on


    • Listen, I never seen some much Dumb Ass law-enforcement people then ever before, But when you go to Florida take the Cake…… I’ve hear many years ago when Sarasota Sheriff department, written in the Sarasota herald; that county sheriff was on radio run to Breaking and Entering call, the Officer was stopped by the Florida Highway Trooper for failing to stop at several red light in the early Morning. The trooper illegally stopped this Officer while he was performing his Job to stop a crime in progress. Yes, the Sheriff didn’t not have is siren on and for a good reason…… The Sheriff Officer didn’t want to alarm the criminal by using the siren…….

      Then both Officers had then removed their Firearms pointing them at each other in order to arrest one another. “For what reason, the Sarasota County sheriff Officer was in his rights in his attempt to arrest this intruder, when he was interrupted by this DUMB ASS, “I mean Dumb ass hillbilly, poorly trained Trooper………. It like you would find in a movie or on Television program…. “Unbelievable that you can find real stupid people like would you find in the Florida State Troopers” anyways the State Trooper was finally dismissed and later promoted in the ranks of this dumb agency………
      Please understand, their are some great Police Officers in the FHP, but not too many…. God help us all.

  31. This Trooper and her Troop should be ashamed. When FHP has no idea about the CCW laws something is wrong. Hopefully this Trooper did resign and did not get relocated to another troop or even another agency in Florida.

  32. Why can’t we start respecting the RIGHT to carry guns in Florida and get rid of all the guns laws as they did in places like Arizona and Vermont? Why are we one of the last states that can’t open carry?

    Apparently it’s because of a handful Republican state senators who claim to be pro 2nd amendment but are not.

  33. Since she *clearly* did not know any of the laws about carrying a concealed weapon, whether he had an A, C, G, or EIEIO license wouldn’t have mattered to her. She might as well be enforcing the laws of the United Federation of Planets as far as specific laws go, when she doesn’t even know the basics, beyond “that’s what they told us”.

    I’ve had 3 encounters with LEOs with a weapon in the vehicle. Two were exceedingly nice and cordial. To my understanding of the law, in the third case, it was none of the cops business what I was lawfully carrying in the console, but I told him anyway. THAT took up a fair amount of my time. Lots of other units coming and going, doors slamming that I couldn’t see due to the spotlight, etc. In the end, he asked to to get out and talk to another officer… while he put my weapon back in the console. “There is NO WAY I’m handing a loaded weapon back to ANYBODY”… Well, it has an integral hammer lock, that was locked, which is why I bought it– it can’t be used until unlocked but it looks good, even locked. You’d think he’d have figured that out, if he didn’t already know what one was. To be fair, I didn’t get a ticket for the burned out headlight that he chased me down for.

  34. Former L.E…. Well it appears I have to resort to the actual statute note where it says “In addition to any other firearm approved by the department…” The state does, on occasion, allow other calibers. I support Law Enforcement, but it bothers me when they don’t know the law. Folks, you must be your own advocate.

    (6) In addition to any other firearm approved by the department, a licensee who has been issued a Class “G” license may carry a .38 caliber revolver; or a .380 caliber or 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol; or a .357 caliber revolver with .38 caliber ammunition only while performing duties authorized under this chapter. No licensee may carry more than two firearms upon her or his person when performing her or his duties. A licensee may only carry a firearm of the specific type and caliber with which she or he is qualified pursuant to the firearms training referenced in subsection (8) or s. 493.6113(3)(b).

  35. I didn’t have a similar experience with fhp, but I have been pulled over by them and the cop was paranoid to say the least that I had a gun. I had to wait outside my car while he wrote the ticket and he didn’t understand why I needed or wanted a CCW!! He then gave me a ticket for speeding and said I had to leave first for his safety. He was a young punk of a cop, so don’t know if this was fhp wide or just a green cop.

  36. "Active" Deputy Sheriff on

    People, are you really surprised? This is what our society has became. I am a active 15 year LEO and prior military. As an active firearms instructor and field training officer I get asked daily questions and hear comments that are attacking our 2nd amendment. I believe this is due to the overwhelming one sided liberal media that teaches our younger generation this garbage. Please don’t go “cop hating” on every LEO you see, there are plenty of good one’s still left and I do my best to educate the one’s I train. I pray our society will overcome. God bless all!

    Remember, you’re among friends, but their probably not yours.

  37. Sounds to me that she may be a rookie police officer that has not yet gotten up to speed on the CCW laws. What she is stating to me is standard transport for anyone that does not have a ccw.

  38. in New Mexico, it is required to show your CCW if stopped, we can open carry and your car is considered to be an extension of your home.

    However, please do not be disillusioned about self protection, for God’s sake don’t shoot anyone, as you will probably go to jail regardless, even if in self defense and unless you are 91, have three very small children to protect and near sighted. We live in a very Democratic state and the criminal had more rights than the victim.

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  40. Some may not know as yet but all State Patrol officers are require to attend a Federal training class in additional to their regular state training. The Federal training is governed by the Obama admin. They are teaching them these things that are against the Constitution. Also the Obama admin is placing officers that are not trained at all through a police training academy. The DHS. has order millions of dollars woth of 357 magnum ammo. What LEO departments do you know of that is armed with 357’s?
    I have had an encounter with DHS agents armed with 357’s making license checks. When I asked if the Sheriff knew they were out here making checks in his county they polite left immediately.

  41. Frank M Streng on

    this is a perfect example of the police officer being under trained and ignorant of the law, which is prevalent in todays world… i think this is a key factor in all the police verses civilians confrontations where the police abuse their authority…and hurt and kill people…a lack of proper training and on going training….

  42. Bobby Strock on

    I understand this trooper resigned, GOOD, since she does know the law. Florida has or had some idiots run the state. first of all the female trooper did not know what she was talking about, she was not quoting the Florida law, Must be a Obama Law.

    Next, Florida elected RUBIO to the Senate, what a terrible mistake, If that is the best you have, you are pathetic and a loser. I would not wish Rubio on anybody. Rumor says he is going to run for president in 2016, that is good, gives me someone to vote AGAINST. He will not be satisfied until the millions of ILLEGALS are given American Citizenship and all the freebies for years, He must go as a Senator for Florida.

    • Nope. Some cops and troopers will then try to tell us the rocks must be removed from the bag, and the bag cannot be accessible!

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