Guest column: Logistics for the Prepper


Lee’s note: This is the second contribution from LTC Scott Daniel, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer with decades of special operations experience and multiple overseas tours.

Scott has recently launched a unique consulting business, in which he is “focused on assisting individuals, families or groups with their Bug Out Land (BOL) preparation. We will help with site location, detailed planning, and physical establishment.”

In this story, he puts prepping into perspective. For anyone living in a hurricane-prone area, it should be mandatory reading.

Logistics for the Prepper

Story and photos by LTC Scott Daniel

Think of prepping in terms of a timeline, how long do you need to be prepared?  LP gennyYou go weekend camping, 24 to 48 hours of preparation with two pairs of Smartwool socks, a Gortex sleeping bag and your favorite Ramen noodle packet.  Not too dramatic because you know on Sunday, you’ll be eating lunch at the fast food du jour.  But now you’re camping for 90 days, 6 months or 6 years and there is no Wal-Mart to restock your Ramen noodles…now what?

America is facing some troubling times, if not now we will soon enough.  And most importantly, if you don’t possess adequate logistics…you will go without.  Make no mistake, the digital world will fail, physical possession of these precious sustainment items will be the next commodity of real value.  401K, Roth IRA and your CDs…don’t hold your breathe.  Physical gold, silver and lead are the only precious metals worth holding.

Now this will not be a holistic shopping list of every Prepper’s requirement, not practical or possible.  What are your priorities, they may not match the next persons.  Frankly, there is no one all-knowing magical list.  Your own priorities will vary by geographic region, as well as personal inclination.  More bullets, seeds or shovels…you must make your own list of priorities.  Ask yourself, what are you willing to go without?

Simply put, this article will attempt to organize a modest list of categories to LP undergroundfocus your efforts or generate discussion, thought and action.  The Internet is an awesome tool with endless information but time, energy and finances are finite and we need to be efficient, effective and accurate with what we have.  My motto: Prepare yourself with what you have (money), when you can do it (now).  Time is not on our side, get started while the lights are still on.

In multiple Prepper discussions, I’m frequently faced with the answer “I will take my Bug Out Bag (BOB), my weapons of choice and a four wheel drive truck to the National Forest and survive.”  And yes, that is a plan.  But I find myself always coming back with the question, and then what?  So now you’re in the National Forest with no logistics, no follow-on plan and nobody to share the work load?  Weekend camping is fun but what happens in six months, winter is coming, my shelter is failing and I’m running a fever?  Tough times ahead.

An organized, well thought out Logistical plan will prevent this scenario.  Lets LP chickensgo back to the timeline discussion.  A good, effective BOB might last 72 hours but lets say you are very efficient and survive for two weeks?  And then what…now comes your logistical plan!

We all need to be prepared to survive one, two, three years…without a resupply.  How long do you plan on preparing for?  Will this trouble coming to America be over in a hockey season, hard to answer?  My point is simply this, your BOB will last for a set duration and following that your stored food supply might last three years if you are truly prepared.  And following that…you are growing or harvesting your food!  Hunting, fishing, and gardening are your future, if you are lucky enough to survive this long!

Not trying to be an alarmist, only trying to spread the knowledge of Prepper logistics and its importance.  Again, think in terms of timeline or duration.  How long do you want to be prepared?  A weekend, a year or indefinite; we must approach Prepping in terms of renewable sustainment,  fishing, hunting, gardening.  Let’s review the nine logistical categories, not in any special priority.

Protection: Weapons, Ammo, Tools, Spare Parts

Health / Welfare: Medical, Dental, Mental, Hygiene, Spiritual, Tools

Communication: External, Internal, Spare Parts, Tools

Clothing: Hot, Cold, Rain, Extra Sizes, Cover Head to Toe, Sewing Kit, Tools

Food / Water: Canned, Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, Basic Staple Food Groups, Water Collection and Purify techniques…you cannot store enough water!  Non-GMO Seeds.  Remember renewable sustainment…Fish, Hunt, Grow.  Utensils, Tools and Spare Parts.

Energy / Power: Fire, Light, Batteries, Generator, Fuel, Solar Power, Spare Parts, Tools

Records / Paperwork: Books, Maps, Paper, Identification, Passport, Birth Certificate, Vehicle and Property Records, Education and Entertainment Material, Tools

Shelter: Portable, Temporary, Long Term, Bug Out Land, Sleeping, Bedding, Spare Parts, Tools

Financial: Cash, Barter Material, Gold, Silver, and Lead!

Again, please remember a complete list including every individual item will be LP pumpkinnearly impossible to compile…imagine the list, soap, fishing hooks, pillows, duct tape, shovels, candles, on and on.  Really any practical list is endless!  Again, ask yourself what are willing you to do without?  Or, what’s more important…another case of AA batteries or a box of toilet paper; you must establish your own priority list.  Its all important and it all cost time, energy and money.  This simple listing is my humble approach to categorize logistics for the Prepper.

We wish you the very best in your Prepper endeavors.  Prepare with what you can, when you can.  We all have lives…live for today but plan for tomorrow.

Good luck, God speed.


LTC Scott Daniel can be contacted via email, or through his website.


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  1. Zen…agree completely. Need to have a backup plan, without question. PACE. Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency. Need to have an answer for the ‘what if’.

    Your points are well received.

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