BREAKING: Remington launches voluntary recall of R51 pistols


Lee’s note: On Friday, Remington issued a statement acknowledging problems with the trouble-plagued R51 9mm pistol, and offering consumers an opportunity to trade in their pistols for new production models.

The move amounts to a voluntary recall.

Here’s the statement and instructions for purchasers:

Remington R51 Pistol Product Update

Earlier this year, we launched the innovative R51 subcompact pistol to critical acclaim.   During testing, numerous experts found the pistol to function flawlessly. In fact, they found it to have lower felt recoil, lower muzzle rise and better accuracy and concealability than other products in its class.

However, after initial commercial sales, our loyal customers notified us that R51some R51 pistols had performance issues. We immediately ceased production to re-test the product.  While we determined the pistols were safe, certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria.  The performance problems resulted from complications during our transition from prototype to mass production.  These problems have been identified and solutions are being implemented, with an expected production restart in October.

Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700.

The new R51 will be of the same exceptional quality as our test pistols, which performed flawlessly.

We appreciate your patience and support.


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    • Don’t bother. It is the most unreliable pistol I have ever owned or shot. If you carry it to save your life – you Will Lose your life .

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  2. I returned my R51 to Remington on Nov. 4 2014. My service number is 202410. When will my new pistol be returned?

  3. ..bought one spring of 2014..returned it june 2014…many emails to hope for revised R51..june 2015..disapointing..hope they get it right this time…lifelong..rem guy..

  4. I had all the U Tube video problems, but kept shooting; pushed over 1000 rounds thru mine. Works great, but I will wait before I return it…..

    REALLY likes the expensive Golden Sabre rounds…..but not the Russian stuff………wouldn’t you know it!!

    Rem said something about producing it in .40; think .380 would be better…

  5. Brian J.Pantel on

    Bought a R51 9 MM pistol 11/6/2017. I have noticed their is a recall on this pistol serial #0011743R51 is it one that is included in this recall ! Please let me know as soon as possible ! Thank You !

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