A devastating accident with the Kel-Tec KSG


An attorney in Virginia preparing a lawsuit that they will likely file against Kel-Tec and  ProMag Industries.

It appears that their client was shooting a Kel-Tec KSG equipped with a ProMag “Archangel” polymer forward grip when tragedy occurred.

Keep in mind the KSG is a bullpup 12 gauge, with a total length of only 26 inches.

“The properly installed forward grip slid off the gun rail while the user was ksgpumping the gun, resulting in the user shooting off part of his hand,” the attorney wrote on a lawyers-only site.

The attorney was seeking advice and technical experts for the lawsuit. A friend saw the post and sent it to me.

A contact wound with a 12 gauge is devastating. There’s no coming back from something like that.

The attorney cites the compact nature of the KSG, and the fact there is nothing on the rail to “prevent the grip from sliding off.”

They also noted alleged problems with the forward grip: “Nothing but a polymer nipple secures this grip to the rail — this nipple partially sheared off during first use.”

My thoughts on the KSG are mixed.

I think it’s an intriguing design, but it suffers from Kel-Tec’s poor quality control.

Some KSGs run like sewing machines, but some shooters have complained about serious, potentially fight-stopping FTEs and FTFs with their KSGs. The model I shot functioned flawlessly, however it was not nearly as smooth as other pump guns.

The polymer rail on the pump concerns me too.

And then there’s the price, an MSRP of $990, which equates to about two 870s.

If you shoot one, please be careful.


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Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


  1. Let me first say that I have no details about this accident other than what has been published in the media. Two individual objects, inherently safe when separate, became a recipe for disaster when assembled together and used in a manner not intended by their makers. Such accidents occur every day, with bicycles, automobiles, power tools, and even appliances. I can envision the lawyers having a wonderful time, as experts in ergonomics, safety engineering, mechanics, physics, materials, and firearms design each take the stand and help to explain the chain of errors that linked up for this accident to have occurred. Additionally we do not know if there was a materials failure, perhaps the fore grip was never properly tightened, and therefore loosened through repeated use. However, in trying to understand what factors could contribute to such an accident the following observations were made.

    In looking at the photograph of the KSG with the vertical fore grip attached, one can easily fail to understand that picatinny rails are not designed to be used as leverage points, or for transmitting forces. The same could be said for the “Archangel” polymer forward grip, meant to be used as a “hand hold” to steady the fore end of the weapon for correct sight alignment. The “Archangel” polymer forward grip was not designed to be used as a lever or to transmit cyclic forces such as that encountered when racking the slide of the KSG. It’s also unlikely the hardware used to attach the “Archangel” polymer forward grip to the KSG was made of anything other than common materials, or underwent any special testing protocols for materials strength or durability. It’s doubtful any one in either of the companies who manufactured the two products tested them together and in the way that the victim did, and if they did, it was not under repeated firing conditions. Unfortunately, it was a regular guy, who saw that it was perfect and natural fit to mount a vertical fore-grip to the picatinny rail on the underside of the slide of his KSG. And since the vertical fore grip is now attached to the slide, it’s only natural to use the fore grip to rack the slide too! After all that’s why all the pieces fit together.

    Pro Mag makes two different fore grips.
    Swiss Pattern” Vertical Fore Grip – Black Polymer-PM007
    Picatinny Rail Vertical Fore Grip and Adapter-PM191

    The manual for the Kel Tec KSG can be found here:

  2. I would agree with Jaque. The grip may have been properly installed, but it was the wrong tool for the job intended. If you were to look at that little tip that locks the grip into the rail slots, it’s easy to see it would not hold up to the abuse inherent to racking a shotgun slide. A grip properly designed for that function would have much more clamping surface area on the rail. That’s a good oppertunity for after market support, hint, hint.

    Without knowing all the fact, I have a few questions:
    Why was his finger on the trigger as he was racking the slide?
    Why was his hand in front of the muzzle at the time?
    Was this an issue of the KSG firing out of battery?
    Was this set up never tried while the KSG was unloaded? No dry run?

    I do want to know where one can find a KSG for MSRP, though. I can’t find them for less than 1300.

  3. zengunfigher on

    Chris, I’d guess the owner was shooting it ‘rapid fire’, running the action quick and hard and tripping the trigger. The handle snapped off as he was vigorously running the slide action back into battery and his hand, unable to stop it’s forward momentum in time, flew forward in front of the muzzle just as he pulled the trigger.
    I’m guessing his hand was below the muzzle and he took blast, but not pellets. Which would still be pretty devastating…

  4. I certainly want a more detailed description of the event. I do not understand how the gun would fire if your finger was not on trigger, so was this really a ND?

  5. 1 With A Bullet on

    It’s a shame that this accident occurred, but based on what I read I don’t see much culpability on the part of Kel-Tec. Regarding the above article:
    1) The price of the KSG has nothing to do with this accident.
    2) The reliability of other KSG’s is immaterial; this one apparently functioned as designed: discharging the shell when the trigger was pulled.
    3) The compactness of the KSG is not particularly relevant either. There are thousands of registered shotguns and rifles, many with rails; it is understood that when using one, care must be taken to keep hands behind the muzzle. Furthermore, I would bet money the compactness was one of the features that attracted the buyer.
    4) The lawyer states the so-called fact there is nothing on the rail to “prevent the grip from sliding off.” When, in fact, the notches in the rail (and every other picatinny rail) and the clamping force of the accessory are what keep the accessory attached. However, the lawyer states the polymer nipple on the foregrip sheared off allowing it to slide off the end of the rail.
    So if the rail is intact following the accident, the part that failed is… the foregrip.

    Jaque makes several good points about the unforeseen combination of parts not intended to be used together, but I suspect Pro-mag foregrips will now come with a label stating not to use them on heavy recoiling firearms.

    Perhaps the lesson to the rest of us is not to put a $20 foregrip on a $990 shotgun.

  6. 1 With A Bullet on

    My apologies. I dropped a word during editing before I posted. It should have read “There are thousands of registered *short-barreled* shotguns and rifles…”

  7. Its a shame we are a country that blames others when we screw up. You pick up a gun & you have alreasy takin a chance of hurting urself. Now u want money for your stupid actions.

  8. I had one, put just over 1000rds through it. The must have been hammering it as fast as he could. Honestly I dont see as either company is at fault here

  9. Once again a person is blaming the manufacturer over the user. The manufacturer didn’t sell that foregrip with the shotgun, so why should they be responsible. If I buy a circular saw and attach a grip to the side of it and it breaks and I cut myself, should black & decker be responsible and criticized for their design? Hell no. Only the lawyer’s in this country who don’t produce a thing, think that everything should be rubber coated in this world.
    The user, with his own free will, put that on the gun and if ‘he’ didn’t do enough research and testing, to see if that foregrip would be right for the job or fail, only he is to blame. Stupid is as Stupid does.

  10. I see no evidence of the KSG being at fault here.
    The *ahem* “fecal” quality of the plastic used by ProMag for their products, however…
    KelTec bears now responsibility for this. ProMag likely bears most of it… that is not born by the user, at least.

  11. The KSG is a fighting gun, not a smooth operating fowling piece. With proper training they are safe and efficient. Such a lawsuit is frivolous and unecessary. It sounds as if this wounded person was hot dogging it and messed up. Now they attempting to profit from it. Shame, shame.

  12. The existence of this potential problem has been made public before. I have seen, in the firearms press, several advisory articles warning KSG owners to avoid putting this type of vertical grip on their guns.

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  14. I also do not know the facts of this case, but being a woman who found her kid key ten at a gun show and thought wow! Smaller. In size and maybe easier to handle. It was exactly that. Once you take the time to train yourself on all the moving parts and how to use the shot gun properly I tjink it’s a great self defense tool. I had no issues with the two I’ve had. Love both of them and deff would recommend them. I’m a big girl but I still get intimidated by big guns and hate how bulky they are. This made it easier for me to use and yes it still hurt to shoot but it made me feel in control.

  15. I also do not know the facts of this case, but being a woman who found her ksg kel tec at a gun show and thought wow! Smaller. In size and maybe easier to handle. It was exactly that. Once you take the time to train yourself on all the moving parts and how to use the shot gun properly I tjink it’s a great self defense tool. I had no issues with the two I’ve had. Love both of them and deff would recommend them. I’m a big girl but I still get intimidated by big guns and hate how bulky they are. This made it easier for me to use and yes it still hurt to shoot but it made me feel in control.

  16. Maybe like a couple of other instances I have ran accross they were in such a hurry to get it on the market they didn’t take time to properly design or test it. I didn’t study the case but that is a real possibility

  17. My question to Kel-Tec would be: Why put a accessory rail on the pump action slide? It’s a recipe for disaster. If you look at other manufacturers like mossberg, they put on straps and chain saw like pump assists that are solid and functional. I would recommend that they reengineer the slide handle. All that being said…may the buyer beware. Everyone wants to “Tac out” their weapons and it can lead to these accidents.

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  20. There is something to prevent the grip from sliding off. The rails are notched and the bolt that holds them on the rail goes thru a notch. It came off because it sheared. It sheared because it was not designed to rack a shotgun but to add a grip to an ar-15. In no way is kel-tec liable for someone adding an ar-15 grip to a shotgun; perhaps a sleazy lawyer can argue that “they didn’t tell the user not to do stupid things” but you can’t seriously expect companies to enumerate everything not to do in the world to every moron out there. There is only one party at fault here… the user.

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  22. I’ve never heard of anyone having problems other that loading or ejecting of rounds. As always you should keep your finger off the trigger except when firing. There’s no reason to fast pump a KSG unless you want to have erratic shots with little to no control. I find there’s too much playing around when firing these types of guns. Improper handling and holding of the vertical grip, you want to keep your hand back as far away as possible from the end of the barrel. If something like the vertical grip fails, let go of the weapon immediately. Better to have it hit the ground then injure yourself or others. I recommend the Magpul AFG2 grip attached to the furthest point back on the pica tinny rail, and to keep your hand firmly on the grip when firing. Adding grip tape to the grip and sides of the weapon may further reduce slippage of the weapon. http://www.TheGunDude.com

    • evilwoodchuck on

      I don’t forsee this being a problem for me personally, I’m an ex-military marksman, however, for people who are using this recreationally, maybe they could use a Magpul AFG and install it backwards at the forward most end of the bottom rail just so that IF their hand slides off or the VFG breaks their hand will smack the AFG and be deflected down away from the barrel… just my .02. Might be a good idea at least for initial familiarization.

  23. Jason McCarthy on

    Well I would like to start by saying I told a friend I went out and purchased the new ksg shot gun from kel tec and his response was that that shot gun was a piece of crap well I hate to say he is dead wrong. Ive had it for a month now and never had any issues with it at all accurate cycling is great with all types of ammunition even the mini shell run perfect. I Put a good red dot mag pul grip and a laser lyte center mass and a lite.And if I can hit center mass on a target at 40 yards eazy and shoot sporting clays with I it’s a good shotgun so don’t let anyone tell that the ksg is crap cause thay don’t know jack and I payed only 800 for mine.So back to the reason for me writing this is cause it’s not the gun fault or the grip he used it’s he has no idea how to mount grips so when you do you should always put the grip red dot or any optics on the rail were you like it so when you put it on the rail it will have forward and backwards movement push it forward then lock it down and always use locktight and your addons will never come losse.Trust me casue my grip is all the way up on my ksg and has not even wiggle.So iam a big Springfield fan but iam happy to own a ksg for home clays and even at long yards with slugs it’s a blast so thanks for reading this and be safe and keep shooting. Ps there are cool upgrades for it still waiting for a suppressor to be made for it can’t wait.

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  25. Azzy! (@AzzyLikesGuns) on

    “The attorney cites the compact nature of the KSG, and the fact there is nothing on the rail to “prevent the grip from sliding off.””

    Except the design of the rail, and a properly attached forward grip, which would have screws going though the rail slats.


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  27. My forward grip broke on my KSG as well…. The polymer pin broke. But Kal-Tec KSG didn’t cause the grip to break. That was an added accessory that the buyer should have researched to insure it was right for the function it was being used… Plastic parts are probably not a good idea. I’ll even bet they bought the cheapest grip they could find… Did they inspect the equipment before use…. I did and that’s how I found it… OK… are they suing the ammo company?…. How about their folks for not teaching the to horse play with guns…. Just sayin…

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  29. I just bought a keltec ksg and am dismally disappointed. The worthless junk is incapble of ejecting and loading on the same double stroke. It takes two complete double strokes to fire one shell. Kel tec took it back, claimed to have repaired it, and it still doesn’t work. Wortheless, worthless, worthless! Never again, and not only keltec but the place of purchase could care less that I am having nothing but headaches with it.

  30. Don Brady, Jr. on

    Operate the shotgun according to the instructions, use ‘common sense’, in choosing what you hang on the forearm, and you’ll have NO problems. It is progressively made, and obviously NOT built like an ‘870. If you try to see just how fast you can empty it, with weak parts, you will wish you had utilized more care.

  31. James Holbrook on

    AND THERE IT IS! Once again someone uses a product incorrectly and wants to be paid for their own stupidity. Now don’t get me wrong, because I sincerely hate the fact that he hurt himself, I really do. However, it is guys like this that should stick with longer barreled Remington 870 or maybe a NEF single shot 12 gauge, but for the love of Pete I hate lawsuits like this. Hopefully by now people realize coffee is hot. Knives can cut you and driving down the road in a car is potentially dangerous. Man up and accept the fact YOU messed up, not the gun.

  32. I can’t give a pro or con rating to this story because I wasn’t there when this happened and there isn’t enough logical information. However, my forward grip has two very strong screws that attach to the lower rail and those are tightened down with two pre-pressed screws. Instructions state to tighten these two screws to 35-40 inch pounds. You can then apply a small drop of thread adhesive to the screws just prior to final assembly. Couple of things come to mind ~ READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and follow them exactly as described. Also, any time you start adding aftermarket parts to any gun, you are changing many things that are unseen by the human eye. The weapon was made to shoot as it came out of the box! If I was on a jury and heard: “”Nothing but a polymer nipple secures this grip to the rail — this nipple partially sheared off during first use. . . . . If the owner seen that nipple was partically sheared off, right then and there was the time to stop shooting. Furthermore, I find it extremely hard to believe that only a nipple held this grip on. For my Colt M-4, I buy only from ProMag and have never seen a grip like is described. ALL my aftermarket accessories from ProMag have never once failed me and I normally shoot roughly 50 rounds each week-end with my Kel-Tec and roughly 25-50 rounds with my Colt M-4 carbine 5.56. After re-reading this article, I would have to reconsider my original – pro – no pro opinion and side with KelTec and ProMag. I’m sorry this man lost part of his hand but again, without actually seeing the grip and the way it was installed, I would have to put the blame on the owner. Not that it matters but I paid $810.00 in the box. And with all weapons I buy, I take them home, tear them all the way down to check for anything that doesn’t look right, clean them and hit the range to fire a few rounds.

  33. I also hate this person was injured but I agree with others it sounds like this accident resulted from a combination of careless and reckless use of of the ksg. this is a tactical home defense shotgun not a toy and should be handle likewise. I also think like most other avid shooters would agree that you should inspect your firearm before shooting it whether it is a ksg or an ar15 or a bb gun to make sure everything on the gun is tight and in safe firing order. as for the quality of the ksg it is a fantastic tactical home defense gun. I purchased mine for 850 new out the door and I have shot box after box of shells thru my ksg flawlessly and I would highly recomend to anyone wanting a tactical home defense shotgun to buy a ksg. they are well worth the money not to mention they are fun as hell to shoot just keep in mind any gun can hurt you if it is not handled in a safe manner wheather it is a bb gun or a ksg

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  35. Even the finest of Earthly possessions which a man can own can be “dangerous” if used incorrectly. It is a crying shame that this great company and the product that they produce -loved by so many- might have to take a beating in a courtroom. Could this frivolous lawsuit possibly even cause Kel-Tec to have to downgrade their neigh-perfect design, just to make it more “idiot proof” for some imprudent, law-suit happy nutcases? I hope not. I only hope that Kel-Tec suffers no losses and that their KSG design does not have to become altered as a result of this nonsense.

  36. This is clearly a training issue and not the fault of either manufacturer.
    It sucks to lose parts of your mittens under your own stupidity, just ask anyone that used a knife as a prybar or wore extra baggy sleeves while working a band saw or anything else that can be chalked up to goode ole classic operator error.
    I think this one is between him and obamacare and he should stop trying to get rich(or get his attorney rich) from his lack of trainig, knowledge of his kit and general negligence. Everyone that has purchased pro mag products knows what sort of quality or lack thereof to expect. This is akin to someone purchasing UTG products and complaiing when it failed miserably under live fire. I suggest buying a “proven” design that has seen hell and come back to tell of its horror.
    This is the kind of crap that brings all the ugly creatures out of the forest and eventually its the 2nd amendment and those of us that know our stuff that pay for his.

  37. I don’t know all of the ins and outs of this incident, but from what was described…it sounds to me that it was operator error.. Now I hate to sound unsympathetic or rude…but if the OP didn’t notice that his cheap-o Promag vert grip only has a “polymer nipple” to hold it in place, keeping in mind that its being mounted on a HI CAPACITY 12 gauge shot gun… then maybe he shouldn’t be shooting guns at all. There is alot of cheap crap like “Promag” out there, more suited to air soft guns. Maybe he should have spent a little more on something like a Troy industries vertical grip…that thing clamps on like a vice. I do understand how someone would put their trust into a particular company and it’s products, as far as safety measures, tests and QC goes…but this indecent could have easily been prevented with a little common sense and logic.

    Now on the other hand, that polymer bottom rail on the KSG…should absolutely be closed somehow on the end. I don’t know, that’s just my first impression on the matter. but what do I know? – Not much.

  38. I agree, but we dont PUMP an AR15, if youre using a VFG to rack the shotgun a quality VFG should be used and a quality grip will clamp on extremely tight.But just in case the bar on that VFG, that inlays into the rail section were to break somehow, I can see how a hand might end up in front of a muzzle. Therefore, just as an extra safety measure, maybe KelTec should put a closed end on that bottom rail…this incident proves that not every gun owner / shooter out there has a brain. so like I said, just as an added safety measure for the mentally slow folks out there.

  39. my 1st of 2 ksgs i bought from keltec through a local gun shop, i bought a plastic forgrip, however i also bought a billet aluminum lower picatinny rail and mounted it on the shotgun.firing 2.5 inch slugs through it was uneventful first day, i just zeroed my trs-25 red dot perhaps 55 shots total . later that week i went back to range and used my own store bought 2.75 inch slugs.these have considerable more kick than the ranges 2.5 inch loads.during the shoot i was racking the foregrip and it snapped off in my hand! i dont recall if it was on the fwd or backward stroke.since then ive learned a lesson. never mix plastic and metal together at the vertical foregrip. the 12 ga. shotgun with 2.75 or 3 in. loads are too much recoil shock. i also bought all metal for my 2nd o.d. green ksg. not taking any chances. my personal opinion about this whole matter is kinda like the titanic disaster. alot of people and mistakes were in a series perfectly timed to make the tragedy happen. i remember the very first glimps at the ksg hanging on the wall at the gun shop saying out loud ” my God! that thing is so short a man could blow his hand off! and of course bought it right there because it was so awesome looking.i was perplexed that it didnt have some sort of device to keep the racking hand away from the business end.thought it was odd for such a deadly weapon to have no built in saftey for a slip of the hand.now ksg and magpul, hell all the foregrip makers have a in writing disclaimer of responsibility . so good luck winning that law suit. the real issue is nobody in the chain , especially ksg made no real attempt to fix the problem it created in the first place, a not my problem attitude , in writing was cheaper than making a fwd stop and putting it on each and every ksg produced. the weapon costs 799.00 and up, seems it could have had a 30 cent piece of handstop plastic attatched to it. but 30 cents times thousands of guns and there you have it. too expensive. the real deal with this gun is that the plastic lower picatinny rail supplied is just too unwieldy and hard on the shooter when 2.75 or 3 in. shells are used. so its natural to want to put a vfg on it. keltec should have figured all this out and at the very least in their manual explained this to the buyer of the gun,a crash course if you will, that the guns recoil will motivate you to buy a vfg for it , and what would likely happen when you mix plastic lower rail , and or plastic vfg to a 12 ga. shotgun with 2.75 or 3 in. recoil shock.and suggest you buy a lower metal picatinny rail , and a metal vfg and loctite them down before useing those type shells.my opinion had this been the case this mans hand would perhaps be where it belongs, but if he still had the accident im sure keltec would be in alot better position to defend themselves from a lawsuit. yohimeys

  40. This is not anyones fault but the user. Wrong grip and you DO NOT have your finger on the trigger when pumping your shotgun. Sadly common sense wasnt used and now the user expects money for their mistake. I hope the judge tosses this case right out.

  41. the platform seems to do well but as other commenters have said 900 for a Kel-Tec???e? Their is no way I could justify that price tag for a Kel-Tec, I am an armorer and I have handled many Kel-Tec handguns with countless failure issue’s and QC is not that company’s strong point that being said I just couldn’t give them the better part of a grand just couldn’t do it…. not trash talking just stating facts…..

  42. This incident sounds identical to numerous other ND incidents. Perhaps an inexperienced user unfamiliar with the weapon, its interface, accessory capabilities (i.e. I would NEVER install a plastic/polymer forward grip with only one locking screw on anything bigger than a .22) and perhaps in need of additional familiarization with the weapon. Tragically, many who suffer through a weapon accident are inclined to blame the weapon first (weapon manufacturer/hardware manufacturer). This does not negate the possibility of faulty products, but also does not absolve the owner from some of the responsibilities inherent with owning a deadly weapon.
    Regardless of the circumstances or shooting mode the owner was practicing, one must always remain hyper-vigilant of the possibility of a weapon malfunction and practice strict weapons discipline at all times – for example; take your finger off the trigger momentarily, while you reload a shotgun. Yes it’s an extra step and adds a split second to reaction time, but through diligent dry-fire rehearsals, weapon familiarization, continuous equipment functions checks and deliberately focus on situational awareness, we can certainly minimize the “human error” factor.
    I’ve purchased a number of accessories for my weapons and have deployed with my own accessories into combat zones. I ALWAYS check, double-check and double-double-check the fit, function and wear & tear on my equipment before and after every use. As a result, I always had a sense of whether my gear was becoming worn or loose-fitting and removed it before it could create a problem. Unfortunately, I’ve also returned or threw away poorly-made weapon accessories and stayed with high-end manufacturers. In this case, it sounds like this individual’s forward grip secures to the handguard with a single, polymer attachment screw. That means it has a single point of failure – catastrophic at that. (I’ve always questioned ProMag’s “economical” designs! – and avoided their products, regardless of how “cool” they might look).
    My best wishes go out to the unfortunate shooter who suffered through this accident. I hope he recovers to the fullest extent possible.

  43. First of all Kel Tec don’t have a stock grip on it. it was installed by the user. and rapid fire really! your not fighting off aliens man. one shot would take down a grizzle bear trust me, I know first hand, this fucking bear came out of no wear charging at us and my friend pulled out his pump action shot gun and killed it with one shot. people don’t respect guns always never,never keep keep my friend. but know you’ve lost your hand for not respecting.

  44. I hope someone gets to read this after reading the above article. The victim in this instance is actually a class 3 FFL dealer in King George, VA called Big Dogs. He has a store on rt. 301. The rumor in the area goes something like this…He was holding an event for some of his regular customers. A cookout shoot type deal. He was rapid firing the KSG in an attempt to show off. He was rapid firing the gun when the vertical grip broke and went forward along with his hand in front of the barrel while he was pulling the trigger and blew his hand off. The real question someone needs to ask is how many KSG’s has the store sold since this happened? I’ll bet more than a few.

  45. I like my KSG, it kicks woefully hard when fired, and for that reason I would NEVER use a vertical grip of any type on such a short hard kicking shotgun. I use a AFG from Magpul an it solves short stroke and binding issues with the pump. the person prolly wanted coolness over function and safety. giving a coolness factor is great but safety always needs to come first.

  46. Firstly ,,Just because you mount a aftermarket Fore grip to a Firearm and YOURE OWN CUSTOM MODIFICATION malfunctions don’t go crying to the Manufacturer. Don’t be expecting Kel Tec to award a thing in this case. Seems when Certain People take it upon themselves to “”IMPROVE”” a Manufacturers Product they have NO IDEA whatsoever of what they are doing. The aftermarket Industry is to Blame for this as well. I feel Badly for the Poor Fellow who was Injured but …for some people Knitting may be safer but you might poke an eye out also… if you’re a Bit Inept. Darwin awards..

  47. Obviously, the “properly installed forward grip” was not properly installed. Any litigation should be directed at the grip installer NOT Kel-Tec. The user has some culpability to ensure he is familiar with the firearm. Are we now going to sue pistol manufacturers if a shooter injures him/herself; pistols are significantly shorter than 26 inches.

    If the shooter sustained this injury due to a manufacturing defect of the firearm, then the manufacturer should be held accountable. But not because the shooter is unfamiliar with or inadequately added some accessory to the firearm; or because the manufacturer has deep pockets.

    • bobby butts on

      A nice flashlight attachment near the end of the pump slide with rear button is very useful and keeps the hand from slipping in front of the barrel.

  48. These ambulance chasing lawyers need to become educated before they spout off, great attorneys will do their homework completely before giving anyone a chance of making them look foolish. I don’t no how many people remember or knew of the Mossberg Bullpup, it was used in the Mobistar RoboCop, well I owned 3 of them and bought them in the early nineties. This shotgun was manufactured with the forward pistol grip designed to be used for chambering the rounds and stabilizing the gun. I have rapid fired thousands of rounds through the Bullpup with absolutely zero problems. This shotgun sold for $250.00 then and you will have a hard time finding one today. The KSG was not designed from the factory with the forward pistol grip so this uneducated lawyer needs to get off KSG’s back and get some education. The forward pistol grip was more than likely designed only as a forward support (as mentioned in previous comments. The unfortunate shotgun owner needs education on weapons also. If this country continues to like individuals get away with senseless law suits we will all be living in glass houses.

    • I own a KSG, and Kel-Tec displayed the KSG at the Shot Show with a pistol grip even if it didn’t come with one.

  49. I owned a Kel Tec PF9 that came to me with 3 factory defects, all of which were easliy repaired by a qualified gunsmith, but caused multiple fail-to-fires with each full mag I attempted to shoot. My only point is that while Kel Tec designs are innovative, their quality control is sub-par at best. Their customer service is even worse, as the rep I spoke with didn’t seem to have any concern, and alleged bad ammo and operator error. Unless they are bought by a reputable manufacturer, I will never own anther of their products.

    • A Deputy I worked with has one of these “odd” shotguns. What sells them is it’s “odd” appearance because it looks tactical,,,,if you will. I fired it several times. It’s too short/small and awkward to hold for me. I’m 5’11” and I weigh 256lbs. It is difficult to aim and control mostly due to it’s size. I did not care for it at all. It’s a waste of money at close to $1,000. REALLY ?!?!? Don’t think so.

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  51. The rail in question is underneath and is on the pump part off the foregrip. If you use a foregrip that does not contain pins/bolts that go through the notches in the rail system to secure the grip and keep it from moving, you are a dummy. I would recommend the magpul stubby grip.

      • The exact grip pictured in the article is what I am talking about…I run it on my ksg… It will never slide. Rock solid gun… Never run a vfg on any pump rail unless it contains these cross pins/bolts.

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  53. You have to use common sense when shooting any gun. You know what’s in front of your barrel when you pull the trigger.

    But, Always make sure your accessories are tight before use. I will NOT use PRO-MAG! I have had bad/no luck with any accessory I’ve tried from them. (vertical grip, mag bottoms, magazines).
    My vertical hand grip would not tighten down enough on an aluminum rail on an AR. I used pliers to tighten the wheel on the bottom and still had wiggle, then slid forward during a firing session. Most likely it was loose before it came off but the owner kept shooting rapidly. You can’t blame the gun for causing it. Gun’s don’t shoot unless the trigger is pressed!

    This is a horrible accident.
    It’s sad that everything that happens has to turn into a law suit. No one want’s to take blame for their part in what happens. I can understand if the rail broke off the bottom of the gun, but the sounds as if the grip slid off.

    My two cents worth.. I hope he has a full recovery, even though his hand won’t…

    • evilwoodchuck on

      Failure to know what’s in front of/behind target, failure to keep finger out of trigger guard until ready to shoot, failure to properly equip weapon, failure to stop firing weapon when user noticed it was not 100% condition. 100% user error.

  54. Good luck with that, your lawyer is milking your pockets saying your gunna win that lawsuit . who originally put the attachment on Kel tec?doubt it change your rail or drill some holes

  55. Am I alone in noticing the lawyers remark that “Lefty” continued to fire after noticing a crack in the nipple that prevented the VHG from sliding.

    I may be a has been
    But at least I once was

    • Rule #1….. Mr. Attorney, your client is an idiot…. The forward grip with a polymer nipple is NOT for pump action firearms, your client should have been using the forward grip that has TWO horizontal screws that line up into the picatinny slots, those are THE ONLY forward grip that is long term functional on a pump shotgun

  56. why sue Kel Tec? they guy modified the shotgun by adding a vertical foregrip, if the vertical foregrip cause the failure of the picatiny rail or the foregrip itself failed how is that kel tec’s fault, I think if the shotgun would’ve gone off on its own without the man actually pressing the trigger than then I would give him the benefit of the doubt that Kel tec was at fault, but if you modify the shotgun you’re at your own risk. There’s no way to find out if the guy abused the gun and that caused the picatiny or the vertical grip to fail, as an operator of the shotgun you should always examine your weapon and make sure everything is in place like its supposed. Quit trying to get easy money from these hard working companies.

    • Amen to that. Must’ve been rapid shooting, otherwise how can a guy shoot part of his hand off? Doesn’t sound like a responsible gun owner

    • Brother I agree .these people that sue need to man up.if you screwed up admit to it and MoveOn .suing in this case is not the answer.

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  58. No matter what happens, the lawyer/leech wins. If an item isn’t Idiot Proof, it’s time to sue.
    If the gun jumped up & shot him by itself, then by all means hire a lawyer.

    • Now days its always sue somebody even if your an idiot and casied the damages. Not all that long ago people wouldn’t have considered blaming the manufacturer for their own stupidity.
      My grandfather had some very nice weapons, all from 1945 back but and in his younger days was an avid Hunter and clays shooter. However he never touched a gun or would join in when we were target shooting or hunting. He would just politely decline. On inquiry he told me why. When he was in his early 30’s (around 1935) he was out rabbit hunting with a shotgun and a lugar. He liked to shoot rabbits with the pistol so he didn’t have to pick shot out of the meat. Anyway he was climbing over a fence and jummped a rabbit and in the excitement threw the pistol down to grab up his shotgun before it was out of range. The pistol fired and hit him in the lower butt cheek, traveled straight up his body and exited his right shoulder. Somehow it didn’t hit anything vital, mostly just a flesh wound. After healing up he took the pistol and threw it in a pond and put his guns away for good. He said anyone that irresponsible, careless, and stupid didn’t need to handle a gun. That was the end of it and he never changed his mind.
      Now days there would have been attorneys lined up to sue.

  59. I recently purchased a KSG and on firing my first set of rounds, first time, 12 shells of birdshot, after firing, the forward grip was cracked and the laser was dangling towards the ground.
    and i had to hand it to my friend after firing 6 rounds, my shoulder was a hurtin’. so it does save ammo i guess

    • perhaps an integrated rail with forward grip made into it? or a metal grip with a locking pin that goes through drilled hole in rail??
      i’m curious what people’s hands look like when firing, just gripping the rail on the bottom? as if the rail wasn’t made to hold stuff, like some are saying? “he modified it, so its his fault, duh”

  60. james r bowles on

    If anyone has questions…I would suggest watching the the Hichcock45 Youtube videos….on the ksg…I think he did two…and then the comparison with the UTs Bullpup….it rates out very well…saw no problems with it…might add the shoulder bumper…but I will never add the handle…just too close to the front…I prefer the old fashion pump action I grew up with…

    • Are buy one that isn’t 20 dollars piece of crap from a company known for producing cheap gun parts that break easily. Never understood folks that buy 1K guns and put cheap parts on them.

      I have a Fortis grip on mine and than a light in front of that.

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  63. Put a cheap part on a cheap gun, use a part that is not intended to work the action, injure yourself and sue. The American way!

    • I don’t understand. I do own one and KEL -Tec prides themselves as being an American made company that pretty much guarantees their workmanship. I think that that was a very misfortune concerning the gentleman that accidentally shot himself in his hand. He fortunate to still have a hand. But the problem isn’t with KEL-Tec, concerning his accident but with the fact that that the Pro-Mag forward grip was not secured to the pump properly. My wife always says that I over tighten thngs, so I’ve got to run, I have a grip on mine that may need a few more turns!

      • I wouldn’t call this a cheap gun. Though Promag has been known to be a very cheap and crappy gun parts company. The 30 round FN 5.7 mags crack and have major failure to feed issues. He had to be racking the KSG pretty hard to break that nipple on the Archangle Vertical grip to break it. Than again any attachments I have bought have a solid line that runs through or screw that would keep them from sliding off. I love my Fortis forward grip on my KSG.

        Not to mention even if it slides off wouldn’t you think not to pull the trigger. Sounds like this guy was rapped pumping and shooting.

        Oh and the auther talks about feed issues and such of the gun. That was only the gen one guns, They fixed those issues quickly with the Gen 2 guns.

        • evilwoodchuck on

          The KSG is meant to be man handled. Check out nutnfancy’s review on it, not using very direct and deliberate motions will cause the KSG to short stroke and/or FTE/Fail to go into battery. This is a simple issue of a shit parts company producing shit. The pin that secures the foregrip to the rail should have been metal.


  64. Dennis J Brennan on

    Maybe the guy should have equipped his KSG with the forward grip sold by Kel Tec designed specifically for the KSG, instead of the archangel grip. It costs a mere $29. It hangs at about 45 degrees off the feed tubes, much less compared to the archangel’s 90 degrees. I think that the stress on the rail would be much less with the forward grip Kel Tec sells, possibly avoiding the tragedy that occurred. I just bought a KSG for $875 NIB haven’t fired it yet. My sympathies go out to the shooter who injured himself but I think he is on legal thin ice since he equipped his KSG with an aftermarket product.

      • Man you are an a$$ hole . This person has a life changing event and you make a comment like that . Wasn’t like this his person did this on purpose to himself . With remarks like that you will be judged in the end …

        • LogicalApproach on

          Did the actual firearm fail in this scenario and have a faulty trigger system


          Did the shooter have their finger on the trigger, safety off, when not fully prepared and ready to take a clean safe shot?

          If they had their finger on the trigger WHILE pumping it… then, yeah, they definitely did this to themselves on purpose due to improper handling of a firearm. There is absolutely no excuse for poor and unsafe handling of a firearm. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse. It is outright dangerous.

        • It's my right too!!! on

          He had a life changing accident due to his own ignorance. That’s like blaming the car manufacturer because you didn’t get your hand out of the way of the car door when you shut it. More than likely and the honest truth be told, he was “Playing” the “Watch Me Game” trying to impress others around him, racking as hard and fast as he could. Leave the Rambo shooting to Sylvester Stalone.
          Play with fire, your gonna get burned.
          Play with guns your gonna get shot.
          Lesson learned……Don’t play with guns. Respect them and KEEP your finger off the trigger till your ready to fire!
          Sh*t like this pisses me off because gun manufacturers have to raise the price of their guns to defend themselves from Rambo wannabes and gangsters that can’t wear a pair of pants that doesn’t show their ass. Have a nice day!!!

        • Suing the gun maker because the aftermarket part didn’t mate well? Maybe sue ProMag? Maybe only add farkles to your gun after more careful research, and not operate the gun like a deranged cowboy until after you validate safety and functionality?

          Was this his first gun?

  65. The bottom line is that Kel Tec makes cheap ass plastic guns, AND I WANT TO THANK THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE FOR ALERTING US AND HELPING SO MANY PEOPLE avoid these crappy weapons.

    I came on-line researching the KSG today because I was at an AZ gun show over the weekend, and so many table dealers were pimping this Keltec. I had never seen one before. There were a couple DP-12’s there, and they look more robust, but the price of the Keltec was much cheaper. Well I guess you get what you pay for.

    This article, and the photos, reminded me that I need to wake up sometimes and realize what I’m doing and what I’m playing with, when I’m in the desert doing stances and drills that aren’t allowed at the gun range.

    Thank you Mr. Gun Writer!!

    • So you are seriously going to blame some dumb ass not tightening down a grip well enough on a polymer frame of a Kel Tec? I can see you are pretty ignorant. Did you know just about every firearms manufacturer in existence uses polymer is some of their firearms? Did you know the DP-12 has polymer in it? Did you know that not installing a grip correctly is your own damn fault and not the fault of a polymer rail system (that hundreds of thousands if not millions of users have had no problems with [you know in kel tec guns and glocks and ar 15s etc]). This article is about as pathetic as the lady who sued McDonalds for spilling hot coffee on herself. Yes coffee is hot and yes if you don’t pay attention to parts install and sling your hand in front of ANY 12 gauge when you squeeze the trigger you are going to lose body parts. If you can find me a 12 gauge you can fire at your fist and be ok then we can blame this on Kel Tec. Otherwise (yah I thought so) the user who is trying to push this frivolous law suit should be penalized for it harshly.

      • Well said, Ian.

        When I started buying guns after a 30-year hiatus, I was shocked about two things; the prices were outrageous and everyone was producing polymer weapons. One of the best weapons currently in use with NATO troops is the FN P90. EVERYTHING (except the springs, barrel, and slide) is plastic. Pick up almost any handgun worth anything (HK, SIG, FN, Glock, or any other manufacturer), they are all made of some polymer composite. Last time I checked, the US military uses both the SCAR and the SAW – both of which are polymer.

        Point being – the KSG is not junk because of the material used to produce the weapon. It is an excellent weapon with a defined use. Just as chainsaw manufacturers place warning labels on their products warning people not to hold the wrong end of an operating saw, perhaps warning labels should be placed on guns. Would that have prevented this from happening?

      • The KSG is kinda known for having the plastic lower P rail break off… it’s a little more than the user not tightening the screws.

      • but… if the grip SLID off the rail, then the rail is probably out of spec and the grip was poorly designed. a vertical grip should have a bolt or other protrusion to fit between the P-rail slots preventing it from sliding…

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  67. If the nipple broke first time shooting and dumb dumb didn’t take it back to be fixed.
    It’s kinda his fault don’t use broken equipment

  68. I knew about the rail cracking on a KSG before I bought mine and the overlying issue I saw with the vertical foregrip, no matter the mounting material, bolts, etc is the extreme leverage that would be used against the connection point due to the 90 degree angle of the set up. There fore I use the angled foregrip from Magpul…no leverage issues due to the 22.5 degree angle and the stop at the front of the grip is excellent for indexing your hand in a hurry, even though it can really bite from the recoil until you get the perfect grip lol.

  69. The much larger contact area of the mounting portion of the angled foregrip also serves to distribute force over a much larger area as compared to the vertical grip, thereby educing the point loading of stress on any one spot


  71. I bought a large rotary hammer drill once that warned in its manual that it was “not intended for use as a home dental instrument”… I have very little doubt that disclaimer was there due to a lawsuit resulting from someone trying to use it as such.

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