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Last week’s column,  “Women, handguns and domestic violence” in which I said that an armed woman is hard to victimize, seems to have provoke a bit of a response from those opposed to arming and training women.

Here are three emails, printed in their entirety:

After reading your article on using a gun to defend yourself from abuse, I would like to know how he/she defends herself/himself from murder?????

Gary Backlund

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Dear Mr. Williams,

I could not disagree with you more.  The gun usually would end up killing her, 500not the abuser.  You are just plain wrong, and to advocate that in the paper is outrageous and you should retract your advise as totally off base.  

Please remember what happened to Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville, FL who may be serving 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot.  She used her gun and got arrested and was denied the Stand Your Ground defense.  This is not right. 

Maybe if the laws and law enforcement would support women in domestic abuse cases differently, women might stand a chance.  But as long as we continue as a country to ignore their plights, more will die and a gun just ensures that more will die.

Please read the following excerpt from a recent study.

In fact, research from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, one of the groups joining Everytown, found that the presence of a firearm in a domestic violence situation increased the risk of homicide by 500 percent for women. A September 2013 Violence Policy Center study called “When Men Murder Women” found that women were more than three times more likely to be murdered when there was a gun in their household, even when domestic abuse wasn’t a factor. Black women are two and a half times more likely to be murdered by a gun than white women, and a majority are killed by intimate partners. In fact, “More than twice as many women are killed with a gun used by their husbands or intimate acquaintances than are murdered by strangers using guns, knives, or any other means,” according to a study published in the Journal of Trauma by the RAND Institute of Health.

Thank you

Sally Louk

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We are amazed by the Herald Tribune’s financial support of Mr. Williams and by the paper’s negligent publication of William’s opinion in the  9/17/2014  edition.  Is it not enough that we allow so many to be armed that we now pay for school security?  Does the Executive Team  really want to encourage more attractively holstered firearms in the home—along with the blood, mayhem & murders that will certainly increase?  Do you really want to publish the drivel of someone who wrote that he told a domestic violence victim that she was surely dead rather than calling 911, and then professes his amazement that she survived and recovered! Your author seems unhappy that no harm came to the perpetrator, but makes no mention of addressing the issues within the legal systems.  Is it good editing to promote in print that writer’s disregard for the most basic of facts concerning the incidence & cycle of  domestic violence in favor of speaking of Floridians being “blessed” by having so many firearms instructors?  Perhaps having a gun with an eager willingness to use it “against anyone who intends to do them harm”  means that The Gun Writer can “read” minds?  Is he psychic?

And what happens to the staff who created the headline asserting handguns as effective tools against domestic violence !

Given the frequency of domestic violence, should so many homes be turned into OK Corrals? Would that make the homes “sporting arenas” thereby qualifying  The Gun Writer to appear in the Sports Section of your paper?

And which of you—the Executive Team—will take responsibility for this?

We expect better,

Deborah & James Marqua

Sarasota FL

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I appreciate everyone who reads my work, regardless of whether they agree or disagree.



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  1. Hnmm.
    An interesting study would be to find out the position of those opposed to a woman owning a gun, being skilled in using a gun in protecting herself agains physical harm, and a woman’s right to an abortion even into the third trimester. I’m not in favor of abortion but when the life and well being of a woman is on the line then a woman’s choice is sacrosanct.

    Apples and oranges might be the reply from those opposed to an armed woman. I don’t think so. Beat up a woman, beat up a pregnant woman to make matters worse. An armed woman can make the sacrosanct decision to protect herself, even if that mens to terminate the life of the beater.

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