Autistic child can now hunt because of suppressor


Lee’s note: This email was originally sent to a friend who shared it with me but asked that they and the author remain anonymous.

It’s touching beyond words, and speaks to yet another benefit of hunting with suppressors — a benefit I hadn’t even considered.



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Subject: Suppressor/safety/autism/thank you

My name is xxxxxx, I am a Florida licence holder xxxxxx, a full time Florida Silhouette_of_father_and_son_hunting_in_the_sunsetresident, and an avid hunter and fisherman. Other then that I’m just a regular guy no one has heard of, but most importantly I am a father.

My greatest love in life other then my wife and child is the love of the great Florida outdoors, and I assure you, we utilize every aspect of the outdoors. We annually hunt archery, muzzeloader, and gun seasons. We apply every year for alligator season, and we also have a annual state parks pass that we often use off season. In addition to hunting and camping we also fish as often as possible.

The reason for this email is to let you know how pleased I am with the FWC’s decision to allow hunting with a suppressor. I would like to explain why. While I’m sure their are some people who will think suppressors will be used for the wrong reasons, I want to assure you that most people are ethical sportsman that will use them legally and safely. The main reason I am so pleased is this new law opens not just more opportunities for me but for my young family as well.

My personal opinion of a suppressor is simply a safety measure. We would not send our children to play football with no helmets of padding. Nor would we let them even ride a bike without the proper safety equipment. So then why would we send them afield without a suppressor to quiet some of the sound made by firearms.

I, of course due to my love of the outdoors want to share it with everyone including my family. My son, xxxxxx  was born autistic he is high functioning and really a pretty normal kid, his autism does have some drawbacks, he is withdrawn in large groups, has a speech impediment, and absolutely cannot tolerate loud noises. We have tried shooting but he just cannot handle the sound of a gun even with proper ear protection this deeply saddened me because I had envisioned taking him hunting with me.

It is with tears in my eyes that FWC has given my son and I the opportunity to go hunting together in a manner in which  he can enjoy and not fear the sport. The combination of a suppressor and hearing protection will make it viable for him to go with me. My wife and I agree that we can take him shooting and hunting without the fear of hurting his hearing or making him altogether uninterested in the sport.

We also plan to take advantage of FWC’s Hunter safety course as soon as he is age eligeable.

Please feel free to share this e-mail with whomever was involved for giving my son and I the opportunity to be together in the field.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Thank you
XXXXXXXX and family


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Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


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  2. Thank you for your insight. you address the problem with a child in a great way.
    I can only applaud your insight into you child’s problem.I hope it works well for you.
    I can only thank the powers that be,for also being cognizant of the physical problems with anyone who likes to shoot legally. Fortunately here in Florida the powers that be are also willing to help.

  3. Calin Brabandt on

    You have told a wonderful story, Lee. Shooting sports and hunting are great activities for kids and people like your son. Such activities are both physically and psychologically strengthening and therapeutic. My father was a Professor of Education (long ago retired) and his focus was Special Education. He was a post-depression era child who grew up in rural Illinois and all the kids hunted to and from school and stored their long arms in the school room coat closet. (Man have times changed.) He understands the benefits of firearms from the standpoint of learning responsibility an building confidence and self-sufficiency in young people. I have witnessed the benefits, first-hand!

  4. Calin Brabandt on

    I forgot to mention that in his book, “Silencer History And Performance,” Alan Paulson reports that only two crimes have been committed in the U.S. using a silencer since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934.. In one case, someone shot some horses and threatened to shoot more of them, if the owner refused to pay a ransom. The other case involved a crime committed by police officers. I don’t remember the precise details of that case but, like all gun control, the NFA of 1934 restrictions on silencers was based on myths, and the myths persist in peoples’ minds to this day!

  5. After sixty plus years of good fellowship and beautiful outdoor experiences associated with shooting sports, the sound of gunfire brings to me fond and warm memories, along with glad anticipation of future events. However, I see no rational reason for forbidding shooters the choice to tone down the report a bit, out of consideration for others.

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