UPDATED: Another devastating Kel-Tec KSG injury


UPDATE 4/13: The reader who was injured by the Kel-Tec KSG sent this updated photo of his wound. The surgeons saved the hand, but he lost some fingers.

As in the previous accident, the shooter said his VFG broke of the KSG’s rail.

keltec injury fixed

PREVIOUS: A reader from Arkansas sent me a horrible photograph of what is left of his hand after he shot himself with a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.

It’s a close-contact wound with a 12 gauge shotgun, something I haven’t seen for quite a while, thankfully.

I decided to make the photo available, to show the damage a shotgun can inflict if mishandled.

Please do not view the image if you’re squeamish


Click here to see the image.

I called Kel-Tec’s corporate offices in Cocoa, Florida and spoke to Matt Stanek, the firm’s media coordinator.

Matt was aware of only one KSG accident, which I described in a previous story.

The KSG is a safe gun, he said.

“I’ve only heard of the one accident, where there was a vertical foregrip on the Picatinny rail that broke off,” Stanek explained. “That’s how the first one happened.”

Kel-Tec, he said, is not taking any “direct action” as a result of the injury.

“The KSG is shipped with a hand-stop, a polymer nub that attaches to the bottom rail,” he said. “If the hand slides forward it would stop it. And there’s a lot of after-market accessories. Some people put grip tape on it, or will add stippling. That’s about it.”

He was unaware of any lawsuits filed against Kel-Tec stemming from any injuries with the KSG.

“No one should be firing the gun without being ready to fire the gun,” he said. “No one should be blindly firing and pumping like that.”

I concur.

The KSG is a unique, bull-pup design, great for home defense or CQB.

It’s much shorter and more maneuverable than a Remington 870 or Mossberg 590.

Like with any specialized weapon – an SBR for example – the operator needs to exercise more caution.


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Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


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    • OK, I get it! An article about how a stupid person blew their hand off due to negligence and immaturity!!!

      I’m tired of this article popping up every time I have the letter ‘K’ in my search. This article is dated and irrelevant, and you should take it down. Do a little to help clean up the Internet by removing this old, unnecessary article. Or are you just going to leave this up for the next thousand years…?

      Here’s this article in a nutshell:
      Stupid, irresponsible man mishandles shotgun – Blows off some fingers – Oh, and… look at these gross pictures – Manufacture not at fault – Shotgun is cool!

      See how that cold fit in a simple post, somewhere, in a forum thread, FOUR YEARS AGO?!?

      • So you want him to remove articles you no longer have use for?
        Has it occurred to you others may have not seen it until now?

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  3. Ugh. That’s just terrible. The sad part is: If KelTec doesn’t do more to prevent this from happening in the way they ship the KSG out we’ll see more of these pictures. Mine did not ship with the hand stop. Neither was there any caution about a grip slip failure anywhere.

    Common sense, you say? Maybe. But you really have to rack the gun hard to cycle it, and if the hand slips past the grip it will end up exactly where this guy’s hand ended up – right in time for the shot if you shoot tactical repeats. There’s no barrel past the grip. Just fire and lead. So even without a broken rail, something as simple as a slip on the grip makes this an accident waiting to happen.

    I have since installed a 3rd party hand stop and a muzzle extension. The only reason I did that was because is saw the photos of the first accident. I’m very glad its not me that paid the price to educate the rest of the KSG owners about the slip or broken rail danger.

      • A few times of getting in a hurry and being too fast doing tactical mag dumps the irresponsibility will take care of itself…don’t see many hook handed shooters…I’m sorry, but if you don’t know or take time to care what’s in front of your muzzle you need a new hobby…for safety of yourself and others..I’ll bet that 14 rounds as fast as possible isn’t worth it now

        • “I’m a marine.” Oh wow, i’m so impressed (not). Your sense of self-importance makes you sound utterly stupid. What makes you think telling people that you’re a marine gives you credibility? Why do you find it necessary? Save your boot camp brainwashing for the mindless little girls that you try to impress at your military clubs.

          But yes, Chris is right.
          Firearms are dangerous and need to be treated with respect.

          • Steve Eisenberg on

            Adele, girlie:

            You don’t know what “Marine” means. It’s just a word to you; something you’ve seen on TV.

        • Brian, sorry for the comment by Adele. So disrespectful to our military personnel. Adele would be the one to have a gun and hunker down at a school shooting but you would be the one to run toward the gunfire to protect the innocent! Thank you for your service to our great nation!!!

          • Semper Fi MF'er on

            I know plenty of dumb marines. Plenty of super smart ones, but there are dumb marines.

  4. callum davenport on

    my ksg did not come with a hand stop. None of the other ones I saw the shop sell had a hand stop either. Only the sling.

    I emailed them with a link to this article and the quote. Lets see if they are really giving away hand stops that are listed on their web site as a $10 accessory.

    • Joe DiAntonio on

      Don,t count on getting anything from KelTec. Their PR People suck, It took me just a week to get a simple answer from those people & when I did it was a negative quote or something that they didn,t know about.
      On the other hand I seen people at the range using this weapon ( KSG) in a very unsafe method trying to pump out of the shotgun as many shells as fast as they can. Maybe this is the cause of injury to the previous accidents in the last two cases.

      • I don’t have any connection to Kel-Tec whatsoever, but I have had nothing but courteous service and willing assistance from their staff when I have dealt with them, over the phone and via email. Of course, I cannot speak for how they treat rude and discourteous customers. Perhaps that was the problem?

        • I agree kel tec has great customer service. I once had a moment of stupidity and left a bore sighter in the barrel of my su16 and fired a round needless to say that didn’t go well. I was honest call when I call them told them what happened thought I was going to have to pay to get a new barrel. So sent them my gun got it back in less than two weeks at no charge. Don’t get any better than that for customer service.

    • It does not come with a hand stop for a grip on the KSG because the KSG is not meant to have the peg style hand grip installed on there fore grip and used to cycle the action rapid fire,Like any piece of equipment you modify beyond conditions of what the manufacturer has designed it to operate under you do so at your own risk,Just like as in reloading,if you put the wrong bullet and powder plus case together in a load not recommended by the manufacturer and you blow up your gun and hands off it is not the Manufacturers fault but your own stupidity,Anytime you modify something from the original manufacturers intended original design with products put out by other third parties not associated with the original company or product you used it on you do so at your own risk , Had the peg style handgrip been made by Keltec for the Keltec KSG shotguns foregrip specifically then Keltec would have a legal problem for sure on there hands.The simple solution for this weapon to be fired rapid fire which it is not designed to do would be to manufacture a front foregrip for it made of one piece design with a peg style integrated into the sliding foregrip all one piece design,The picinttany rail mount on it is for attachment of a light or laser type equipment its not meant for a after market style peg to be mounted for rapid firing of this weapon in an unsafe manner ,While it is unfortunate this gentleman was injured so severely by his action of mounting another company’s product on to a Keltec firearm and using the KSG in a manner it was not designed for he did so at his own risk

      • Yep. Consumer protection laws are pretty clear about manufacturers limits of liability. It would be a shame to see a gun company get crucified by consumer hysteria for something beyond the normal limits of manufacturer liability.

        I am sorry for that guy’s hand. But those are the reminders the rest of us need to behave responsibly around dangerous toys.

    • Brett Lacher on

      My lawnmower didn’t come with a hand shield underneath where the blades are; I could reach my hand under and cut my hand off… if I’m retarded. This is much the same thing. And even if, worst case scenario, the rail breaks and your hand flies forward, you could… ya know.. not pull the trigger? This accident happened when someone who was careless had a malfunction and walked right into it, so to speak. I’m installing a vertical grip on my KSG right now despite this guy being an idiot. I have no fear that I won’t shoot my own hand off.

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  6. Its a gun. Misuse it and it will hurt you. Simple as that. Why do they have to put don’t be a dumbass warnings everywhere.

    I’m fed up with the stupid people doing stupid things and wanting to blame everyone and anyone but themselves culture.

    • I’m not saying lets kill all stupid people, lets just remove all the warning labels, the problem will sort it self out!

        • I tend to vote republican myself, so I’m not personally offended by your comment, Brian, but I can’t fail to notice that all the really stupid people on youtube, trying to kill themselves, don’t appear to be progressives. Quite the opposite, actually.

          I don’t think a lot of progressives are going to kill themselves with their latte if you take the “hot coffee” warning off. Rednecks with guns and chain saws seem the more likely victims of their own stupidity.

          • Not true, I’m a mountain man, with chainsaw, full blooded conservative. I dont know one person that has shot there gand off from a shotgun, although a few mountanairs have got cut up a bit from a chain falling off saw. Only time I’ve seen gun wound , is in ER, dumbass flatlander got drunk hunting deer, he dropped his rifle in which he shot off two toes.

    • Not meaning to be a smart ass, but I think that was a good answer. We each need to be responsible for our actions and reactions and stop blaming someone else. I certainly hate to hear of incident like this, but there is no excuse for that.

      • Not meaning to be a smart ass, but I think that was a good answer. We each need to be responsible for our actions and reactions and stop blaming someone else. I certainly hate to hear of an incident like this, but there is no excuse for that.

  7. You can’t fix stupid, but that applies to companies too. The lower “picky nose” rail has always been a week point on that weapon. KelTec will have to do away with it, in the molding process, and replace it with side rails. The lower “hand stop” will have to be molded in, in place of the lower rail.

      • There are a number of issues here. The firearm is secondary. See my other hurtful posts at the reaction of people blaming keltec. Tons of people shoot this gun on a daily basis without it suddenly blowing their hand off. Please please please be careful out there. Even really good products fail.

        • Zex Nynex seven/3 on

          When i 1st got mine imo it was silly to mount a light or laser to something im supposed to “rack like you mean it”. Recoil on that thing is hard enough on any accesories but mounting to the bottom rail just increases the chance of it falling off when you need it most… n at the very least losing the lasers zero….go with side rails.

    • First Let Me Say That I Do Not Own A KSG Shotgun & I Have Never Had The Chance To Live Fire One Either, But In Watching The YouTube Video You Provided A Link To[Thanks For That doesky] It Looks To Me Like Both Guys Are Keeping The Trigger Pulled Down Some When They Are Shooting The Gun; Maybe Im Wrong But It Looks Like It To Me!! I Dont Know If Its From Having A “Death Grip” On It Or What But I Wonder If That Factors Into Equation Of Having Trouble To Cycle The Action Or Not?!?! I Just Noticed It & Thought Somebody Else Mighta Noticed It Also!! Thanks For The Info & The Picture Also Lee, It Is A Very Sobering Reminder Of How One Accident Can Completely Change Your Life……. FOREVER; And That Safety Is King Or You Are The Jester!!!!!

    • Dude… perhaps a little research about the product before you write such nonsense. The link you posted was a review of the first generation KSG that is almost 4 years old. Since then Kel-Tec has released a 3rd iteration fixing the loading and spent shell ejection problem. Here is that same shooter from the Military Arms Channel shooting and loving the KSG here.


      To the “Gun Writer”… it is your duty to ensure ignorant trolls don’t post wrong and outdated information.

  8. I too obtained one of the early KSG’s and I immediately determined that the surface of the slide, or forend, did not offer me enough hand purchase. In order to bypass the forend itself I mounted a GPS GripPod complete with light mount and a SureFire G2 Tactical Light. This allowed me complete control of the action in addition to having a light operated by the left thumb. I was, however, concerned about breaking the polymer bottom rail, although this has not happened.
    For me, the best of both worlds proved to be the addition of a pair of ERGO SureStop Tactical Rail Handstops (trimmed slightly) mounted to the rail to keep my support hand from slipping fore or aft during the worst case scenario. These handstops are out of the way, but if snagging is an issue the rear one can be omitted. I find that modifications to nearly any firearm are necessary to improve it for my use.
    Some like to take a firearm to the limit, but dry practice is strongly recommended to find one’s strengths and weaknesses prior to adding live ammunition. Similar preparation is advised with virtually any new tool from guns to vehicles. We take chances every day and all too often the results are tragic. In my opinion, KEL-TEC manufactures high quality firearms, but one size rarely fits all, leaving a myriad of aftermarket accessories in the quest for perfection. If one insists on firing a shotgun as fast as a semi-automatic, buying that type is recommended.
    GPJ 1*

  9. This hits close to home for me. In the late 1950s one of my uncles was shot in the hand in a hunting accident with a 12 ga. He tripped and fell. The shot gun went off. He was by himself. He made his way to the highway and flagged down a car. My uncle lost his left hand.
    This picture is awful. But still needed so we all can learn a lesson from it.

    • Lee Williams on

      I really had some soul-searching about running the photo, but in the end, decided it taught a hell of a lesson.

      • it was a tasteful and responsibly journalistic move to post the photo via link and after a reminder of the caution. for whatever reason, i did not want to see the image yesterday. today i did wish to see it for academic viewing of the wound, and as a stiff warning to myself to keep the muzzle downrange of my and my fellow shooters’ appendages. i think it’s an important and effective image for a lot of us – maybe it’s not for not everyone; thanks for the option.

      • Yes it sucks. It sucks that he is hurt, and it probably sucks that I have said some things that would be considered hurtful. But if he had shot a child, hit himself in the leg causing massive bleeding, or someone else this conversation would be very different. I hope everyone takes the time to understand that a firearm is not only a toy but a tool. Like any tool it will jack you up if you dont respect it!

      • Well if it is any consolation, I did not look at the picture because your writing got the message across very well.

      • Glad you did, gets people thinking about safety. There but for the grace of GOD, go I. I own a KSG and love it. It also has a VFG with light. I have had no problems with it, FTF or FTE.
        You cannot pamper and coddle when pumping this weapon. Strong strokes are required.
        Thank you for posting those pictures.
        Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility.

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  11. I have a KSG and if one knows how to use it is works great. I added a alloy rail to the plastic bottom rail, Magpu VFG and a few other mods. I have had a number of ladies shoot it with out issues.

    Then I have had a couple guys shoot it that had FTE issues until They figured it out….Limp Wrist.

    Mine is running great and I have a few more upgrades planned here soon.


    • I too have a KSG and have upgraded several key areas of the gun and I just love it. I’ve put hundreds and hundreds of rounds through it without any issues. I think a large part of these accidents are just that, accidents. Some might be user error or neglect.

    • Then I have had a couple guys shoot it that had FTE issues until They figured it out….Limp Wrist.

      How do you “limp wrist” a manually-operated firearm?

        • You cannot “limp wrist/shoulder” a pump shotgun. The mechanism is not operated by gas or inertia. It is only cycled by manually operating the fore-end. It certainly is possible to short-stroke the mechanism, which may cause a jam, or simply not allow a shell to move out of the magazine, and therefore nothing chambers when the slide it moved back forward.

    • Sorry to break it to you, but if you have to modify a gun for it to run safely and consistently, it’s not a great gun.

        • No modification necessary. If you go to fire the gun because you cant see through your sights with your hand in the way or you firearm is no longer stable because your support hand is flopping around in front of it, then dont pull the trigger. If you are moving too quickly to notice the grip broke and your hand is in front of the gun you have no business cranking a round off to begin with! Bottom line, he fucked up!

    • Could you please tell us what rail you used. How much does it cost? Can we order it on line ? Could you please provide the contact information.
      Thank you for your help.

  12. This is an issue with many SBS. The barrels of Remington M870s that end at the magazine cap are similarly dangerous. What one should do with those, is add a plate-sling mount and SLING that stops the hand from passing the fore end. On my 870s I used the 14″ barrel and a 1 shot extension having the plate. All of the shorties increase this hazard. Be safe, that had to really hurt.

  13. master shooter on

    If u gonna practice with new weapons at least start with ammo having only primer not fully loaded rounds. Accidents can be prevented wen the tools are treated with care and respect. Don’t try everything u see in movies.

  14. I had a Keltec 9mm sub-compact and was unimpressed with the long hard trigger and lack of accuracy. I gave it away to a fiend and the trigger mechanism broke on him while we were shooting. I have worked the action on this model of shotgun and it was rough and hard to work. Not a fan.

  15. number one on a gun owners list ,realize that half the shit you see on tv is impossible. if you don’t use simple common-sense, you shouldn’t be playing with weapons of ANY kind.remember stay safe or leave it alone.

  16. I recently purchased a Keltec KSG shotgun and right out of the box it had issues. From what I’ve been reading it’s the same problem that A lot of KSG owners have experienced……short stroking when cycling spent rounds. A lot people blame the shooter and praise the shotgun. In my opinion it’s a 50/50 deal. I’m very cautious as a shooter and will never take any firearm to the range without knowing how it functions and how to use it in a safe manner. I especially would not allow anyone handle or shoot any of my firearms without this same knowledge. This is my responsibility as a firearm owner. This is what compelled me to try cycling 12ga snap caps thru my new KSG prior to taking it out to the range. To my surprise it would NOT cycle the snap caps with ANY type of consistency. I WAS NOT short stroking the action and was actually pumping back and forth in an exaggeratingly hard manner and still could not get any type of consistency ejecting the snap caps. I began to examine the cycling process on the KSG and discovered the problem. I’m a machinist and did a little bit of work on it and now it cycles 100% of the time with moderate amount of force. This is why I think Keltec is just as much to blame if not more soo than shooters having problems short stroking the KSG. If you need a vertical grip on this thing to get enough force to cycle a spent round SOMETHING IS WRONG! So is it the buyers(shooters) fault for not recognizing the problem right away or Keltec for selling poor quality product? BOTH !

    • Would you be willing to describe what machining you performed to fix the cycling issue you experienced? I am currently waiting for my KSG to arrive, have kept abreast of the issues that others have expressed and still feel it will be a great weapon, but I’m also smart enough to learn where I can. Thank you.

      • As long as you actually aim at what you are shooting at you will not have an issue. If you do what this guy did and fail to take any sort of a sight picture or stable shooting platform (generally I dont fire anything one handed unexpectedly) you will be alright. This guy is lucky he only blew off his hand and didnt shoot an innocent person.

      • It will be difficult to explain in this type of forum but basically I had to remove material that was preventing the cycling process from being completed when pumping in rearward direction . The KSG shotgun is a inovative design but made by a company that has a well deserved reputation for poor quality materials and workmanship . Kel-Tec in my opinion rushed this product to market without working out major issues …..NOT A GOOD THING for a shotgun or anyother firearm for that matter. I would also like to add that in my opinion Kel-Tec has absolutely NO firearm worth buying exept a “functional ” KSG shotgun.

        • FYI… I have had ZERO malfunctions, or issues with mine firing right out of the box… NO machining required! It has cycled anything I put through it, from Aguila mini shells to 2 1/4 shells, 2 3/4 shells, buck, bird, or slug… with NO problems.

    • I just got a KSG for Christmas and right out of the box it has problems. It will not eject rounds properly and jams a new round up. I have not been in touch with Keltec because they are closed for the Holiday. For what this weapon cost there is no excuse for it not to perform. I should not have to rack it like I am pulling on a sledge hammer!. It should function in a smooth reliable manner. I am proud to buy American but where is the quality? That is why I paid what I did. I could of gotten more reliability with a much lesser priced weapon. What is the send of having it if it doesn’t perform? Where is the quality control?

  17. Do we know for certain that he had a vertical foregrip on this one, and if so, did it fail?

    There’s a lot of claims being made there, but until we know whether it was an error caused by weapon malfunction or simple operator error, we’re getting nowhere.

    • How could a weapon malfunction EVER put your hand in front of the barrel? If you hand is where it shouldn’t be I don’t think it can be anyone’s fault but your own.

      • Yes it is simple, if the sights dont line up with the target you dont pull the trigger. This couldnt have been the case with the support hand in front of the barrel completely covering up the sights.

  18. Tactical Ted’s wanting to be SEAL Team 6’ers, who acquire their gun acumen through YouTube videos have probably accounted for more dummies involved in shooting accidents or near mishaps than I can recall in more than a half-century of hunting and shooting sports.

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  21. I’ve owned a KSG and I now have a Utas UTS15. Even tho the uts15 feels a little cheaper (a little bit more polymer), it is by far the superior gun of the two. There are too many flaws with the KSG. I also feel more safe shooting the KSG. The key is to know your weapon.

    • Obviously you haven’t shot both or you would know the kel-tec is far superior in reliability.
      if you feel the need to talk smack about a gun, get your facts straight.

  22. I feel bad for the injured people but. I’ve aways tought and been tought that you don’t ever put any body part Infront of a gun. Keen your weapon before loading it.

    • Yes exactly. This obviously happened because he wasnt taking any time to perform a target acquisition. Normally I would say that he learned the hard way and that it sucks. However, I think in this case since he went on the internet, failed to acknowledge his error, and blames keltec that the local LE should charge him with reckless handling of a firearm. Get him convicted so he never own a gun again. Five or ten years from now when he is eligible to get his rights restored he will look at his mangled paw, think about what he did, and know to always always get a good sight picture at what he is shooting at!

      • IF the attack on Keltec was not the OP’s intent or the injured party’s intent I do apologize for my hurtful words. However, reading many people’s response there seems to be an overall theme to blame keltec and not the man. After all not a single internet warrior could make a mistake. While this is a costly one it is a lot better than making the mistake and killing himself or another person. Everyone needs to ask if he was firing so fast that he couldnt see his hand in front of the gun and notice the gun was not stable, how easy it would have been to send the load to the left or the right and have shot an innocent bystander. Please be safe!

  23. Why is all the hate aimed at Kel-Tec when the problem is crappy VFGs that come off the rails because they’re not secured? The rail isn’t failing, the grip is. The takeaway is: don’t by cheap VFGs that don’t securely attach to the rail via 2 crossbolts. It’s not just a grip like on an AR15 or whatever, you’re ramming this thing back and forth as hard as you can to work the action.

    The first one was with a ProMag Arcangel which doesn’t even use a single crossbolt.. it’s secured with friction and a plastic tag (which sheared off under use) making it essentially suitable only for airsoft. You’ll note they have now discontinued this model.

    • How do you know that it’s the foregrips, and NOT the rail itself??? You say don’t use “CHEAP” foregrips… but a Magpul is only about $20 and it DOES have 2 cross bolts!!!

      • In a way, you are right. The KSG’s lower rail can fail if a VFG is being used improperly. Too much torque on the lower end of a VFG can snap off the teeth of the rail, causing the pump hand to get caught in front of the barrel. It’s mainly user failure.

        • My KSG, purchased about six months ago, did not come with any hand guard. I immediately put an inexpensive full-sized VFG on it, removed from an AR-15. I could feel it flex, and could see where pressing too low on the VFG made it act like a lever on the plastic rail connection, increasing the force applied to the two rail sections the VFG was connected across.

          I replaced it quickly with a very short VFG and made a point of gripping it at the very top, keeping my hand in contact with both the VFG _and_ the fore-end itself. Consequently, it acts strictly as a hand stop, and is very unlikely to experience enough force to cause either it or the rail to break.

          My thanks to John at June 1, 2015 for mentioning the SMT Tactical rail. I can see where adding that could strengthen the rail-to-fore-end connection, further reducing the possibility of rail failure.

    • I will tell you exactly how this happened. This dude was cranking off shells like an idiot just pushing his hand back and forth and bashing at the trigger. He was probably doing this from the hip with absolutely no target acquisition. Had he actually been halfway aiming, point shooting, or anything of the sort he would have noticed how the gun was not as stable and his front sight over his target was replaced with nothing and his hand holding the broken grip. Like waving a chainsaw blindly in the air he blew his hand off. He probably thought the only use for a gun was a loud toy and the 2nd amendment was a good internet topic. Now he has a hand that looks like that of a teenage mutant ninja turtle and he is going to try and blame keltec.

      • Hopefully my statements will wake up the keltec bashers and the OP + the injured person already came to these conclusions.

      • Were you there? You start by saying that you know “exactly” what happened and then in the very next sentence you say “probably”. Unless you were there you’re completely talking out of your ass.

        • Were YOU there? Sounds like you’re talking out of your ass too; the extent of the damage could not possibly be caused by proper use of the shotgun, unless Kel-tec’s manuals specifically instruct owner-operators to wave their hands in front of the weapon. Since it ships with a handstop AS STANDARD, clearly this retard caused his own injury.

      • Allot of armchair shooters should get the facts before they make judgements anyone can criticize but it takes more effort to get the facts

      • I don’t know if you have ever owned a Kel-Tec firearm, which leads me to believe that your opinion is based on what you read! If I am wrong forgive me for that insight. So pleas read that I am an owner of 4 Kel-Tec weapons, unfortunately one I also want is the KSG and have not been able to find one in my area for sale. I have a P11, PF9, PMR-30 and the RFB. I have shot thousands of rounds through them and except for the trigger pulls on the P11 & PF9 being so long, I do not have a complaint one about them. Just like any other manufacturer that comes out with a new design, there will be a few gremlins that need to be worked out. That does not make them “Junk”. I am a gunsmith of 20 years and can tell you they are well built and safe, when like any other firearm in the industry are operated per the manufacturers instructions. I own many firearms from many other manufacturers (Colt, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson & Winchester to name a few) and my Kel-Tec’s are just as reliable and accurate. I have no affiliation with Kel-Tec, but I do like their innovative designs and am glad they are here to offer something other than the norm.

  24. I had one and the same thing happened with the exception of the injury. With a vertical foregrip attached the bottom rail broke off. Thankfully no injury. But, it is a product flaw. Don’t attach a vertical foregrip.

  25. As a KSG owner I am very grateful for the news and the gruesome picture. It is a great warning about dumb stuff I haven’t done yet. Those who delight in pointing out the shooter’s mistakes are worse than anticlimactic. Had they been there, would they have laughed? There could hardly be anything more embarrassing than shooting off one’s own fingers. Thanks to the shooter for having the courage to share the incident.

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  27. LOL. I just got my Gen 2 KSG in burnt bronze. $695 off GB. Really a nice sold and compact shot gun. Yes I have other shot guns. I feel a lot of people who bash these are have not’s. Not every one can afford one and can only buy a $200
    I was looking at the UTs 45 and felt this was the best. Hickock45 has a great YouTube on them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xaxGhKLMqY

  28. For what it’s worth, here is my 2 cents… was the shooter using the weapon improperly? Maybe… Was he acting somewhat recklessly? Maybe… but I was NOT there. Anyhow, now to decide the battle between was it the foregrip? or the plastic rail of the gun itself??? Or was it this “handslip” that several posters mentioned? I myself am leaning toward the rail of the gun, sorry KelTec… I do love your products. So for anyone interested, I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere in this whole post, but a really good remedy to decrease the chance of having your rail break, is to add an aluminum rail cover. There is a picatinny rail made by SMT Tactical, that slides right onto the KSG rail covering the entire length of the factory picatinny rail, with 4 set screws to secure it to the rail. It’s the exact same length as the bottom of the slide. It adds maybe 1/4in. of height to the slide. I then mounted my Magpul VFG to the all aluminum. This should eliminate ANY chance of the plastic rail itself from failing. It will NOT eliminate a failure of a VFG, but unless you are superman and can rip the entire slide off of the gun, I think this is probably the safest option to upgrade your KSG, and provide a little piece of mind… but I still will not go firing extreme rapid fire bursts like an idiot!

    Hope this helps some KSG owners.

  29. Great discussion points from all who’ve contributed. I bought a KSG a year ago for a home defense weapon. My wife and I have pistols and are very competent with them, however a shotgun platform offers more ammunition options to accommodate home defense. And to be frank, if you need it at 0300 you have to distinct advantages with a pump, #1) unmistakeable audible cues, #2) a small spread pattern can compensate for nerves, sleepy eyes, etc.

    The largest influencing factor for the KSG was it’s size. My wife is a mere 5′ tall. Even 870/500 in youth stocks are a difficult action for her to operate. The KSG fits like it was tailor made for her.

    Anyone know why KSG or anyone else hasn’t produced a replacement/improved fore stock? Seriously, a product with the light/laser option integrated into a molded one-piece with grip would solve 99% of the problem. There will always be the 1% contingent of morons who find new and exhilarating means of highlighting their intellectual shortcomings.

    What about the bolt on aluminum rails? Anyone with experience think those solve the issue? In all honesty I just purchased a SIG VFG w/light and laser and now I’m questioning that choice.

    • “Unmistakable audible cues” from a gun has always worried me. I’m not starting an argument with anyone & do not want to offend anyone. I always worry that the sound gives up my location. On the other hand, 99% of the time the sound usually makes a bad guy wet his pants & head for the nearest Exit.
      Thanks to Lee for posting the info/pic, you just might have saved a couple of hands. Imho it’s the shooters fault. The gun didn’t jump up & shoot him, we’re living in a Lawyer’s Paradise..
      God Bless you all, practice & be prepared.

    • Ultimately people have to realize that tools are not toys. If anyone has delusions of being a cowboy or paying cops and robbers stick to cap guns or paint ball. Treat any firearm like it is a vicious wild animal, with respect and caution. Al it takes one stupid action to get hurt or hurt someone.

  30. Nothing wrong with a KSG. Gen 2 been running for almost 2 years. Just one of 5 different shotguns I own. If your head is in straight and you thinking about what your doing, you will have no problems. Rackin it like an automatic, or acting like a cowboy will get you killed.

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  33. After reading elsewhere, the shooter who is involved with the lawsuit is claiming that the rail breaking caused the gun to jerk forward and caused his finger to pull the trigger.
    There is a two fold problem with this. First, the breaking of the rail and resulting movement of the gun would actually cause the trigger to move away from your finger in the guard. When the rail gave way, the left hand would continue forward without the sudden stop at the end. IT is possible that force upward on the muzzle could have been applied at the end of the stroke as the rail gave without totally breaking off. That would have caused the gun to rotate upward and TOWARD the shooter’s (right) hand, and caused the trigger to move farther from the trigger. So the Plaintiffs claim that the rail breaking caused the gun to jerk into his trigger finger doesn’t jive.
    That brings us to the second issue, WTH is your finger doing inside the trigger guard while you are still cycling the action? Finger stays OFF the trigger (and out of the guard) until you are actually ready to fire, not while you are cycling the action.

    Anyone used to handling firearms (properly) would know that this was purely misuse of the firearm and probably (yes, this is speculation) from attempting to rapid fire the shotgun.
    If there are any shooters in the jury, the plaintiff should lose (or get a REALLY small settlement).

    • As an engineer, I was looking at the image of the damaged hand. It appears ,as others have pointed out, that the shot went through the extreme upper palm of the hand. If the shooter was using a VFG that broke off on the forward stroke, then it would have folded forward upon breaking and the gun would have proceeded to move down due to the forces involved. In that case it would appear to me that it would have been the back side of the hand that would be presented to the end of the barrel as the hand would tend to roll backward with the motion of the broken hand grip. I just can’t see the physics of the motion allowing the hand to open the palm into the gun because of a broken VFG. The momentum of the forward stroke and the pivoting of the broken grip would force the hand to roll backward. If the hand just slipped off the grip on an aggressive forward stroke then it could present itself palm side to the barrel end. Just a thought.

      • To me it appears that the shooter’s motion broke the handle or slipped off. Then, without fore support the shotgun dropped and he tried to catch it with both jands: the left fell in front of the barrel while the right clenched the trigger. He was trying to keep the gun from falling. It wasn’t the pumping motion’s inertia. You have to train yourself not to clench with the index finger when losing leverage on a long gun, or any gun for that matter.

    • I have an issue with your 2nd part of your analysis. Have you ever shot clay pigeons? Multiple clay pigeons? U are rapid rapid firing at them and are not taking your finger out of the trigger guard while cycling the action. I get it a bull pup is not “designed” for clay target use but you get my point. I’m sure all gun owners have done some stupid things with their weapons and most get away un injured, I belive when u spen good money on a fire arm there is a level of quality you expect and use the gun accordingly. I feel sorry for the guy and if I was in the jury would most likely be on his side.

  34. I bought a new Kel-Tec at the local gun show a this summer and have yet to put it properly through the motions. I had a guy come up to me and show me his friend’s blown off hand on a cell phone picture after using a Kel-Tec. After seeing the picture and checking out the gun in greater detail, I decided to buy two after market parts: one a muzzle break effectively extending the barrel point to the hand, in the event of a true accident, wouldn’t slip in front of the barrel and the other a metal rail upgrade for the FG. I’ve seen numerous pictures of the polymer teeth breaking from racking the gun. Hopefully this along with user safety will prevent any tragedies using the weapon.

  35. I don’t understand. How did the vertical grip breaking off cause the guy to pull the trigger?

    OK. The vertical grip breaks off and “somehow” his hand gets in front of the muzzle. How does he then get forced to pull the trigger?

    It seems like he was trying to rapid fire faster than he actually could and didn’t bother check what he was shooting at before firing the next round.

    As far as things breaking – everything can break. As I like to tell my students, breaking things isn’t a feat of strength, it’s a feat of stupidity.

    I don’t know if I would want to be next to him on a range.

    • my guess is instinct i mean that happens he feels like hes gonna drop the gun which then he tries to grab it when his finger is on the trigger like when people try to catch a knife when they drop it stupid is as stupiid does

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  37. I thought I read somewhere in the first paragraph about the guy being from ARKANSAS, need I say more??? I work with people like this from time to time and as the old saying goes…… ” You can’t fix STUPID !!!”

  38. I’ve got the Kel-Tec ksg

    Haven’t shot it yet.

    Love the design, capacity and use in CQ like in the home.

    Also as a LEO gun safety has been drilled into us “ad nauseum”…. Guns kill but improper use can hurt ya…

    I had the KSG fitted with the Magpul handle on the slide as a safety feature.

    I like the Fire power +the versatility of rounds (00 buck) 2 or slugs.

    • I noticed that lower rail on the gun was not terribly strong, and when I put a low cost vertical grip on, and cycled the action, I knew it was just a matter of time before it broke. After looking at the after market, I bought the reinforced add on rail, the muzzle brake, the beefed up selector switch, the butt pad, a neoprene rear stock cover and a folding STEEL vertical fore grip that stays out of the way when you don’t need it. These improvements added about $250 to the gun. But, when you load it up with low recoil 00 buckshot, it is VERY easy on the shoulder. Instead of “iron” sights (the gun has a short sight radius, and is CQB gun) a red dot sight was added, and works well within the intended rage of this shotgun. It also helps to have a AR-15 type quick detach single point sling, it you are going to wandering around the boonies

  39. I don’t own a KSG, but we have sold several at the gunshop I work for. I’ve often thought that a web handle,(under the forend) similar to what Mossberg has on their 14″ class 3 entry gun, would be the best solution to this possible problem. The hand then is contained, both on the charge & eject motion of the pump handle. If I ever get one, it will be my first modification. This also applies to the other similar shotgun out there. But either would have to go a long way to replace my 590-A1 !

  40. The bottom rail on the KSG is the only flaw with this gun BUT it is easy to remedy. Bullpuparmory.com sells a metal picitinny rail that slides over the plastic picitinny KSG rail and is anchored down by 4 screws which enables someone to work the shotgun harder without much fear of your hand looking like the one pictured above. The cost is under $50 and is a must have upgrade if you own this shotgun.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your input. Do you have a link to the the piccatiny rail, I went on the website but can’t find the part you mentionned. Thanks a lot

      • HiTechCustomConcepts.com for the rails, extended selector switch, and more.
        BullpupArmory.com also has rails and angled grips, and a finger stop.
        Magpul does some angled grips, and a finger stop.
        Got the IDF angled forgrip for my KSG at FAB-Defense.com, who also makes a finger stop combo for it.

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  43. If you are looking for the very best KSG after-market products you have to see SMT-Tactical.com. Head and shoulders above everyone else out there.

  44. I threw on a low end grip on mine and sure enough had the same thing happen. I could see how you can loose a hand of you don’t keep that booger finger off that trigger

  45. I’ve owned a KSG for over 2-years and have often wondered how people were able to shoot off their fingers. I have been shooting rifles, shotguns, and handguns for almost 50 years, and I still continue to approach every new gun as if it were the first time shooting a gun. My KSG had no hand stop or fore-grip when I picked it up. I had heard of the problems Kel Tec was having with the lower rail breaking (actually, it was the improper fore-grip for the rail), so the first thing I did was mount a steel picatinny rail to eliminate any possibility of my fore-grip breaking off.

    Guns, ALL guns, are inherently dangerous. If a shooter places a finger over the cylinder of a revolver, and it happens to touch the barrel (inconceivable, I know), the pressure would more than likely sever the finger. If you have the improper grip on a carry pistol, with the weak hand too high on the cross-over, I can guarantee the slide will take a chunk of skin off your thumb.

    I honestly believe the KSG is one heck of a defensive weapon. I appreciate the hard-racking action, as there is no mistake of what is going to happen. To say Kel Tec has a responsibility to make the gun safer is almost the same as saying bullets should only kill someone when it is appropriate and necessary. If a person is going to practice quick draw, rapid dumping a mag, or any thing else that “could go wrong,” then practice with snap caps or dummy rounds until everything is mastered.

    • The KSG is a weapon that depends upon the user pulling the trigger……every time. If you lose your VFG, and your hand is in front of the muzzle, you don’t pull the trigger.
      If you buy a third rate VFG off Amazon, it’s probably a good idea to dry fire it for a few cycles before you take it to the range and put live ammo into it.
      I’ve got a KSG. I’ll keep it for all time. It’s not perfect, but I can’t say that anything like this will ever happen to me. I’m very conscious of the state of my hands and the gun itself every time I pull the trigger.

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  47. Still, when TSHF , and there isn’t gasoline, what weapons are you going to tote to get out of dodge? That cute shotgun uses shells, and there are only 9 of those per pound. You will be walking now. Me, I’ll tote my 10/22 and walther P22. Same ammo, of which there are 133 per pound. I can shoot a rabbit, goose, duck and a doe, or I can shoot a bad guys knee up to 200 yards away (that ruger is insanely accurate) and still have 132 bullets left. With your set-up you’ll need shells, rifle bullets and pistol bullets, good luck if you break a spring and have to toss the gun and 30% of your ammo. just say’in.

    • You think you can kill deer with a 22? I think your right about your weapons using the same ammo and the weight but but your gonna need something a little bigger than a 22

    • Oh FFS. Since when did this turn into a d!ck measuring contest about which one of you cretins could survive longest on “The Walking Dead” or whatever apocalyptic fantasy you dream about? Stop giving us other sane gun owners the image of the ridiculous survivalists they keep showing on cable these days… I also know there’s a whole counter culture that you can probably identify with, and probably become more accepted in as well. It’s a group called “airsofters”. You can wear all the Ranger gear your piddley paycheck can afford if you can get someone to get you on post and buy it up at clothing and sales… or you can just buy the fake stuff on amazon. Either way feel free to stop identifying with us.

  48. I have a Kel Tec and if a persons hands get wet , or if you are trying to fire this firearm quickly , and sometimes even with handguns for some reason people put their fingers even around the end of a handgun without thinking too much about it . I sold guns for years and a friend was shooting a revolver and some splinters of lead hit me in the face . And I am a firearm expert or so I was told by the law agency and gun shop I use to work at . Sometimes bad things happen before we can move out of the way . My cousin as a child got his toes too close to a riding mower and lost 4 of his toes . The problem is we don’t always see where are fingers and toes are and since we are not a fly that has eyes that can see in many directions I can see how something like this can happen . The only thing that we can do is try our best not to become distracted from what we are doing . I was teaching a young guy how to shoot a semi auto pistol last summer . And I told him to keep his thumbs down so the slide would not hit his thumb . I ‘ll be darn if every time he pulled the trigger he would raise his thumb and his thumb would get hit . I sometimes realize I need to carry myself some duct tape around for this young feller I was trying to teach . Never ever get your fingers in front of a revolver cylinder, a semi auto slide, or in front of the barrel of a gun . On a pump shotgun be extra careful if you perspire on the forearm . Always keep a dry short golf towel hanging on your belt .

  49. You can’t blame Kel-Tec for the failure, or the resulting injury. The KSG does not come equipped with a vertical foregrip. Probably for this very reason. When you add after-market items to any consumer product, you do so at your own peril. Everyone needs to grow up and go back to accepting responsibility for their own actions.

  50. I don’t think that it’s a problem of the KSG. Actually, that can happen with any short-barreled shotgun. You need to be very careful when using firearms. It is important to be very accurate with new firearm because it may have different configuration and you need to get used to that. Dry fire trainings with dummy shells are very useful.

  51. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
    finger protector

    Keep Posting:)

  52. I don’t think it’s fair to call it a KSG injury. It is a short barrel accident caused by losing control of the weapon, while still having his finger on the trigger. Long barrel weapons are easier to maintain control of, but nobody should be wildly pumping and pulling the trigger without aiming.
    I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, and sometimes only good luck keeps those mistakes from being life-altering. This was clearly operator error, because anytime you pull the trigger without intention and control, you’ve screwed up. If the gun goes off without you pulling the trigger, then the gun screwed up. Then it is a KSG injury.

    I’m going to take a wild guess that he was trying to shoot as rapidly as he could, without regard to aiming the gun. Guns are not designed to do that. If you’re going to do that with a short weapon like this, you are juggling a chain saw. A neat display of skill and daring, but a bad idea. Don’t blame the chain saw manufacturer if the bar cuts your face off. I suppose they could design in a juggling sensor, that would detect you are juggling it, and it would shut off, but really?
    I do see there are KSG accessories which would lessen the odds of your hand slipping forward, and there is a longer barrel version that would be easier for the wild bill novice to control. Idiots should buy something less dangerous to play with.

  53. In regards to Chainsaws and Id10ts: don’t crank one with the bar between the legs…
    Education helps prevent Stupid.

  54. dustin osborn on

    Fuck that guy, sorry about your day. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I’m still buying one😬

  55. Let’s see…dad gave me my first gun when I could recite these three things:
    1) Don’t pick up a gun if you aren’t prepared to respect it.
    2) Don’t point a gun if you aren’t prepared to use it.
    3) Don’t shoot something you aren’t prepared to kill.
    4) And last of all: Aim small, miss small, i.e. make your shots count.

    All this practice crap I hear about where people blow their hands off for making a lot of noise and beating up a target really fast are obviously people who didn’t have a dad who taught them these three basic rules. For each of them lost to natural selection, the world’s average IQ just goes up a little bit. I feel smarter, just a little bit, every day.

  56. Guns are like fast cars, motorcycles, airplanes and fast boats.
    Just because you can afford one doesn’t mean you should have one. They all require training, common sense, self discipline and respect.
    Because you can afford one should not even be in the equation.
    If you don’t maintain all 4 requirements at all times YOU are putting your life and the life of others at risk. And thank you Marines and all other that served for your service.
    Anyone that would mock a military veteran doesn’t deserve to live in this country.

  57. Guns are like fast cars, motorcycles, airplanes and fast boats.
    Just because you can afford one doesn’t mean you should have one. They all require training, common sense, self discipline and respect.
    Because you can afford one should not even be in the equation.
    If you don’t maintain all 4 requirements at all times YOU are putting your life and the life of others at risk. And thank you Marines and all other that served for your service.
    Anyone that would mock a military veteran doesn’t deserve to live in this country. 😎

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