The Gun Writer TV episode 16: Shooting 37mm (not grenade) launchers made entirely in Florida

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Ed Dittus and his wife Pieper are the ultimate small business people.

Ed used to co-own of a Connecticut-based firm that manufactured 37mm grenade launchers signalling devices.

He took what he learned from his former firm and created Ordnance Group, which is based in Bradenton, Florida.

Not only did Ed improve the management situation, he improved the product considerably.

Ordnance Group produces a 37mm launcher that is 100% American made. In fact, the entire device is machined, coated and assembled in Florida.

Their flagship launcher — the Tac-D — retails for $379, and Ordnance Group has a full line of ammunition, adapters, reloading kits and accessories. The adapters allow the shooter to use 26.5mm and 12 gauge signaling rounds.

The Tac-D is ready to mount to the Picatinny rail, not unlike an M-203,  or the user can fit it with AR furniture to create a stand-alone launcher.

The best part? The launcher is not a weapon. It doesn’t require an FFL transfer. It’s cash-and-carry.

You can purchase a Tac-D direct from Ed and Pieper — they frequent gun shows in the area — or you can buy one from Ed’s two authorized dealers: High Noon Guns and Young Guns and Safety.

Mike Young, Mike Lang and I were invited to Ed and Pieper’s ranch Monday to shoot the new launchers.

It was a blast, literally. It’s hard not to smile when you’re launching 37mm rounds!

The Tac-D may be the ultimate AR bling.

I hope you enjoy the video half as much as we did making it!

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Mike and Lee


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