Cato Institute report: “The Costs and Consequences of Gun Control”


The Cato Institute issued what will likely become a landmark report Monday, titled: “The Costs and Consequences of Gun Control.” cato-logo

I have never seen a more comprehensive examination of “common sense gun control” proposals and how they don’t make any real sense.

The report examines nearly every current issue: magazine limits, “assault weapon” bans, universal background checks, gun-free zones and much more.

The author, David B. Kopel, also highlights what would work instead — “to greatly increase spending to help the severely mentally ill.”

Kopel’s report should be required reading for every gun owner.

It’s a credit to Cato and the fine work they consistently produce.

We will be talking about this report for years.



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  2. This article, as well as the Cato report, are total BS. Why a fine newspaper like the H-T pays someone to write an obviously baloney article full of anti-social crappola is beyond me, but one further example of a good newspaper trying to keep itself afloat by appealing to a societal sub-set, fringe element. Cato has rarely, if ever, reported on anything that benefits society, only right-wing nutters and conservative fundamentalists who dispute climate change, reproductive rights and full voting privileges.

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