Column: Fusion Firearms comes to town!


If the gun industry had royalty, Bob Serva would be a crown prince.

Bob owns Fusion Firearms — a manufacturer of high-end 1911 pistols and 1911 parts, which is now just down the road in Venice.

Bob’s custom pistol builds are legendary, but his personal history is equally compelling.

Like many of us, Bob’s been shooting his entire life.

He began by becoming a tool and die maker — a specialty he sought because it would make him a better gunsmith.

Once he was established, he bought Dan Wesson Firearms and breathed new life into the storied firm, before he sold the company to CZ-USA.

Smith & Wesson called him when they began making 1911s. They needed his input.

Armscor International Inc. flew him to the Philippines when they were setting up their 1911 production facility.

Today, he still puts his hands on every single 1911 that leaves Fusion’s shop.

I know of no other owner or CEO who can make that claim.

I got a chance to shoot Fusion’s new production line, their Premier Series, last week.

The first thing I noticed is that these are “production guns” kind of like Caroll Shelby’s early Mustangs were “production cars.”

We met at Aegis Tactical, which, along with High Noon Guns, are the two firms currently carrying Fusion Firearms in the Sarasota area.

The Premier Series are handcrafted and hand-fitted by the same gunsmiths who create the firm’s custom guns.

The frame, slide and barrel are forged stainless steel.

They use the same parts that are used in their custom guns.

Fit and finish are superb — rock solid. The guns are completely de-horned.

The trigger, well, they redefine “crisp.”

Fusion’s Premier Series 1911s have the best triggers I’ve ever encountered on any firearm in more than four decades of shooting.

Bob and his team are proud of their guns, and rightfully so.

His customers include concealed carriers, police, federal agents, target shooters, collectors and a variety of special operators who carry them in harm’s way downrange.

While the price points on the Premier Series hover around $2,400, Bob says Fusion plans to introduce a more affordable line of 1911s early next year, including several models that will retail for under $1,000.

That’s a story we’ll report here!

If John Moses Browning were alive today, I’m sure he’d be damn pleased with what Fusion Firearms has done to his legendary design.

Make sure to check out The Gun Writer TV episode 21, in which we shoot Fusion’s Premier Series.

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