Column: How to train like a Navy SEAL, at home


Retired Navy SEAL CPO Chris Sajnog has one takeaway from the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

“To me, it shows we need to be armed, but even more than that, it shows we need to be properly trained,” he told me this week. “The way most people have been training for that past 50 years is wrong. There’s an easier and more effective way.”

When it comes to state-of-the-art firearms training, his is an opinion I value highly.

The Wisconsin native enlisted in the Navy in 1989 as a corpsman, and later earned a Diving Medical Technician designation as an E-3. His first two tours were in support of SEAL operations. Eventually he decided to become a full-fledged frogman, and graduated from BUD/S class 199. He’s been deployed all over the world.

Like most operators, Sajnog has a host of certifications, including Special Operations sniper instructor and other firearms training specialties.

While he still offers personal one-on-one firearms training for individuals, as well as contract training for military and law enforcement units, lately he’s transitioning to Sajnog2offer more web-based instruction.

His online training packages start at $14.95 per month — a far cry from his $10,500 daily training rate.

“The old way to train is to look at someone who’s a good shooter and look at their stance, their grip, the physical aspects of what they do and then try to mirror it,” he said. “To me that’s like trying to copy how Michael Jordan holds a basketball. How the great ones in any physical skill get to where they are is by how they train, not their physical techniques.”

Most of the chief’s techniques can be done at home, and involve building proper “neural pathways.”

“If someone goes to the range and flinches, and they keep flinching, they’re reinforcing bad habits,” he said. “The way to do it properly is at home, dry-firing safely and effectively. You can also use lasers and other cool gadgets, even Airsoft.”

While live-fire is still a major training component, more work should be done before the trip to the range, he said.

“I’m going to teach you how to learn, and show you ways you can do it at home,” Sajnog said. “You’ll save yourself time and money by first training at home. The course costs less than a box of bullets. Why waste ammunition when you can spend less than that on how to learn how to shoot faster and easier at home.”

I’m signing up for his course. Look for a review of his training techniques in the near future.

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  4. Hello lee. I need some help. I live in california. Im very eager to train same exact training as the seals. Im doing it myself on the beach. I want tactical training as well. What i do i want it classified. I dont tell nobody what i do. Can you help me some how??? Please.

  5. Soon i believe war is coming all over usa. I want to be ready for anything. Be fully trained. And really intelligent. Alot of people these dsys dont know whats coming for them. They dont realize n dont care. But me i want to be prepared. I bought some of my gears for the classes im taking. I want to keep fully training. Help me.

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