Column: “Navy SEAL Shooting” a book review


It’s a testament to the skill, dedication and gallantry of our nation’s elite maritime commandos that so many marketers want to latch onto their hard-earned brand to hock their wares.

I doubt too many BUD/S-qualified frogmen carry cheap Chinese folding knives with “U.S. Navy SEAL” stamped on the handle into harm’s way.

With all the books, DVDs and programs claiming insight into how to shoot, run, operate, drink or dance like a Navy SEAL, it can at times be difficult to sort through all the noise and find the real deal.

Make no mistake, Chris Sajnog is the real deal… SEAL.

I wrote about his new online firearms training program in a previous column, and then the retired CPO sent me a copy of his latest book: “Navy SEAL Shooting.”

It’s a game-changer.

Here’s my review: Buy this book, now.

Sajnog drew upon his 20 year career to create his how-to shooting guide, and he certainly knows the material. The Navy chose him to write the instruction manual for the SEAL Team sniper program — the very program that trained the late Chris Kyle.

Sajnog’s latest work is organized into four sections: training, mindset, marksmanship and operations. The latter is his term for weapon manipulations such as magazine changes, clearing malfunctions and yes, movement. It’s not taking down doors with DEVGRU.

Like every world-class instructor, Sajnog places incredible importance on mastering the fundamentals, which has always been the key to mastering any type of shooting.

“The downfall of any training program is the trainer’s lack of commitment to the fundamentals and the student’s lack of insisting on their instruction,” he writes.

He does not teach any “advanced” techniques, as there is no need.

“I believe that advanced shooting is only the basics done smoother and faster,” he writes. bvhh6dmqrifSib0Xib1rJ9mLwwXpoVJDksK7W9Mk6h4

I completely agree.

This does not mean that “Navy SEAL Shooting” is merely an NRA Basic Pistol Course stretched to 386 pages — far from it. It offers more than enough high-speed tips and techniques to satisfy shooters of all skill levels. And there’s also a pretty decent guide for life, which he calls “Live like a warrior.”

While I’m definitely not the guy to comment on anyone’s writing style, Sajnog’s use of simple declarative sentences is refreshing and fun to read.

He offers enough personal anecdotes to buttress his points, without digressing into any there-I-was-knee-deep-in-grenade-pins stories.

As he says in his book, if you want that, buy a novel.

I learned a hell of a lot from the chief’s book, but I’ve only been shooting for about 40 years, so I’m still somewhat of a novice.

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  1. Michael Edwards on

    Lee, thanks for the first-rate review. Now I want to order the Chief’s book and read it. — And slightly off topic: I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz recently that the Seals are replacing the SIG 226 with the Glock 19, for their primary sidearm. But I can’t find an authoritative source for that rumor. Have you heard anything solid about that? — Michael

  2. I haven’t heard it will be their “primary” sidearm, but that it’s now available to them. I’ll check.

    Thanks for reading, Michael.

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