3-Gun: the fastest and fastest-growing shooting sport (w/Video)

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There are cars, and then there are race cars.

There are guns, and then there are race guns.

The best place to see race guns in action is at a 3-Gun match.

3-Gun is an action-shooting sport, in which competitors using pistols, carbines and shotguns engage a variety of steel, clay and silhouette targets on shooting stages designed to test their skills with all three firearms. They compete for time and accuracy — a miss can add a time penalty to a shooter’s overall score.

It’s one of the fastest-growing shooting sports in the world for both men and women, and when you see a match, it’s easy to understand why.

3-Gun is fast — real fast.

Shooters engage targets as quickly as accuracy allows. Reloads are at combat speed. Movement is at the double.

Most serious 3-Gunners use high-end, high-capacity 1911 variants in 9mm or . 40 caliber, AR platforms fitted with advanced optics and semi-auto shotguns with extended magazine tubes.

The highly-modified guns are built for accuracy, reliability and speedy reloads, as is the gear.

Belt rigs feature Kydex holsters and magazine holders for quick, one-handed access to pistol and carbine mags. Many competitors carry shotgun ammo on chest rigs, which allow them to grab up to four shells at a time for faster reloads.

There are three basic divisions — open, limited and tactical — which specify magazine capacity, whether the shooter can mount an electronic optic on their handgun, and the amount of magnification on their rifle scope that they’re allowed to use.

Despite all the running and gunning, 3-gun is an incredibly safe sport.

As they run through the stages, each competitor is trailed by a range safety officer, who times the shooter and insures that they practice safe muzzle discipline. While minor scrapes and bruises do happen, serious injuries are rare.

Nationally, sport has never been more popular, thanks to 3-Gun Nation, a pro-series with its own television show, magazine, sponsors and fan base in the millions.

Chad Adams, 3-Gun Nation’s vice president, said once the TV show aired, popularity of the sport “exploded.”

“People who never knew such a dynamic, action-packed, fast-paced shooting sport existed, and were seeing it for the first time, turned out to the range,” Adams said. “It’s become a lifestyle brand. There are more than 270,000 followers on our Facebook site, and there aren’t that many 3-Gun shooters in the country.

“And 3-Gunners are athletes who use the scary black guns that everyone wants to ban in a positive light. We’ve put something out there that all people — gun guys and gun gals — can enjoy.”

The Manatee 3 Gun club is a good example of the type of local 3-Gun groups that are surging in popularity around the country.

The Southwest Florida club started with a cadre of just 8-10 shooters, who would gather at a private range on weekends, erect a few shooting stages and then hone their skills.

Their recent championship — the club’s first — drew 80 shooters from all over the country, including several who were sponsored and nationally ranked.

“Our club’s just gotten bigger and bigger,” said Todd Newby, match director for the championship shoot.

It’s not hard to figure out why.

Newby and his members are extremely gracious and engaging, especially with shooters new to the sport.

“There’s a real camaraderie here. It’s also fun, relaxing and a great way to relieve stress,” said Barry Campbell, a property manager who’s been shooting 3-Gun for three years in the tactical division.

Al Ales, the club’s spokesman, encourages new shooters to try the sport with whatever firearms they have on hand.

Some first-timers have brought 60-year-old M1 carbines, out-of-the-box handguns and hunting shotguns, he said.

“They don’t need all the expensive gear,” Ales said. “We’ll help them out. Almost anything will work. It’s ‘run what you brung.’”

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  1. Zengunfighter on

    ““We’ll help them out”
    The motto of the shooting sports.

    If I got to keep my rifle and pistol on me, loaded, and used battlefield pickups along the way (like that 50 year old M1 here, and an RG .38 revo there…) I’d be much more interested in playing. 🙂

    But yeah, 3 Gun is sweeping the nation. And the more ARs out there, the better. Having a sport that really legitimizes them don’t hurt us none, neither… 😉

    • Lee Williams on

      Exactly right, bro.

      While there are a lot of differences between 3-Gun and the real world, at its base level it’s a great shooting sport that’s growing in popularity.

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  3. Hi Williams! Great blog you have shared with nice video. However shooting is the most popular sport in nowadays. Therefore guns are very important issue to discuss in shooting. Thanks for sharing valuable info about guns with us.

  4. I’ve been shooting 3 gun for 6yrs love it . Safety is just as important as shooting you don’t get points but they will take them away. Every time you a band a firearm it has to be safe. Your weapon can never point past 180% that will disqualify you. Lots of rules remember. And when you’re trying to run against time it’s easy to forget a rule. Once you do a couple matches you get used to it.. lot of fun. A lot of competition.. I’m always usually in the top 10

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