The Gun Writer TV episode 35: 9mm ARs — the next big thing

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The market for 9mm ARs is booming — literally — since they’re cheap to buy and feed, and easier to shoot than traditional AR platforms.

Some 3-Gun competitions now have a 9mm AR division.

It’s about time that their growing popularity was recognized.

In the gun world, 9mm ARs are likely the next big thing.

That in mind, The Gun Writer TV co-host Mike Young and I headed to Gun Point in Bradenton, for a primer on what’s new in the 9mm AR world from owner Felex Yukhtman.

Felex has always ridden the crest of the wave in terms of new firearms and products.

We were not disappointed.

The “Mad Russian” had the entire table inside his legendary gun vault covered with 9mm AR pistols, carbines, SBRs, rifles and suppressors.

Gun Point’s 9mm pistol, which sports an MVB Industries micro buffer, is by far the most balanced and quickest-handling AR pistol I’ve ever seen.

Many of his SBRs and PDWs were one-ofs — made to a client’s specifications.

All were made with the best AR parts, including capture screws — a boon to AR builders.

Gun Point’s production gun, Felex said, was recently used in a LEO match in California, where it shot 1 MOA — a 9mm carbine that can shoot 1 MOA!

There were other shockers.

Gun Point is set to release it’s own 9mm suppressor with an MSRP of $450. That’s an incredible value for a locally made, quality can.

Also, the firm is about six weeks away from releasing a 9mm Glock AR, which all of us agreed would be a real game-changer. To be clear, when the Glock AR becomes available, we will conduct a full review.

Felex has too many options and too many packages available to name them all here, most with MSRPs from $1,600 to $2,000. But if you want a Gun Point AR in any caliber, the best thing to do is call or stop by and talk to Felex and his staff.

Of course his AKs are the best around, but that’s another story.

Thanks to Felex and his staff for a great time, and to Mike Lang for putting this video together.


Mike and Lee


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