Rep. Greg Steube’s take on Sarasota’s resolution for an “assault weapons” ban

Lee’s note: Here’s Rep. Greg Steube’s take on the Sarasota City Commission’s resolution to call on state and federal officials to ban “assault weapons.”


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Today, the Sarasota City Commission is meeting and they are planing to demand that Tallahassee and Washington DC take away your rights given under the 2nd Amendment. Their meeting will begin at 2:30 p.m., and I need your help stopping them
“The Second Amendment doesn’t say rifles, shotguns or handguns; its says ARMS. YOU get to choose what you want, what you can afford, and what fits you best. It is and always has been about protection from tyranny. It is and always has been about protecting your right to defend yourself and your freedom.” Marion P. Hammer, USF Executive Director, NRA Past President.
Banning assault rifles will only take them out of the hands of law abiding citizens, it will not keep them out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. The terrorists will always find a way to obtain weapons and commit acts of terror. Look at Paris, some of the strictest gun laws in the world did not prevent terrorists from smuggling assault rifles over the border and killing innocent people.
Did the law preventing guns in bars prevent the terrorist from walking into a nightclub and killing 49 people? No, it only prevented law abiding citizens from defending themselves and made the location a target. In fact, research shows that most mass shooters target gun free zones as they know they can kill as many as possible until the police arrive, which in this case was almost 3 hours. Should law abiding Americans have to wait for 3 hours for help when fellow Americans with proper training and certification could have been there to defend themselves and others? I say end gun free zones and allow law abiding citizens to defend themselves. Banning assault rifles is just what the terrorists would like, then they know no one can defend themselves to the level that the terrorist is armed.
Please contact the Sarasota City Commission and tell them to vote NO on the resolution to ban assault rifles.
Phone at 941-954-4115
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Greg Steube, Republican, for Florida State Senate, District 23. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. 2016 © All Rights Reserved
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  1. Someone needs to tell him the Second Amendment isn’t what gives us our rights, it protects our rights given to us by God…


  2. It is just a smoke screen to hide the fact that Obama’s regime has not protected the home land from attack.

  3. Jessica Friday on

    I agree with what you said, but you need to stop using the term “assault rifle”. That is a complete misnomer used by the left to scare people. Until someone can define what the term “assault rifle” actually means, it should not be used at all.

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