An open letter to Sarasota City Commissioner Susan Chapman

June 22, 2016

Dear Commissioner Chapman,

Since we’ve never met, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Lee Williams. I’m the senior investigative reporter at the Herald-Tribune. I also operate a few gun-related websites, supported by my newspaper, which some of your constituents find of interest.

I was at the Sarasota City Commission meeting Monday evening, during which your city manager unsuccessfully attempted to garner your support for his “assault weapon” resolution.

I reported on the public comments.

I reported on the back-and-forth among the commissioners.

And then I heard your comments: “Up until Orlando, the mass killings were done mostly by what we call white Americans. Many of whom, kind of — the scary type — was here tonight, frankly.”

This, ma’am, is the most classless statement I’ve ever heard come out of the mouth of an elected official.

You see, I know many of the good folks who took time off to attend your meeting, which they saw as their civic duty.

They’re good people.

Many, like myself, are veterans, who took an oath to defend our constitution and our country — even those who consider us “scary.”

To imply in any way that we’re capable of a “mass killing” is the height of ignorance and stupidity.

Sarasota City Commissioner Susan Chapman

Sarasota City Commissioner Susan Chapman

Quite frankly Commissioner, you should be ashamed, and you should have known better.

In my humble opinion, I believe you owe all of the attendees a public apology — especially the vets.

I, however, am not asking for one personally.

My father taught me years ago that if someone says something offensive, I should just “consider the source.”

That in mind, ma’am, there’s nothing you could ever say that would offend me.





About Author

Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


          • Larry Johnson on

            hey Lee, great work.

            Dont let that old frump lawyer lady pull any more stunts.
            We as concerned citizens will be watching her from now on. I think the soonest she can get booted out is next year.
            Expose that nut and any other ones you encounter among the libtards on the city council or commissioners. AND I KNOW THEY ARE OUT THERE.

  1. Tammy McKinnon on

    But that is how the liberal media and their lapdogs always frame their case, that the opposing side are lowlifes. I wonder how Ms Chapman would feel if she didn’t have armed protection when she went out in public? Why is she allowed to have police and/or armed guards and these other minions she appears to have such disdain for can’t?
    Just like the ‘genius’ gun free zones that lawful citizens must abide, I say that all elected leaders that want to take away our guns lead by example. No One Can Have Guns…then advertise there will be no more guns at future meetings. Want to see what scared really feels like?! Ha!

  2. This illustrates the phrase, “There’s nothing worse than a coward who wields authority, or a weakling who has tasted control.”

    I have met her before, Lee, while she was running around trying to get elected.
    I asked her, “How do you remove the politics (meaning corruption) from government?”
    Her reply was, “You don’t.”

    I also have proofed several articles in the the past for the Sarasota Phoenix regarding her rampant corrupt relationships with developers, the profits made from the sale of the BOB Center, her intercepted emails showing her collusion trying to push through development projects for her own personal gain, etc…

    She really does consider herself to be “more equal than others” and needs to be relieved of her office.

    Thanks for posting this, Lee.

  3. that is such a closed minded, bigoted and prejudiced statement, I also believe she should now be forced to attend 40 hours of gun sensitivity training in order to be taught about our “Lifestyle Choice” of gun owner.

  4. Jo Sheehan aka SigLady on

    Some thoughts from a “Well Armed Woman” …. Thank you Lee for addressing Susan Chapman’s comments which were totally uncalled for. I hope that the next meeting on firearm issues has a large contention of females showing up – now that would be “scary.” The only “scary” thing to me was when Mike broke the chair; just glad he wasn’t hurt. I like what your dad taught you but I also remember “if you can’t say something nice, it’s better to say nothing at all.” Seems like Mrs. Chapman didn’t listen to either her father or mother.

    Thank you again Herald-Tribune for bringing this onto FB via video so those of us “snowbirds” can keep up with what’s going on about town.

  5. T. Peter Graham on

    Lee, thank you for writing this open letter to Susan Chapman. She needs to publicly appologize for her racist, baseless, inflammatory, and slanderous remarks. 2/3 to 3/4 of those who spoke out stood in oposition to this assult weapon measure. By this indication, the majority of residents oppose the commissioners’ position on this issue by far. I was there, and those who spoke did so in a peaceful, respectful and ordered fashion (with exception to one elderly man who got up and left while voicing his frustration with the council out of turn). Part of their duty as elected officials is to represent the will of the residents of Sarasota, not publicly slander and demean those who respectfully have voiced opposition to their proposal. Susan Chapman’s remarks, made while acting under oath in the official compacity of her public duties as Commissioner, were completely unprofessional and not befitting to the honored position in which she was elected to serve. As a such, the residents of Sarasota deserve the dignity of a public apology from Susan Chapman.

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  7. John in Cortez on

    This commissioner does not realize that her freedom of speech and her freedom to express herself are guaranteed regardless of how unintelligent those statements might be. That is because she lives in a great country. Her ignorance though should be pitied rather than anyone punishing her for exercising that right. On the other hand, someone that she admires and trusts should explain to her how that right and all other rights came about and explain to her that there are consequences for how she speaks; especially because she is an elected official.

  8. I hope those of you who are offended are also equally offended by Trump’s very racist comments and hold him to the same standards.

    • Larry Johnson on

      you’re finished clinton lover. your obumma days are over. there’s a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN who supports the 2nd amendment. Move to California where you belong. GET OUT of Sarasota and take that old frump lawyer lady with you. Say hi to nancy pelosi dian feinstein and bobwa boxer, your heroes.

      you’re done here. and take rubio with you.

  9. I’ve been an unashamed “Commandant” Chapman critic since the first time I had the misfortune to meet her. She has a bizarre sense of entitlement with zero justification as she is clueless. Until now she has been remarkably lucky to have gotten away with it for the most part. The $340k spent so far on the sunshine lawsuit is just a footnote to her many failures from the Lift station debacle, the Walmart development, the moving of City elections,parking meters, the list goes on and on. The comments she made were bizarre,disgraceful and insulting to decent citizens.What was also lamentable was the fact that despite all of the Commissioners hearing it none of them said a word against her.
    Next March can’t come soon enough for me when I guarantee that with the support of the sane voices in the Community that Susan Chapman will be as soundly defeated as her wretched comments and actions deserve.

    • Larry Johnson on

      this old weirdo lefty woman is the lowest life form = a lawyer.
      of COURSE she is entitled to being the big queen …just like mrs. bill clinton
      they believe they are entitled to rule over everyone else

      GET RID OF HER FOREVER NEXT ELECTION. FOR GOOD. back to the nursing home, old lady. they’ll take care of you there and you can watch cnn all day long.

  10. I watched the live feed. There were more than a few people who spoke who had NO point other than to swear allegiance to the gun. They brought with them no facts in some cases or COMPLETELY wrong misinformation in others. One person sounded completely smashed and didn’t seem to be able to string two thoughts together, not someone I would EVER want handling a firearm.
    Part of the problem is that it is been formed as an emotional argument (mostly through efforts of the NRA) and emotional arguments defy all forms of logic.

    • This isn’t about the debate,it’s about the lunatic comments she made about citizens implying that they were potential mass murderers. Do you cling to partisanship so tightly that you literally can’t see any fault in what she said? Guns or no guns what she said was awful.

  11. Larry Johnson on

    typical goofy clueless old lady MAKING DECIONS THAT AFFECT MANY PEOPLE- SCARY !
    this woman is the type of ignorant hillbilly running the local city and county governments in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. GET EM OUT. Completely oblivious to reality, watch and get their information from cnn, oaphrah winfrey and the today show and hilary and bill with AIDS clinton and believe every word they are told by the kookie liberal media. GET RID OF HER.
    looks like its time to get you some new city council people that understand the world and get rid of these old frumps. the world is changing. they need REPLACED.
    bye bye old lady. back to Stein Mart and the nursing home lunch room for you.

    • Your ignorance far exceeds that of Commissioner Chapman, which doesn’t excuse her comments, but it does go to show that it is impossible for many on your side of the aisle to conduct a cogent argument, and you are offensive in the extreme.

      • His comments were meant to be ironic humor though whilst Chapman’s were stone cold divisive. I’m not sure Steinmart would be her style anyway (-:

      • Larry Johnson on

        you lose libtard. if you dont know what that means look it up. the days of the happy liberal bossing people around (ESPECIALLY old lady lawyers who are LITERALLY INSANE) in Sarasota are over. We wont accept your liberal nonsense anymore. Move to Washington DC or California where you belong with your people. Get out of here. We have a GREAT AMERICAN LIFE TO LIVE in Sarasota – WITHOUT YOU libtards.

      • Larry Johnson on

        stick with helping people stop smoking.
        we’re taking America BACK from the libtards like YOU and this goofy old lady lawyer and the CLINTONS and your buddy obumma. You had your big day with your little buddy obumma. ITS OVER. America, the Constitution, the Second Amendment – all coming back. Your liberal old lady lawyers are finished. bye bye ! say hi to rosie o’donnell !

    • “Clueless Old Lady”?
      Hmm. whats next a dumb blond joke?
      NO fly No AR15; what is it you inbreds don’t get
      the “clueless impotent NRA folks
      wouldn’t be impacted in the least if the psychotic sociopathic
      folks were prevented from buying guns meant for WAR.
      And if you boys need an AR15 to shoot game….well then you probably aren’t much
      good at shooting a target in the first place.

      • By definition she is clueless to make such a bizarre and unprovoked slur on decent people. The old thing is subjective but clueless is I think more than apt to describe her statement. Do you think it’s ok?

      • Wow, Felicia! Do you have to practice being that stupid or does it come naturally? I am amazed at your inability to comprehend the facts given in the above comments.

      • Larry Johnson on

        bye bye lefty. you lose libtard. if you dont know what that means look it up. the days of the happy liberal bossing people around (ESPECIALLY old lady lawyers who are LITERALLY INSANE) in Sarasota are over. We wont accept your liberal nonsense anymore. Move to Washington DC or California where you belong with your people. Get out of here. We have a GREAT AMERICAN LIFE TO LIVE in Sarasota – WITHOUT YOU libtards.

  12. Thanks for posting this, Lee – I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. As another poster said, the next election cycle can’t come soon enough. Time to bounce some bozos out of office.

    Thanks again and thank you for your service!

    • You still don’t know about it! Reading this article gives you no idea of what transpired at the meeting. Please note that Atwell was the sole commissioner voting for the resolution, even after extensive discussion by the city attorney that advised against it. Go watch the video before taking up the lead from this article by Williams—who has a dog in the fight—and has projected an enormous laundry list into comments that I believe were accurate and selectively used by William for HIS personal objectives, Average citizens know that assault rifles are useless as hunting weapons and unnecessary for personal defense. Ignorance of the second amendment abounds, members of a “well-regulated militia” never are those appearing at such meetings, but some of the “scary” types do. If Williams wants to take that personally—he is the best one to determine that he should—it is a telling indictment about him.

      • Lee Williams on


        The AR, which you inaccurately label as an “assault rifle,” is now available in more than 10 calibers. This flexibility makes it the perfect choice for hunting anything from thin-skinned varmints to feral hogs and deer. Given the myriad of accessories that can be mounted to the rifle or carbine — lights, lasers, optics and more — it’s an incredible tool for self defense. Most “average citizens” know this. I certainly don’t mind you bashing me, but please get your facts straight.

      • Excuse me but we DO know what she said verbatim and that’s what this is about now. This isn’t about guns, gays, Liberals, Conserbatives etc it’s about the outrageous and divisive comments spewed by Chapman. You can run and you can obfuscate but the truth you can’t hide?

  13. So…you defended the honor of white gun owner, Lee…what are folks like you and the NRA going to do about keeping guns out of ISIS supporters then…last time I checked the senators your organization bribed voted to make it easy for radicals like the orlando mass murderer get their filthy hands on assault weapons. What happens if an inflammatory imam rolls through here and gets young muslims riled up to buy a bunch of AR15’s…then what?

    • What has the guys color got to do with anything? The prejudice you spout when you make such a comment defies logic. I’m not a gun owner and I think what she said was disgusting too!

      • Martin,
        You and my mother have a lot in common. She is not necessarily pro gun either, but she is a very intelligent woman and she knows right from wrong. I am pro gun, but my mother and I can have discussions and also are very comfortable being able to agree to disagree. That is what I love about my mother. It’s called unconditional love. Thank you for your post my friend. <3

    • the FBI was investigating all ISIS suspects in all terrorist related shootings in this country INCLUDING THE ORLANDO SHOOTER WHOM THEY SAW AND INTERVIEWD OVER 5 TIMES. TWO gun store owners contacted local police and the FBI ABOUT HE ORLANDO SHOOTER BUYING MASS AMMO AND GUNS and denied them service and guess what? They did not follow up or do a damn thing about it. do you ignorantly think that not being able to legally buy these weapons would have stopped them? Hows that going for chicago? guns are banned there but it has the highest gun death violence of any city in america….so hows the gun ban going? there are 300 million fire arms in circulation in this country, we have never had a problem before with guns. All of a sudden its a gun problem, no other issues to fix. maybe we should ban alcohol next since it kills 10 times the amount of people per year. There are 11,00 homicide deaths each year from guns in the USA. Tobacco kills 529,000 people per year, alcohol kills 128,000 but where is the outcry, the executive action and BAN on those items which would be as simple as to stop selling them to prevent deaths. This has nothing to do with keeping people safe. its all about restricting your ability to freedom, which makes you easier to control.

    • And I own two AR15’s and it is not an assault rifle.. You really need to do your homework! It is NOT an automatic weapon! I really wish people would at least do their homework, or research so they sound logical. My mother is not for guns, but she at least does her research and knows the difference between an AR and an automatic weapon! An AR you have to pull the trigger every single time for a bullet to come out of the gun, it does NOT have rapid fire! Stop listening to the media and check it out for yourself! Better yet, fire one for yourself! It is no different than the hand gun I have!

  14. Lisa Messina on

    Thank you for calling her out on this. I was disgusted and shocked by her comment. We all can’t be from the affluent part Sarasota but we do have a right to show up and speak at these public meetings regardless of how “scary” we are.

  15. Dear Mr. Williams,
    First off, I commend you for stating everything you did for all of us! As a woman who is 5’2, 119 pounds and has a conceal to carry while following the laws of the land to a T, your restraint and pure respect while writing to Susan Chapman who showed complete lack of respect was absolutely eloquent and showed your integrity towards another human being who is the exact opposite of who you are in every sense of the word….HUMAN! I have complete and utter love for you especially in how you were so influential on how to treat one another, show respect, and yet, she did the complete opposite.I understand that we all have the right to agree to disagree, but Mrs. Chapman went above and beyond! She firmly slapped individuals like yourself, my father, and my father in law who have fought for our rights to have the freedoms that we have today in the United States of America. You showed great restraint. Something I know I need to work on! G_D Bless you and your family! Thank you for being our voice!

  16. Thanks for posting this, Lee – I was not aware of the comments she made.

    As others have alluded to, the next election cycle can’t come soon enough. Time to vote the bozos out of office.

    Thanks again and thank you for your service.

      • I couldn’t believe it when I heard what she allegedly said. But then I watched the video and sure enough, she said it. If she feels that way about people who believe in the United States Constitution she should be removed from office. Of course she doesn’t believe in laws she doesn’t like (Florida Sunshine Laws) and seems to have no issues running up attorneys fees to over $250,000 trying to defend the indefensible.

  17. Bill Hartman on

    Chapman’s comment was unconscionable.

    That said, the 2nd Amendment debate is not so much one about firearms as it is about what we as a people believe to be a proper and allowable enhancement of the individual’s ability to inflict harm on others. Just as we agree that certain weapons of war have no useful purpose in civilian hands, ie, full auto firearms, hand grenades, rocket launchers, etc., there is legitimate debate over whether detachable, high-capacity magazines are perhaps too great an enhancement of that ability.
    High capacity magazines are a product of warfare, they do not represent any need on the part of hunters or target shooters, their designed purpose to give a combat shooter the ability to kill or maim as many enemies as possible before reloading

    A semi-auto firearm designed to military specs and a traditional semi-auto hunting rifle with a beautiful walnut stock both represent a level of capability that can be enhanced or restricted according to magazine capacity.

    What the American people need to decide is what is an acceptable level of capability to inflict harm?

    • Richard Suggs on

      Is it lost on anyone that the real reason to have a well armed militia has as much to do with domestic takeover as it does with foreign takever of our government. Limit the ability of the public to have modern weapons and you are issuing in the possiblities of a dictatorial governing group to take all rights away. We already have lost true freedom of speech by certain elements in this society, it won’t be long before many more will disappear. Especially if the public has no weapons to fight off a domestic dictator.

    • Bill Hartman’s comments about military guns in the hands of civilians was interesting. To carry it forward, perhaps it would be more acceptable if anyone wanting to buy a military weapon, be required to join the military where they will put it to good use.
      AK47 problem solved!

      If you can’t kill a deer with a rifle, it’s not the gun where the problem lies. A rifle will build character/skill, an AK47 will destroy it.

  18. Thank you Commissioner Chapman. I applaud you for speaking your mind. I thank you for letting us know who you really are in the light of day. But MOST importantly, thank you for finally telling us what you think of us as you walk among us. Bravo. Smile at us, shake our hands, and tell us what we want to hear right? No, not on this day. On this day, you shared how you TRULY see us.
    You owe no apology to us. Strapping on those boots was and is our job and we do it. No, you should apologize to yourself for betraying YOUR job. Somewhere along the line, you forgot those same people that put you in office are the mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, brothers and sisters of the “SCARY” ones. Apologize to them because I don’t desire your empty words. This post is not just about about gun control or commissioner privilege or the shady Sarasota Government practices. This post is about having had enough. This commision has eaten from the trough enough and the people of this county have had enough.

    Thank you Commissioner Chapman and thank your colleagues for reminding us and HOPEFULLY rallying us to clean house in March. I would say that you have CLEARLY STATED that you do not represent your constituents, you represent yourself.

  19. Lee, I am not a big fan of Susan Chapman, though I try to be a friend to everyone, which has been hard in her case, she being kind of grumpy and unfriendly when we’ve met, probably because I have been critical of her at times.

    I was also surprised at her foolish statement about scary white types. I don’t think she thought before she spoke.

    However, it might be good for you to step back and think about this. I’m sure she is not alone in how men, not from her background, some a little rough around the edges, scare her, especially when they are hostile and talking about guns. You might think that it is unusual to be scared by white guys excited about guns, but that may be because you hang out with them. There may be a lot of people who are affected by them as Chapman is.

    I read one of your blog articles for the first time the other day and found it to be the most commented upon article I’ve seen in the paper, mainly with comments by fans of yours, I think, and you mention that you write for gun-related websites. I would not be surprised if your view of what the public thinks is skewed by an immersion in the company of like-minded gun enthusiasts.

    I had sent a message letting you know that I am not getting email notifications of replies to my comments, which I am not getting when I make comments on articles in the paper. I liked getting them so I can respond to replies. The only way I can know now if someone responds to a comment I make is to keep checking back, which I will no longer do. It is just too time-consuming. So, since you have my email, please let me know if you reply to this, and please see if you can get things squared away at the paper’s website so I will get notices if someone replies to a comment I make.


    • Lee Williams on


      While we will probably never agree on anything having to do with guns, firearms law, the Second Amendment, ARs, AKs, etc., etc., you have the politest, most civil online presence of anyone living under the yellow sun. That, Bill, is appreciated.

      And, given your background, your point about Ms. Chapman is well taken.

      As to email notifications — I don’t get emailed when someone comments on this site, Bill, and I know it’s a massive inconvenience. It’s also something we’re working to try and rectify.

      Thanks for stopping by. I relish diverse viewpoints, especially when they’re delivered with such respect.

    • she is right, you are scary…. and quite silly, get a god damn hair cut, have your duck dynasty buddies get a shave.. then maybe we could take your gun nutter bullshit seriously

      • Did you like me better when I was serving our government in the military, they did tell me I had to shave daily, and high and tight makes wearing a beret so cool. But I was shooting in ninth grade, our club sponsor was the American History teacher, also the High School Rifle team coach and we fired in the High School gym every Thursday afternoon.

        But you call people names their mother’s never gave them, out of fear, and all those fears are in your mind, fed by others with similar fears.

        I do hope you are a nicer person when met face to face, because you sound like a troll.

    • Chapman was ok with defending murderers in Kansas as an attorney so she’s not quite so easily scared as she implies. She also wasn’t scared to ask the victims family in a murder case to show mercy at sentencing so scary is conveniently movable term for her

  20. “scary white types” mirrors in your house Ms.Chapman?? YOU by far are the scariest in resent history…..just resign…..sooner than later…please…..

  21. paul vincent zecchino on

    People who gass off in Victim Speak, who cry like psychopaths about ordinary things being ‘scary’ are generally afraid of nothing.

    They haven’t the sense of the brave, who do fear and yet act to save others in spite of their fear.

    And those who whine in manner of Professional Victims often are closet predators who always project their nefarious thoughts, words and deeds onto others.

    They are a cancer in every society which they infect, using their whining to glean sympathy while they go about the tiresome leftist business of conning citizens into surrendering their liberty and wealth.

    When Victims rule, people suffer. And many die.

    The Left is hate. Revenge is its pastime. Genocide is its legacy.

    “Let us accuse our enemies of what we do.”
    – karl marx – and – v.i. lenin

  22. I’m an elementary school teacher, a volunteer firefighter, have raised three smart, successful children and I shoot ARs. In the backyard, at 3 gun matches, and when hunting deer or hogs. Ms. Chapman’s narrow minded, uneducated bigotry is offensive from me all the way back to George Washington. She needs to be ashamed of herself before she apologizes, then maybe she’ll get enough consideration for an education. Until then, persona non-grata.

    • I’m with the Congressional Republicans, to hell with the Dems..! . Why should someone on the FBI no-fly list with a name like Omar be deprived of their 2nd amendment rights..?

  23. Thank you Lee for making the public aware of these comments that Mrs. Chapman made during this….”debate”. The fact that the debate had to take place, to fight against the enactment of a law that is unenforceable, shows how badly money is being spent in Sarasota. A lot of people lost time and money coming to this meeting – they didn’t come to be racially profiled, and they sure didn’t want to spend taxpayers’ money on efforts made by city council to posture their opinion on guns. Sarasota has a city council not representative of its population, and an air of snobbery, idealism, and sheltering itself of real problems that exist in the area. When I drive by the bus station downtown I see a city blocks full of homeless people in need of help financially, mentally, and physically, yet they are treated like subhumans. Why not focus money and efforts on the real problems facing the city and surrounding area? Let the federal and state governments do their job when it comes to the 2nd Amendment – this is not your jurisdiction.

  24. Lee- this is great.There is no free speech.Only what you say is the gospel.No one can have a view opposite to you.Interesting.An AR is great weapon……because it is simple to hit what you shoot at.The gun is so perfected that recoil is small,velocity of bullet is very fast and chance for anyone to hit a target is high.Kind of like a bag of clubs where everyone scores par…….I like a Winchester 94.I mss more than I hit at 100 meters.And that what keeps me going back-like seeing if I can hit the target(forget the black) with open sights on an old fashioned rifle that takes brains and practice……Hugh Culverhouse

    • I think you misunderstood free speech… free speech protects you from being arrested for speech against the government but it doesn’t protect you from loosing your job if you say something stupid.

  25. Larry Johnson on

    LOOK at the youtube videos of this “susan chapman” weirdo.

    Boy, you better get her out of that commission and get somebody younger with a brain. That old weird woman is CRAZY !!!
    hilarious!! she’s just nuts, a nut job. just GET HER OUT – toss the old weirdo out on the street….

  26. I wanted to thank all of the citizens of Sarasota that showed there support for common sense, gun or magazine restrictions will not solve or prevent any harm to innocent lives, this has been proven and is being proven in several restrictive cities and states, I was not able to get out of work in time to sign up to speak, so I watched on the web, WOW, was i surprised, appalled and felt discriminated against when I heard Ms Chapman make that disgusting comment, she should make a full and public apology. I was equally disgusted with the rest of the board, having heard facts and concerns from the people they represent, they still wanted to vote to continue with this issue, I know I will work very hard to see each one replaced with someone that will actually speak for the people they represent.
    Keep up the good work Lee

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