Meet T1 Ammunition, our newest sponsor and supplier to Team Glock

All of us here are extremely pleased to announce that Sarasota’s T1 Ammunition is the newest sponsor of The Gun Writer and The Gun Writer TV.

T1 already has a long history of supporting the shooting community, so we’re very proud and somewhat humbled they chose to support us too.

The experience they bring to the job is stunning.

Gary Silverthorn, T1’s president and CEO, spent more than 30 years in the military and as a defense contractor.

After a stint in the Marine Corps, Gary joined the Army, where he served in Army Special Operations as a Ranger and later a Ranger Instructor.

He has been downrange.

That’s why T1’s target, frangible, competition, performance, defensive and specialized loads perform so well.

Gary and his team know that whether their end user is an armed citizen, a competition shooter, a law enforcement officer or a special operator, their ammunition must perform flawlessly, 100 percent of the time. When lives are on the line, there are no do-overs or time-outs.

T1’s legendary quality control — which we saw for ourselves Monday — was one of the reasons that Team Glock chose them to manufacture their competition ammunition.

Team Glock could have gone anywhere for an ammunition manufacturer willing to produce their high-end competition loads, but they came here, to Sarasota, to T1.

That says a hell of a lot.

I asked the guys about the Team Glock load, or at least I tried. The details are proprietary. At the level that Team Glock competes, any information — even the load they’re using — could give another competitor an edge.

Mike Lang, our award-winning photo editor, and Carrie Rasmussen, our new brand manager, joined me and Mike Young Monday for a video shoot at our studio and at T1.

It was great getting to know the team better.

In the upcoming days, you will get the chance to know them too.

Thanks Evelyn, Gary, Alex and Shane for your support. It really means a lot to us.

Here are some pictures Carrie took at the video shoot:












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