Magna Lens: A new product that eliminates the painful eye-pro/ear-pro pinch (w/Video)

It’s not often you get to watch someone take a great idea, work through a series of prototypes and then bring a revolutionary new product to the market.

That’s exactly what I was fortunate enough to observe with Scott Peebles, owner and creator of Magna Lens.

I first met Scott a a machine gun shoot more than two years ago.

He had an idea — mounting eye protection to ear muffs with rare earth magnets.

The new concept would, he said, eliminate the “pinch” most shooters feel as their muffs press against the temples of their shooting glasses. It would also increase hearing protection by eliminating that gap through which sound can enter the ear.

Scott gave me a prototype to test and evaluate — three pairs of eye pro and a set of the muffs.

I loved it.

The glasses were sharp and virtually distortion free. They were easily the rival to any high-end/high-dollar shooting glasses.

The muffs were comfy, leather lined, and reduced even the loudest reports to something easily manageable.

The eye-pro/ear-pro bond was strong, due to the rare earth magnets. The glasses snapped into place and wouldn’t fall off unless removed by the wearer.

It was also clear Scott, an engineer and life-long shooter, was a perfectionist’s perfectionist.

Over the next two years, I’d run into him at shooting events around the area. I’d pepper him with questions, namely —When are these going to be available to the general public?

Well, the wait is over. Scott came in Tuesday for a taping of The Gun Writer TV.

His Magna Lens product is ready for sale.

For a price of $169, he offers three sets of polycarbonate lenses — clear, yellow and “blue smoke,” a set of 30db muffs, and a cloth bag and lanyard. You can order them directly through his website.

Optional items include a snap-fit prescription Rx frame insert, add-on magnets so a shooter can set up their own muffs to accept the Magna Lens glasses and additional eye glass components so the user can convert their Magna Lens eye-pro for daily wear, without the muffs.

Also, Scott said he is in talks with an electronic ear muff manufacturer. Electronic muffs will be a great addition to his product line.

Having worn the Magna Lens system now for more than two years, I can wholeheartedly endorse Scott’s product.

They’re great for shooters, and I think there are very real industrial applications too.

Kudos, Scott!

You recognized a problem, worked hard at finding the right solution, and now the shooting community can benefit from your efforts.


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