Florida state senator introduces bill to ban “assault weapons,” standard-capacity magazines, reason

Freshman state Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, has introduced legislation that would ban the possession and sale of “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines.

The bill also calls for enhanced criminal penalties if an “assault” weapon or standard-capacity magazine is used in the commission of a crime.

Of course the bill is backed by The Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence — an offshoot of the anti-gun Florida

Senator Linda Stewart, D-Orlando

Senator Linda Stewart, D-Orlando

League of Women Voters

While I’m always reticent to predict what the pols in Tallahassee will do, I would bet the farm this bill is already DOA.

An interesting aside, the good senator’s legislation appears to be very old and copied from somewhere else or from someone with arcane firearm knowledge.

Some of the weapons specifically banned by name include: the Goncz High Tech Carbine, the French FAMAS MAS, the gone-but-not-forgotten Sig 57 AMT, the Australian Automatic Arms SAP pistol, the Wilkinson “Linda” pistol, and the dreaded SLG 95.

I have to admit I’ve fired the select-fire FAMAS. Like most French tactical firearms, it was unimpressive. I honestly didn’t know they made a semi-auto variant. Stranger still is that anyone would want one, or that the good senator would waste the ink to try to ban them if someone actually did.


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  1. The “Certificate of Possession” will surely sell the bill. Specially the part where she forgot 790.335 Prohibition of registration of firearms; electronic records. Third degree felony with a 5 year prison term and $5,000 fine.

  2. What a pile. Every time somebody uses the term assault weapons the hair on the back of my neck stands up. What definition where is the definition who came up with this definition and why are there so many different definitions. Because all of it is garbage. I’ll tell you what an assault weapon is an assault weapon is the gun that somebody else pulls on me first and I’ll tell you what self-defense is when I pulled my gun and blow their freaking head off

  3. Next bill will be you can`t implant new breast you can`t breath in world your can`t sleep in nights . Where is our liberty when everything is going to ban on US citizens .

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