Sen. Flores blocks pro-gun bill, again, in Sen. Steube’s committee

Lee’s note: This just in from NRA/Unified Sportsmen of Florida:

IN-ACTION REPORT !  Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) Blocked the Bill AGAIN


DATE:   March 28, 2017
TO:       USF & NRA Member and Friends
FROM:  Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President

SB-646 by Sen. Greg Steube was scheduled to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday,  March 28, 2017, between 3:00-5:00pm.  But it wasn’t.

SB-646 Open Carrying  by Sen. Greg Steube removes the criminal penalties for violations of the open carry law and prohibits a person who has a concealed firearms license from being arrested and charged with a crime if their firearm becomes temporarily exposed to sight of another person. (See background below)

Why wasn’t it heard by the committee? It had to be “Temporarily Postponed” because, once again, Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) was single-handedly going to kill it.

Sen. Flores is using her position as the swing vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee to block progun legislation from getting out of committee.

The Florida Public Defenders Association,
The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association,
The Florida Police Chiefs Association,
The Florida Sheriffs Association,
The National Rifle Association,
The Florida Smart Justice Alliance and
Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

WHO OPPOSES it?  Republican Sen. Anitere Flores and most of the antigun Democrats.

We thought once we had a progun Senate President again we wouldn’t have a repeat performance of the obstructionist tactics of former Sen. President Andy Gardiner and Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.

But we were wrong.  It doesn’t do any good to have a progun Senate President if he lets a single Senator from Miami control what bills get out of Committees and keeps the Senate from being able to vote on bills she doesn’t like.

It’s time to email the elected Senate President, Joe Negron, and ask him why he won’t stop Senator Flores from running roughshod over the process?

Urge him to PLEASE let this bill be heard by the full Senate.

Please EMAIL the Senate President Joe Negron  IMMEDIATELY and URGE them to let SB-646 be heard by the full Senate.



PLEASE, Let SB-646 Open Carry Protection be heard by the Senate

Send your message to this email address


This bill is about stopping abuse of law-abiding citizens who are licensed to carry concealed firearms for self-defense.

A license holder whose firearm becomes temporarily and openly displayed to the ordinary sight of another person is not a criminal and this innocent act should not be a crime.

Exercising the constitutional right to bear arms should not be subject to any penalty whatever unless that person commits a crime with the weapon or firearm.

In Florida, there are 1.7 million  law-abiding license holders

Every time they leave their homes, carrying a firearm, they run the risk of that firearm becoming temporarily exposed to the sight of another person and then being treated like a criminal and charged with violating the open carry law.  It’s time to stop that.

It’s time to stop criminalizing the exercise of a constitutional right.

Please send your email immediately.

If you care about your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, you cannot afford to stand by and do nothing to protect those rights.  It time to STAND and FIGHT for your rights.

If you have never emailed a legislator — DO IT NOW!  If you have, then you know it helps tremendously so DO IT AGAIN!  PLEASE, We’re counting on you.


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  1. While I disagree with the blocking of any Bill from being heard, this Bill SB 646 is a terrible Bill, and people are being misled to thinking it does things it does not. It does not remove criminal penalties as the email from the NRA states! It creates a 3 strikes system, which does include criminal penalties for a 3rd Violation, $500 fine for a second, only the first violation is a $25 fine. For non-CWL holders its still a crime and same level. As for the temp and accidental exposure, that language is already in 790.053, the only thing that this Bill adds is it says that a CWL who violates the temp and accidental clause cannot be arrested. Yet, that does nothing more than the current law does. Both make the arrest for accidental and temp illegal. This is a DO NOTHING Bill that does not make anything better. The original filed version was much better and I could have supported that one. But this watered down, changed version is not a good bill IMO. And the NRA-ILA is doing its members a huge disservice by trying to say it is. I think Sen. Flores is wrong to try and block any Bills. All deserve to be heard and discussed, but this is a bad Bill and you can read the Amended one here:…/2017/646/Amendment/450366/HTML

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