Welcome to our special project: ‘A commando’s tale’

Welcome to “A commando’s tale.”

It’s an in-depth profile of Bob Keller, founder and CEO of Gamut Resolutions, and a bit more.

Bob’s a unique man.

He’s a legend in the Special Operations community, but you’d never know it when you meet him.

He’s humble and self-effacing.

He’s also the best shot I’ve ever seen as well as the best shooting coach and firearm instructor.

There’s two reasons why we chose to tell his story on this site and in the Herald-Tribune.

First, what he teaches his firearm students is based on his real-world experiences. There’s no theory. The techniques are reality based. They’re the reason why he’s won more gunfights than he can count.

I don’t care what level the shooter, everyone can benefit from his knowledge and skills.

Through a series of interviews, videos and podcasts, we tried to harvest as much of this knowledge as possible and pass it on to you. Bob was very gracious about this — sharing his proprietary skill set. Other instructors would have balked.

There’s another reason why we chose to tell this tale.

Guys from Bob’s world are the real unsung heroes — the true “Quiet Professionals.”

They don’t write books or movie scripts about their exploits.

They don’t have handlers, literary agents or spokespeople.

In short, they’re owed.

Getting them to talk isn’t easy. It wasn’t easy with Bob, but his former teammates filled in some of the gaps.

They all said he’s an incredibly brave soldier who never hesitated to run into the gunfire, and that he’s wicked-quick with an M4. The later I saw firsthand.

Those of you who haven’t always pissed civilian water will notice some omissions in the story, and you’ll understand why.

There were some questions I agreed not to ask, for obvious reasons.

We never went there — not once.

I hope you enjoy the project, which I’ll admit grew a bit bigger than we anticipated.

To make it easier to navigate, there are links on every page to more stories, podcasts and videos.

I’d like to thank Bob and his family for allowing us to intrude into their lives a bit, and for their valorous service to this country.

It was an honor to tell your story.

— Senior investigative reporter Lee Williams, The Gun Writer, can be reached at 941-284-8553, by email at lee.williams@heraldtribune.com or lee@TheGunWriter.com, or by regular mail, 1741 Main St., Sarasota, 34236. You also can follow him on social media at facebook.com/TheGunWriter or Twitter.com/ht_gunwriter.

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Welcome to our special project: ‘A commando’s tale’

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