‘Poor Man’s 3-gun’ will solve the riddle: Is it the person or the pistol?

My good friend Mike Young, owner of Sarasota’s Young Guns & Safety, is a genius.

He came up with a great leveler of sorts, which will determine who’s the hottest 3-gun hand around.

We all know 3-gun is one of the fastest growing shooting sports.

It’s fast. It’s tacticool, and it’s perfect for shooters of all ages.

But with the advent of high-speed race guns, electronic sights, comps, custom triggers, massive-cap mags and custom ammo-bearing gear, one begins to wonder: Does the best-equipped shooter always win?

Mike’s going to solve this riddle with his “Poor Man’s 3-gun,” which will be held from 8 am to 6 pm Sunday May 28 at the Manatee Gun and Archery Club.

Every single shooter will be required to use a provided HiPoint 9mm pistol, a HiPoint TS 9mm carbine and a Pardner Pump 12-gauge.

Tickets are $35, which includes entry to the event, use of the firearms, ammunition and a sweetener — a BBQ lunch that Mike will be preparing himself on his legendary smoker.  (The match coincides with the Sixth Anniversary of Young Guns & Safety.)

Our friends at T1 Ammunition will be providing the ammo.

Reps and RSOs from Manatee Multigun and Manatee 3 Gun will be making sure everyone is safe.

Mike’s got sign-up info on his Facebook page.

Thanks to Mike and the generous sponsors for creating and supporting this very special event.

I hope to see you there!


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  1. So you want me to BUY 3 guns I would never buy and you call this a Poor Man’s shoot? I’d be poor just buying that trash. Far better to provide the same 3 guns to each contestant

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