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Posted by Tampa Gunfights on Friday, May 5, 2017

Lee’s note: By now you’ve probably seen the video.  More than one million people have. Here’s the details about one of the hottest training opportunities around. I should point out that Gino and Danny, the CEO and CMO, are friends. They’re serious trainers who know what they’re doing. We’ll be heading to Tampa for boots-on-the-ground coverage soon. Enjoy!


Tampa, FL – Tampa Gun Fights at the CQB Zone is launching this summer as a first of its kind, destination facility in Tampa Bay, Florida. Focused on bringing a reality-based experience to the novice, tourist, experienced shooter and everything in between, Tampa Gun Fights (TGF) is breaking new ground in the shooting and training industry. For the first time ever, everyday people will be able to participate in an experience that is normally reserved for elite Special Forces and police throughout the world – all while
in a controlled and safe environment.

“We are excited to innovate and bring something new and extremely effective to the shooting masses,” said CQB Zone Chief Executive Officer Gino Collura. “Anyone can go to the range and shoot paper, but what happens when someone is shooting back? TGF makes you find out and then examine where you are in your training and what you have to improve on.”

Guests will use safety-modified weapons, firing non-lethal, reduced-force color -marking rounds in a variety of force-on-force scenarios. The CQB Zone facility in Brooksville, Florida will feature both indoor and outdoor training areas and each shooter will be equipped with the latest protective gear.

“This will be fun and guests are absolutely going to have a good time, but make no mistake, the TGF experience is based on making people better shooters while forcing them to understand the realities of what actually happens every time a trigger gets pulled,” said Danny Alvarez, Chief Marketing Officer.

While the Brooksville training facility is considered a proof-of-concept location, CQB Zone, LLC already has plans to launch several other locations throughout Florida. The Tampa Gunfights Grand Opening will take place on July 8th, 2017 at noon and feature introductory gunfights, free food and entertainment.

Please visit to learn more or email for more information.

Click here to watch the Introductory video.


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  1. Dametrious Summers on

    I just wanted to thank everyone responsible for opening & establishing these facilities and making them available for the public. I can’t express my appreciation enough. I hope one day soon they facilitate one in New Jersey. Thanks again.

  2. Haha… Whatever. Las Vegas Gunfights.. .the creator of the sport and the first facility in history… did 25 million views in a week. this dude is a douche and getting his ass sued off.

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