Product Review: SentrySafe’s new XL Quick Access Pistol Safes

SentrySafe handgun safe. (7/3/2017) [Herald-Tribune staff photo / Mike Lang]

SentrySafe recently introduced two new expanded-capacity, or XL, quick access pistol safes, which I predict will redefine the market for grab-and-go pistol safes.

Their XL Quick Access Pistol Safe and the XL Quick Access Pistol Safe with LED Light are chock full of features that gun owners will appreciate.

SentrySafe, a trusted leader in the safety and security field for more than 80 years, recently sent us two models to test, examine and review.

The first thing we noticed was that these are extremely quiet safes. They open without a sound — something SentrySafe calls its “whisper-quiet technology.” Whatever the name, it works.

If you hear a crash in the middle of the night and need to arm yourself, there’s no noise to alert an intruder that you’re accessing your defensive handgun.

Likewise there is no annoying or dangerous beeping with the electronic keypad — which only requires one hand to operate — while the end user enters the code.

There’s also an override key in case the user forgets their code.

The LED-equipped model features a very subdued blue light that illuminates the interior. The light is programmable for 0, 10 or 20-second intervals. 

Though subdued, there’s still enough light to find your handgun, flashlight, spare magazine or anything else the owner needs.

Tactically, these safes could not be any better. There’s no light or noise to betray the owner’s position to an intruder.

SentrySafe’s new models are larger than other pistol safes.

The internal storage dimensions are 2.2 inches x 14 inches x 6.5 inches.

That’s more than enough room for two handguns, spare ammo and accessories.

The soft closed-cell foam lining means that the contents won’t shift around. The weapons remains exactly where they’re placed and the lining prevents damage or scuffing.

Breaking into one of these models would be extremely difficult for a burglar or other unauthorized user.

They’re built out of twelve-gauge, pry-resistant steel and there are two holes for mounting it to another object (our models came with two steel lag bolts and washers).

The locking mechanism is solid and there’s no play at all in the door.

These things lock up tight.

In my humble opinion, MRSP for both models is extremely reasonable.

SentrySafe XL Quick Access Pistol Safe retails for $169.99.

SentrySafe XL Quick Access Pistol Safe with LED Light retails for $199.99.

If you rely upon a defensive handgun for home protection and you want instant access that’s far quicker than larger, traditional gun safes, check these out. You won’t be disappointed.

We strongly recommend both models.


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