A tour of Manatee Gun & Archery with Grizzly Targets … and more!

Enjoyed spending Saturday afternoon with the boys from Grizzly Target as they filmed an episode of their Florida range tours series, this one featuring our friends at Manatee Gun & Archery Club. Enjoyed meeting the folks from Mutiny Arms as well as spending times with our friends from Gamut Resolutions, T1 Ammunition and Ranger Proof. OK … we really loved meeting Zeus, the pit bull who attended festivities with MGAC Senior Chief Range Safety Officer Tank Tutko.


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  1. No open carry of firearms unless you are certified law enforcement with a badge
    displayed or MGAC staff. No loaded firearms are allowed when entering upon any
    range including those carried concealed. No firearms allowed in the office/clubhouse area unless you are MGAC Staff or Law Enforcement.

    Why all this BS? Lee you need to have the so called leaders explain the range rules above in detail. Alot of folks will not tolerate such BS from management that run against established Florida law and the second amendment. You have been remiss to bring the leaders of that facility to task over this.

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