Rumor control: TulAmmo is NOT banned

Sometimes the internet is a blessing. Sometimes it’s a curse.

My friend Dave recently saw stories on a few websites stating that the popular TulAmmo was now banned and prohibited from import into the United States.

This would have affected both of us, since TulAmmo is very reasonably priced AK kibble.

I contacted TulAmmo USA immediately and got a prompt reply from Adam Whitehead, a senior official at the firm.

Mr. Williams,

It’s like you said, a rumor.  Tulammo is still being imported into the US.


Adam Whitehead


Long story short — TulAmmo is NOT banned.

I’ll be shooting some this weekend with my favorite AK.


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    • John Lloyd Scharf on

      It will affect you when all those who bought this ammo have to replace it with the same ammo you normally use, until the US ammo makers can gear up to accept the new demand. Such rumors help fuel the maintenance of high prices.

    • Yes Barry because Rob Ski said it to be true, it is, and this guys article isn’t? What makes his more correct and credible than sheer speculation and chicken little reaction by Ski? When both this guy and myself have spoke directly to the importer? Everything on the net is subject to speculation and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Get off your fifth point of contact and call them directly rather than taking the net as a messiah. If it was going to be banned the importer would be pushing there stock. Reason being they wouldn’t know if they were going to be slapped with an order to stop sale and lose potentially millions of sales. This is an option if something is banned from import that the GOVT can do within its legal right.

      • well for one, ROb SKi provides ton s of details on the possible (of 12) sanctions, which dude never even mentions here. And no one ever said there IS a ban, but there will be one starting Jan29

  1. Because sanctions haven’t been instituted JUST yet (supposedly the deadline is January 29th). the President has a list of 12 sanctions he can apply and some of them are NASTY (some not so much). Robski did a good couple of videos about it.

    as for knowing…? Retailer last to know, and even import contacts may not know till the day they’re sanctioned and customs grabs stuff coming in (which in turn means the manufacturer didn’t know or was trying to squeeze that last bit outa the market before “poof”. Same thing with 7n6

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