Kansas lawmaker wants abandoning a gun to be criminal

Kent’s Note: This story comes from the Associated Press

LAWRENCE, Kan. — A Kansas lawmaker wants to make it a crime to abandon a firearm in a public place, a measure spurred in part by a scare on the University of Kansas campus.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports that Democratic Rep. Boog Highberger of Lawrence pre-filed the bill Dec. 28 for the legislative session that starts Monday.

In September, a KU student found a loaded handgun that had been left in a bathroom stall. Authorities determined the gun had been stolen.

During the 2017 legislative session, Rep. Willie Dove, a Republican from Bonner Springs, inadvertently left a loaded handgun in a committee room.

Highberger said his concern is college campuses.

“My understanding is we’re the only state in the country now that allows concealed-carry on campus without training or a permit, and I think that’s got a potential to cause some real problems, as we’ve already had at least one incident,” Highberger said.

A law that took effect July 1 allows handguns to be concealed and carried in virtually all government buildings, including college campus buildings.

Lawmakers passed a bill allowing health care facilities and hospital to ban concealed weapons.

The proposal would make it a misdemeanor to leave a firearm in a public place where it would be accessible to someone other than the owner. If the gun results in injury or death, the charge could be upgraded to a felony.

Republican House Majority Leader Don Hineman said it’s unlikely that more gun legislation will get serious consideration in 2018.

Rep. Vic Miller, a Democrat from Topeka, has introduced a bill to ban the possession of “bump stocks” or similar devices for semi-automatic weapons. Bump stocks make a semi-automatic weapon work like a fully automatic weapon. They were used in the mass shooting Oct. 1 in Las Vegas in which 58 people were killed.


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  1. John Lloyd Scharf on

    “Bump stocks make a semi-automatic weapon work like a fully automatic weapon.” You are no better a journalist than the AP is if you just repeat that nonsense.

    No furniture makes a weapon fully automatic. It does not go any faster than you can pull the trigger and it certainly does not allow you to have a stable firing platform to accurately direct fire.

    Anyone can bump fire any self-loading weapon, but it turns that into volley fire where no target can be selected. As long as the military and police have self-loading “semi-automatic” weapons, every citizen has a natural self-evident inalienable right to self defense. And that self defense is also from a tyrannical government. That includes while in any government funded building like a healthcare facility or a hospital.

    • Business’s as well as private citizens already have a right to prohibit firearms. Not sure what they are thinking with that one. Just look at our tax dollars at work.

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