Florida man’s revolutionary two-dot pistol sights ready for sale


Sarasota businessman Michael Mansfield’s patented two-dot sight system or, more accurately, a four, half-dot sighting system, is ready for sale.

He’s calling it the “Simple Sights.”

If you’re going to SHOT Show 2018, you can see the Simple Sights in the new product section at booth N373.

They’re easier to understand when you’ve got the pistol in your hand than they are to explain.

Basically, the rear sight features two half-circles. There are two half-circles on the front sight as well. When the sights are properly aligned, the shooter will see two complete circles. To make it a bit easier, the circles are different colors.

Mansfield’s front sight is a bit wider than traditional front sights. As such, it fills in the gaps usually seen on each side of the front sight.

The sights are made of steel.

His first production run was for Glocks, of course. Sights for other handguns are planned.

Mansfield — who’s also a flight instructor, personal trainer and holds an MBA — is somewhat of a natural at sight design.

“When I was 12 years old I got a BB-gun,” he said. “I didn’t like the sights on that either.”

His path from idea to production has been lengthy.

It required more than four years and $12,000 before the patent was issued.

Click here to see Mansfield’s U.S. Patent, complete with diagrams.

Now, he’s got an MSRP of around $100 and he’s taking orders.

I shot the prototype seven months ago.

I shot the finished product Tuesday.

As before, I found the sights easy to pick up, but after four decades of traditional sights they would require a bit of practice.

The “Simple Sights” are 100 percent made in the USA —  Sarasota to be exact.


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  1. This is pure fuckery and is in no way an improvement over notch and post sights. If you can’t shoot accurately with traditional sights you don’t need some gimmicky bullshit, you need to suck less.

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