Review: Special Ops Tactical/Gamut Resolutions ‘Bob Keller’ signature rifle (w/Video)

This is my next gun — a true gunfighter’s rifle.

Make no mistake, the Special Ops Tactical/Gamut Resolutions “Bob Keller” signature rifle is the best AR I have ever shot.


Well, Special Ops Tactical‘s president Garrett Potter and Gamut Resolutions owner Bob Keller both know a thing or two about rifles. The two have been working on this collaboration for over a year, tweaking this and tweaking that. The results were well worth the wait.

Garrett used to work for Spike’s Tactical. His knowledge of the AR platform is deep. He has a degree in professional aeronautics and loads of high-tech skills. He isn’t going to let an AR leave his shop unless it’s something he would personally own and shoot. It’s because of Garrett that SOT’s QC is the best in the crowded industry.

In a world that now offers $400 ARs, SOT’s rifles are a refreshing change.

Bob, who most of you know co-hosts the “Think, Aim, Fire” podcast with me, is a legend in the Special Operations community. No one knows more about fighting with an AR than Bob — period.

Gamut Resolutions founder and CEO Bob Keller

Together, the two guys produced a rifle that is superior to anything I’ve seen.

I met them at a private range last week to check out their new gun.

Before I even picked it up Bob was telling me that his signature rifle has no recoil.

“It’s like shooting a 9mm AR,” he said. “I just doesn’t move.”

I fired two rounds and it made me a believer. The look of consternation the photographer captured on my face is 100 percent legit.

I dumped a mag at a piece of Grizzly Targets steel downrange about 50 yards.

I couldn’t fire fast enough to get the Leupold red dot to move much at all, much less move off the target. It was like shooting a 22. Reacquiring a sight picture has never been easier on a fighting carbine.

Garrett said the patent-pending 14.8″ Siphon AGP 4150 CrMoVa barrel combined with the permanently attached Inferno Muzzle Brake would eliminate recoil. 

They did.

SOT’s inferno muzzle brake

The “Siphon” gas port grabs the gas and sends it back toward the action at a 40 degree turn and then a 90 degree turn, rather than the two 90 degree turns the gas has to negotiate on standard ARs. (Garrett explains the process much better than I can in the video.)

This is one of the reasons the recoil has been so negated.

Firing a shot, reacquiring the target and firing again — at speed — is how you win a gunfight.

This, folks, is a gunfighter’s rifle.

Here’s the full description from SOT:

  • Barrel PATENT PENDING 14.8″ Siphon AGP 4150 CrMoVa (with Permanently Attached Inferno Muzzle Brake)
  • Custom “SIPHON” AGP Medium Barrel Profile
  • Chambered in 5.56 NATO
  • Premium Nitride Treatment inside and out (Barrel)
  • {Nickel Boron} M4 Extended Feed Ramps
  • 6 Groove rifling
  • 1:7 Twist Rate
  • (RIFLE LENGTH) Gas System with Nitride Gas Tube
  • 1/2×28 Thread Pitch
  • “Sihpon” AGP Tuned Gas Port
  • 11* Degree Target Crown
  • (Nitride) Micro Gas Block with .750 seat
  • (Nitride) Rifle Length Gas Tube
  • Forged Upper & Lower Receiver
  • (Tiger Stripe Cerakote)
  • Hand Guard Type: Our FIRESTORM-14″ MLOK Free Floating Rail System
  • (Nitride) Shot peened and MPI tested bolt
  • (Nitride) M16 Bolt Carrier Group with properly staked carrier key
  • “Raptor” Ambi Forged Charging Handle
  • Permanent Attached SOT (INFERNO) Precision Muzzle Brake (Nitride)
  • Mil-Spec receiver extension Tube
  • QD End Plate “Quick Swivel Disconnect End Plate “Staked”
  • Carbine Buffer
  • “Bob Keller” Signature
  • SI Polymer Dust Cover
  • SI Ambi Selector (60/90*) Degree
  • Magpul MIAD modular Pistol Grip
  • Magpul CTR Carbine Stock (Mil-Spec)
  • Magpul MOE Trigger Guard
  • “Optics Ready” no sights

The “Bob Keller” Signature Rifle  comes with a case, a standard-capacity 30-round mag and a limited lifetime guarantee.

I like the light weight — 6 pounds. I like the short-throw 45 degree safety and I love the price: MSRP is $1,674.99. 

A special thanks to the good folks at Rancho Verde for the use of their range, and to Herald-Tribune senior photographer Thomas Bender for the photos and video.


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