Two Florida lawmen were ambushed as they ate dinner, suspect killed himself

Lee’s note: Two young Gilchrist County Sheriff’s deputies — one only 25, the other 30 — were ambushed as they ate dinner yesterday. The suspect shot them through the window of a restaurant and then killed himself.

Here’s the story from our sister paper, the Gainseville Sun:

Two Gilchrist deputies, suspect dead in Trenton


The deputies were shot through the window of a Chinese restaurant as they shared a meal. The older man’s body was found dead in a vehicle outside the restaurant shortly after.

Two Gilchrist County sheriff’s deputies were shot through the window of a Chinese restaurant in downtown Trenton Thursday afternoon by an older man who was soon found dead in a car just outside.

Investigators pieced together evidence but could share few answers about what may have prompted the shootings, which happened about 3 p.m.

State Attorney Bill Cervone called the act “inexplicable.”

“It appears he just walked up and shot them, then went to his car and shot himself. It’s inexplicable … people will want to know why and we may never have an answer for them.”

In an emotional but measured news conference Thursday evening, Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz spoke about the sergeant and deputy sheriff who were killed, calling the shooter a “coward” and suggesting that the demonization of law enforcement may be partly to blame.

Schultz spent much of his time with the media describing Sgt. Noel Ramirez, a seven-year law enforcement officer who had worked for other area departments before joining Gilchrist’s force, and 25-year-old Deputy Taylor Lindsey.

Flanked by a group of sheriffs and other law enforcement officials from agencies around north central Florida, including Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell, he called the men who died “quintessential deputy sheriffs,” said they were loved, and that both “gave their lives so we can all be safe.”

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