Dallas restaurant’s gun regulation message draws NRA’s ire

Kent’s Note: This story comes from the Associated Press

DALLAS  — The National Rifle Association has tweeted at followers to avoid patronizing a Dallas restaurant that said it’s donating a portion its proceeds this week to “organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations.”

The restaurant, Ellen’s, is located in downtown Dallas, where the NRA is holding its annual meeting this weekend.

Owner Joe Groves told KTVT television station that no NRA member wants kids or police officers to get killed and that “people like me don’t want to take their guns away either. Can we not have both?”

Ellen’s began printing the message on receipts Friday. It later added that such regulations should protect Second Amendment rights and “help reduce needless gun violence.”

But NRA member Patricia Ferguson wasn’t having it. She told KTVT, “we don’t want any more gun regulations.”


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    • They very possibly did prevent gun violence, but it’s impossible to prove or disprove it. Some advice though. Relax. Take a Xanax and try to come across like an educated person with a logical opinion instead of the raging psychotic you appear to be. You make us sane pro-gun citizens look deranged.

  1. J.D. Moore on

    The other day I seen a bumper sticker that read some thing like this. “A gun can be for good or evil, but it
    takes a human being to make it either,” A firearm is harmless until some one gets a hold of one and goes into
    a rage. So, what I’m getting at is when are those in elected office going to start convicting the person that does
    a illegal action and not the innocent tax paying people and making them the criminal and not the one that done it? And by the way, Nick Cruz, the one responsible for the shooting in the Florida School was given a lawyer within a couple of hours at the tax payers expense and has of yet to be fully convicted. The news media across the nation blames all of the gun owners and the NRA! But you don”t hear the name of Nick Cruz and all the recorded information of what he was going to do prior to the shooting.

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