Top 10 ways to spot a Fudd

Fudd: /fudd/ noun, informal; Definition: A gun owner, often an outdoor writer, who is too stupid to realize that their antiquated and idiotic opinions regarding firearms and the Second Amendment are being used as propaganda by those seeking to strip them of their firearms rights. synonyms: traitor, Quisling, imbecile, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, dullard, moron.

After reading what may be the worst piece of Fuddish propaganda I’ve seen in decades, I decided it was high time to pass on a few tools to help spot a Fudd when they intrude into the public discourse about firearms.

What follows is my Top 10 list for successful Fudd spotting:

1. All Fudds have a common mantra: “You don’t need an AR to hunt deer.” Even though the rifle has become the most popular platform for taking all kinds of game, they don’t care. To the Fuddistas, an AR, regardless of caliber or build, is still just an Evil Black Rifle.

2. All Fudds fail to understand that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. I’ve read it more than a few times. I’ve yet to come across any verbiage about hunting.

3. All Fudds have an inflated sense of self worth. They believe their opinions carry more weight than anyone else’s. After all, most serious Fudds were once published authors. They wrote for hunting magazines, when people actually bought hunting magazines. They were treated like kings — offered free guided hunts and African safaris that cost more than most pickup trucks. All the guns and gear, which were provided free of charge for the hunts by the magazine’s sponsors, they kept. Now that most hunting magazines are struggling, and the free safaris have dwindled, the Fudds are looking for other ways to gain notoriety and to return to the Golden Age, when people actually read what they wrote.

4. All Fudds must proselytize. They cannot sit idly by in their man caves and polish the knobs of their bolt guns. Given time, every Fudd will have to share their warped opinions about hunting and the Second Amendment, either through a column or an interview. Most Fudds will out themselves. This, friends, is a good thing.

5. All Fudds are terrified of anything tactical. ARs scare them. AKs absolutely terrify them. That’s why they want semi-autos banned. They hate the fact that the AR is the most popular rifle in the country, and they will never, ever admit it has become “America’s Rifle.” To the Fuddites, the AR is just a passing fad. The same can be said for their gear and accessories. It’s easier to find a Bigfoot on a unicycle than a Fudd with a red dot on a handgun.

6. Most Fudds are old, white dudes. I’ve never met an African-American Fudd, a Hispanic Fudd, a young Fudd or a female Fudd. True Fudds are carryovers from a bygone age. Their numbers are dwindling and they know it. That’s why they’re trying so hard to win people over to their side.

7. Most well-known Fudds began as outdoor writers — not gun writers. They’re used to writing 150-inch stories about stalking some unique horned critter no one has ever heard of, in a country where no one will ever go. If they lower their standards to actually review a firearm, it’s either a bolt-action rifle or a revolver.

8. Fudds have no tactical sense or skills. For the Fuddites, there’s no better EDC handgun than a two-inch belly gun with a five loose rounds in their pocket, which also contains a few dollars in change. (Try loading a handful of dimes under stress, boys.)

9. All Fudds go to the range for one reason — to socialize with other Fudds. They shoot an average of 5-10 rounds per hour, run their sucks incessantly, hog busy lanes and are quick to criticize anyone who’s rifle doesn’t have a wooden stock, or who’s a female shooter.

10. All Fudds are whores when it comes to product reviews. Every rifle they review is the greatest rifle ever, until their next rifle review. Same-same for their handgun reviews. They talk about things like “stopping power” and “hit potential,” to avoid provable facts or anything of tactical interest. In truth, they operate as extensions of their magazine’s advertising department.


About Author

Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


  1. Reginald E Hafner on

    Then there is the so-called combat Fudd. Sat on his butt behind a typewriter, a REMF, and claims he had an AR-15 in Vietnam and they are a weapon of mass destruction. This idiot can be found at anti self defense rallies and giving interviews as a self anointed expert.

  2. Rich Nascak on

    Don’t ignore Fuddspawn. Fuddspawn are the offspring of Fudds. Fuddspawn believe that because they grew up around a Fudd, they are now firearms experts by osmosis (and the fact they managed to survive). Much like Copspawn, who fancy themselves law experts because their father, mother, uncle, etc. wore a badge. See also milutary brat. Same mindset.

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  4. Awe…. But WAIT!!! I DON’T need an AR to hunt deer… I need an M60!!!!! lol!!!! Wouldn’t that trip their hammer…. lol!!!!

  5. So, firearms owners, disrespecting other firearms owners? Sorry friend but you sound like a RINO to me. I respect even firearms owners who choose a 60 year old flawed design as their main carry. We are either in this together, Or we are not.

    • boardsnbikes on

      Non-Fudds have been making that point since 1934, 1968 or 1994. Name your watershed year in gun control. At some point, the “we’re all in this together” message is not worth the effort. It doesn’t take.

    • I wouldn’t call them fellow gun owners but wolves in turds clothing. They are traitors and they are used by anti gunners to push their agenda and fudds don’t care.

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  7. I have an AR10 in 7.62X51/.308 Win for deer or whatever, and a Lifetime Senior Hunting License, but have not gone hunting yet. 5.56 AR (several) for Coyote and 1 converted to .22LR for small game, a 300BLK for wild boar/hog.
    So, yeah, ARs ARE good for hunting, especially if that pack of wild boar decide to attack.
    All my other rifles are WWI and WWII Military rifles of .30 caliber and would be good for hunting.

  8. The most Fuddish of Fudds would be all fine and dandy, and nothing to worry about, except for their tendency to lash out against second amendment supporters. If gun owners are criticized, surely then, gun owners are to blame, so the Fudd will take the retreat-and-appease route every time. He has no answer to the attacks from leftists. Emotionally, he has bonded with them but often doesn’t know it until he explodes in anger against gun owners.

    So you can stick with your white line-decorated, high gloss wood-stocked Weatherby rifle and your John Wayne commemorative edition Colt SAA and that’s all well and good, but the real danger of a Fudd is that he can never seem to make the case, in public, for the second amendment. He feels icky even thinking about it, and will lash out in anger if pressed on the matter.

  9. The AR is popular for many reasons… But calling it a MSR is OK with me as long as that means Militia Standard Rifle. Any “sporting purposes test” is part of a plot to eliminate all guns that don’t meet some arbitrary point test. The AR is the most accurate rifle the public can buy. It’s easy to learn to shoot well. Heck, even a GI can learn how to do it. Women like to shoot it because it doesn’t kick too much.
    You don’t need an AR to shoot deer. The truth is nobody should shoot deer according to PETA. Of course we know PETA means People Eat Tasty Animals
    But they want to demonize our rifles and ban hunting as cruel and dangerous.
    So any sporting test is just a backdoor gun ban by banning hunting and even target shooting.
    Second Amendment is easy to understand IF you just a little bit of history—
    1775 The Patriots who were in the British-Massachusetts Militia formed a non-approved militia they called the Minutemen. They did not seek permission from the Governor. When the call went out these unofficial militia men confronted the British on the way to Concord and Lexington to confiscate the arms (gunpowder, lead, flints, swords, knives and muskets and maybe some cannons).
    The Minutemen had a mixture of sporting rifles and military type muskets and the first shots of the American Revolution were fired.
    A year later the Colonial Congress finally got around to writing the Declaration of Independence in which the need for an independent militia was necessary to preserve freedom and rights.
    “… But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. …”
    It should be obvious that no tyrannical government, be it a king, governor or president, will approve and authorize a military force to constrain or depose said king, governor or president.
    When the Constitution was written in 1788 it included a militia in Art 1, Section 8 and men such as Patrick Henry immediately saw that this was a militia bought, paid for and loyal to the ruler and was not an adequate protection of liberty.
    Thus a Bill of Rights was proposed and submitted to the States for ratification that included a right that could not be infringed.
    For many reason, slavery being a likely factor, the Supreme Court has refused to clearly apply the Federal Bill of Rights against State laws and policies that do infringe the rights that Congress has said several times since the end of the Civil War apply to all citizens.
    Finally in 2008 and 2010 the Supreme Court did declare the Second Amendment is a right for each individual and that it applies to State laws as much as Federal. However it wasn’t written clearly enough that it can’t be twisted and slanted. In 1939 the Supreme Court clearly stated that military weapons were what they knew were protected, they just were not sure whether a shotgun had a military protected purpose. The the Supreme REMANDED the MILLER case for trial to create a record that the Court could take “judicial notice” and decide the case. That trial has not happened and the 1939 MILLER case is still open and undecided.
    The Second Amendment is published with certain words and several different number of commas, so it is possible to “read” different meanings into the same words. This may not be accidental, since it appears that there is a big push to republish the Second Amendment with three commas.
    In 1959 Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union and they copied the Second Amendment with one comma. Alaska has taken the HELLER / Scalia opinion to heart and Hawaii seems to have rejected it since teh right to keep and bear arms is infringed in Hawaii.
    To make it easier to understand I have made a small change in the Second Amendment for clarity.
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ? [Yes, therefore.]
    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

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  13. What a load. I grew up in Alaska. When I was a kid, we hunted deer and fished for salmon and halibut because we wanted to eat something other than canned peas. Probably 80 percent of the animal proteins we ate, we harvested ourselves. I shot trap nearly every weekend in the summer, and set trap as a kid to make money to put gas in my scooter. I took a 30.06 rifle to school, and kept it in my locker because I ran my trapline after school. I belonged to the NRA when the NRA was actually interested in gun safety. That was then.

    Also in the “that was then” category: The 2A was written in a time of muzzle loading flintlocks. We have no way of knowing if the founders would have wanted uneducated, untrained idiots in possession of high powered, high capacity killing weapon.

    • Fuck off you irrelevant dinosaur. The 2nd Amendment was made to keep our government suppressed and to fight back against government tyranny. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with sporting or hunting.

    • The founders wanted CITIZENS to have the most advanced rifles available at the time, they also were completely fine outfitting civilian ships with cannons (well documented). The muzzle loading rifles were NOT the only weapons around then, there were many semi-automatic and even a couple of automatic firearms then, and the founders knew about them and loved them. The only problem was expense. The document would have been changed in the 1800s when Lever actions and revolvers were popular if the Fathers of this country wanted civilians limited in their armaments. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with hunting, and EVERYTHING to do with keeping our government in check and keeping our rights intact.

  14. Just read a letter to the editor from a retired diplomat. He is an Uber-Liberal and considers himself worldly. Except for never having been an outdoor or shooting sports writer, everything fits him to a “T”.

  15. To quote the great Bill O’Riley, “I’m a simple guy”. That being the case I see the 2A in clear simple terms. Consider the 2A as having been written in 18th century government/lawyer speak I take
    term “well regulated militia” to clearly mean standing army. Having just freed our selves from the
    excesses of an authoritian state enforceing it’s will with it’s stanging army it was considered an imparitive that we the people not ever be left helpless in the face of such a government and it’s army. Those damn commas seem to get moved around way too much for my liking. Again Shakspear nailed it, “Kill all the lawyers”. Common sense and the context clearly infered by the history of the run up to the Revolution makes it pretty clear what the intent of the 2A was and still is. Ignore the wordsmiths, think clearly and keep your powder dry.

  16. The Yankee Marshal on

    I disagree with much of this. It is too simplistic and judgmental in some ways. Being a Fudd has NOTHING to do with your tactical skill or what guns you like. It is a selfish idea that only the guns you like should be legal. it is a willingness to compromise on anything you personally don’t care about. It is being comfortable with the status quo as long as it benefits you. It is a refusal to defend any notion that doesn’t benefit you personally.

    • Yankee Marshall, that’s a good assessment; I know one guy who wasn’t concerned about the 1994 AWB at all, because he already had a full collection of affected models. As long as he had his he was fine with whatever new restrictions were passed.

      • Everyone here is really passionate about their opinions, but you have to look at it through the lens of history. Early on we were a large country, protected by the citizens, and we went into debt to raise a standing army. We depended on a home guard when needed, and we needed personal protection against threats, human and animal. I am a southerner and not much of any of that has changed. Firearms have changes, flint to percusion to center fire, and John Brownings loading methods of tge 1890s are still the best and most popular fundamental designs. Hardwood and blued steel, and a little nickel plating and stainless, beautiful pieces of art and design. With new materials, plastics, synthetics, some of the field maintenance issues go away, but the basics are the same, gas powered designs. When the arms makers started putting all of the militaristic wierd stocks, supressors, heat sheilds on guns, it was obvious that these designs appealed to a new, immature, shooter. The “bad ass” looking hand gripped and cut stocks, the heat shield that would only be of value if you could fire in full auto mode…and no, there isnt a reason for you or your neighbors to have a machine gun. When suddenly the new gun offerings started looking like the toy guns in the 70s/80s, i knew what a horrid mistake this was for gun owners. The long time focus on safety and etiquette was lost at this time as it was in other sports. Right now, you can buy a really nice Belgian A5, or a really nice pre 64 Winchester 94 for what you will spend on an AR, and if that AR is a .223 Rem, either one is a better deer gun, a 30-30 or a 12 ga.

  17. LOL! I had to look this up because I was just called a “Fudd” because I stated that despite their internal problems that we should continue to support the NRA, and most especially not criticize that group in forums that are read by anti-gunners.

    I think “Fudd” has become a synonym for anyone like me over the age of 50. Never mind that I have plenty of AR’s and red dot sights, and a bunch of synthetic stocked semi-autos.

    To young know-nothing’s with no sense of history, or appreciation of the battles that have been fought for the RKBA to date, anyone who’s a member of the NRA is a “Fudd” now, because of the leadership battle going on there. That may be, but I refuse to buy into their story that other newer gun groups are more effective at winning legislative victories than the NRA has been, despite its current problems.

    By the way, if you wanted to see major fuddism at work, you had to have been there when the AR-15 was first introduced, and the screams about the “Mattel mouse gun” were being made by the wood stock / bolt-action only crowd!

  18. Great story.
    I just read an article that was literally praising hunting in new zealand,….lol. at a time when the government is literally trying to confiscate their firearms. Bonus treat was all the fudds commenting. Field and stream was the site.

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  21. I consider myself as a Fudd. Yes I like bolt action rifles, believe in one shot one kill. Not into tacticool crap. Do not dress like Nutfancy. Do not have or believe in a AR for home defense. Not into high round count for a every EDC.

    Yet, I go to the range about twice per week. Typically shoot about 250 rds per session. Belong to three clubs. Not for social gathering but for convenience to shoot more often. Neither for or against any AR. Just do not have a need for one. I am a member of the NRA and proud of it. Have been a member for 50 years.

    What I do hate, is stupid no it all internet junk like your article that labels people the same way the anti gun crowd labels people.

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