Academy Sports pistol thief — who threatened to kill upon his release — released on bond

Jason F. White told Tallahassee police that he tried to steal a Glock 27 from Academy Sports June 29 because he needed to kill someone.

The unemployed 24-year-old Tallahassee resident told officers an “unknown man” was threatening him and his children, and that he needed to kill him.

“White made additional statements that he was going to get out of jail today, steal again and will shoot someone,” Tallahassee Police Officer R. Hunkiar wrote in the arrest report. “White said we will see him on the evening news, just you wait and see. He made additional threats to shoot someone even in our presence because he was not afraid to do so.”

White admitted — pre- and post-Miranda — that he had tried to steal the Glock, a backpack, five boxes of .40 caliber ammunition and two extra magazines.

“I admit it. I stole the gun,” he said. “I will steal again when I get out of jail.”

White’s attempted theft was thwarted by the Academy Sports store manager, Marvin “Dean” Crouch.

Crouch tackled White as he was running out of the store with the Glock.

Academy Sports fired Crouch yesterday — a move that drew national scrutiny, especially from the gun community.

More troubling, however, is White’s current status.

According to the Leon County Clerk of Court’s website, Judge J. Smith set White’s bond at $5,000 — despite his death threats and promises to steal again.

To those not familiar with the criminal justice system, White only had to pay a bondsman 10 percent — $500  — and he’s now a free man.

I certainly don’t blame the police for this debacle. They merely transported White to the county jail after Crouch bravely tackled the would-be thief. The officers wrote a great report, which clearly details White’s promises to steal again and then kill.

The judge, however, has no excuse for setting such a paltry, meager bond.

Something very bad is now likely to happen in Tallahassee.

When it does, of course, some will blame the gun and/or the gunman, who’s clearly an emotionally disturbed person.

I, however, will blame the judge.


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  2. Smith needs to get pulled off that bench if this is the best he can do. Such as the sorry State of Affairs in that Judicial District that we have a judge who sets a bond of $5,000 for a person who is threatening to steal and kill someone when he gets out. Unfortunately, if that is allowed to happen, the judge has judicial immunity. He cannot be held responsible for his failure to act in a responsible manner. We can only hope that wiser heads prevail and white gets re-incarcerated upon an appeal of the bond situation. Also someone needs to start an impeachment petition against judge white. He has no business sitting in judgement on anyone.

  3. Leighton Cavendish on

    THIS is what Parkland students need to be rallying against…bad corporate policy…weak court system.,.,.catch and release even when he admitted he would steal and wants/needs to kill…
    $5,000 bond? What a joke.
    This was no ordinary theft. These were guns, ammo and magazines.All the tools to kill.
    No mention if the guy had a prior record, either.

  4. I was a lifetime Academy customer, but never again. Hopefully this guy will shoot the judge, then the cops shoot him, 2 useless birds in one swift move…

  5. I came here after reading the story of how Dean Crouch got fired, they rehired him after the backlash. Why did they fire Dean? He did the right thing, this country is so screwed up. Judge White is also very wrong !

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